Sunday, January 20, 2008

Today is RED day

It's Sunday dan aku malas blog. Sebab bukan ada orang nak baca pun hari-hari MERAH macam ni. Tapi kenapa dalam kalendar kuda, hari AHAD tu warnanya MERAH? Hari cuti bukankah hari untuk berehat, tenangkan fikiran. MERAH kan tanda marah, tanda garang? Bukankah BIRU itu menenangkan fikiran? Bukankah hari cuti untuk tidur juga? Bukankah BIRU itu juga melambangkan tidur? Ehh, kenapa pula? Sebab pemimpin parti BIRU itu suka tidur!

Jadi, kenapa AHAD bukan BIRU? Kan lebih tenang? Lebih cool... Lebih kuat tidurnya pemimpin parti BIRU itu...

Atau kalendar kuda ni ada kena mengena dengan orang perempuan bercuti ke? MERAHHHH je...


Boss Stewie said...

Hey dude.

Saw your comment on my blog and came to check it out.

I see all the 3 ad units on your blog working fine with ads being displayed.

The reason why you haven't received a reply on helpdesk yet is because you sent a reply late on Friday and our office is closed on weekends.

Anyway I have forwarded your issue to one of my colleagues and she will respond to you asap ok?

In the mean time, i can see all your ads running fine so don't panic

all jazzed up said...

Deo, I think the red is more for red alert... tomorrow's Monday. Dang. Jom gi Tony Roma's.

deOughtred said...

boss stewie,
thanks. i managed, somehow, to find error in my blog's html. however, i still think you need a 24/7 technical support team, at least somebody to standby at home.

i see RED!! tony roma's ok.. tapi tunggu dulu laa meat yang hari tu pun tak habis digest lagi.. hahaha

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