Friday, December 31, 2010

31st December. Adieu 2010!

Exactly a year ago, I was at Level 36, The Emerald Co tower, waiting for my turn to be assessed during the structured interview with the Company. The session was quite hard and I thought I was bluffing all the way and I know the panelists know I was bluffing them :-) Alhamdulillah, 3 weeks after that, I got a call from The Co. and I got accepted to join The Emerald Co.

But it didn't turn out to be a smooth sailing all the way. The offer for employment was put under 'conditional' term after the blood test result shows that my cholesterol level is way high, even the doctor said, "You could just one day collapse and die..." Dieting regime starts right away while exercising continues after I ran my first open running contest in Putrajaya, a 7.7km race.

Finally, I got accepted to join The Emerald Co. after I lowered down the cholesterol level to a level which my cardiologist said, "Amazing! What did you do?" Then, the agony of waiting for the offer letter starts. At the other end in Smokey Grey, I've tendered my resignation. It was a very nervous moment when I could only see the 'revised' offer letter 2 days before my last day in Smokey Grey.

It was sad to leave Smokey Grey especially the 'thinkers' team. We were very good as a team. The boss was great. While we hear lots of hanky pankies and gossips with other teams, our team just rock! delivering what is expected by the company while keeping harmony checks. Started the second half of the year with a new workplace and am still there, just been ok-ed for the confirmation of employment :-D

Apart from that, everything went, I could say, in great ways. My health was in the best condition except for one or two times I had fever, that severe hiccups due to allergy to medication and of course the minor foot injuries I'm recuperating now. The recent check-up on my heart functions shows what my cardiologist describes as, "Your heart works extremely well..." Alhamdulillah.

I'm still doing pretty fine in running. Completed 14 races that include 4 half marathon races, and another 3 non-competitive/charity walk/run events. I have also volunteered in a couple of events. You can read all those here. While I can't run for now, I've been taking up swimming classes. By 5th class, I could already swim breaststroke and freestyle the whole pool-length and now will go into butterfly stroke.

Another milestone in life - I've registered for my Masters classes. Will start my first semester next Wednesday. This has been long due and about right time for me to do it but I'm sure it ain't easy peasy.

I think that's pretty much sums up my year. And now I'm at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, taking time off, away from the hustle bustle of city, resetting my mind and body in anticipation of a hectic, busy and hopeful a greater year in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glorious bravehearts - AFF Suzuki Cup Final

Heroes, every single one of them. The bravehearts in blue walked tall after conquering Indonesia in the cauldron of Bung Karno Stadium as skipper Safiq Rahim lifted the AFF Suzuki Cup after completing a 4-2 aggregate victory in Jakarta.

The 2-1 defeat in the second leg did not matter as the job had been done three days earlier in Bukit Jalil as Malaysia celebrated their first title in 14 years of trying in the competition.

Malaysia had entered the second-leg as favourites for the title on the back of a 3-0 lead from the first-leg. However, things could have become tense for the eventual champions if Indonesia's Firman Ultina had managed to convert his 19th minute penalty. Malaysia stopper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat managed to pull off a save and the tie was all but over when Safee Sali scored for the away team - his fifth strike of the tournament.

Egged on by 80,000 supporters, including president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia had started the stronger of the two sides with Irfan Bachdim going close in the 17th minute.

Referee Peter Green then awarded Indonesia a spot-kick after spotting a handball in the Malaysian penalty area. However, Firman, who was later named the tournament's most valuable player struck a weak shot straight at the keeper. This was to be the story of the first-half as Alfred Riedl's men continued to go close without scoring. Cristian Gonzales was in the thick of action and nearly scored twice before the first-half ended.

Malaysia, with a three-goal cushion backing them up, were content to soak up the pressure and search for counter-attacking opportunities. The tactic paid rich dividends early in the second-half when they gave away possession near the half line.

Norshahrul took advantage of the slip-up to put Safee through. The tournament's leading striker outpaced the Indonesian defence before smashing the ball into the top corner. 1-0 to the away team and a monumental task confronted Firman and his men.
Although they tried gamely, scoring first through Nasuha and then through Ridwan (via a deflection), scoring three more goals proved to be beyond them.

It was a desperately disappointing outcome for the home side - this being the fourth occasion when they had stumbled at the final hurdle. For Malaysia manager K Rajagobal and his charges, it was joy unconfined as they lifted the title for the first time ever.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another milestone... a tough one rather

Monday marks another milestone of my life. I attended the welcoming session for the postgraduate candidates in the UM. Nothing much happened, except briefing about UM, some statistics shown, about financial, assistance, etc. One of the facts I captured is that there were more than 3,000 applications for this session and they only approved slightly over 1,000 applicants. But, not sure how many actually turn up to register.

Later in the afternoon, we all went separate ways for briefing at specific faculties. And this is when we were briefed about the requirements of each course and for graduation. Man! It is tough to graduate with M.Ec. I can tell you! What with the killer core courses of Advanced Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, research paper. And what with the minimum passing mark of B, then comes the conditional passing mark. Aduuhhh... and while I was targeting to finish in around 3 years, everyone was talking about maximum of 2 years. Damn!

Had a conversation with one of the Deputy Deans after the briefing and she advised me what courses should I take. And even she advised me to take 3 courses, instead of 2 courses I planned to take. So, this morning went to register for classes. Everything went well and I've successfully registered for three classes for my 1st semester - Ekonometrik Gunaan (Applied Econometrics), Makroekomi Lanjutan (Advanced Econometrics) and Public Economics. My classes will be held on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday afternoon.

This is where most, if not all, of my classes will be held. The place where I'll be 'pecah-ing kepala' too for the next two years, at least.

Now, let me enjoy this moment before classes start on 3rd January.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The latest addition - Novena

Sempat ke Kg Teluk Penyamun siang tadi nak melawat Lady Gaga yang baru melahirkan anak betina bulan lepas. Anak tu aku namakan Novena sempena mengambil nama bulan kelahiran dia dan nama shopping complex kat Singapura yang aku asyik dengar-dengar waktu kat sana hari tu.

Seperti biasa Lady Gaga memang nampak anggun dan bergaya dengan tanduk dia walaupun perut ada sikit buncit lepas beranak. Dan Novena pulak, memang comel. Muka macam mak dia. Yang paling aku suka, telinga dia yang macam keras dan mengembang. Hahahah

Pagi tadi jugak first time aku jumpa Blackrose. Blackrose ni kambing gantian kepada Julie selepas they found out Julie ni jantan sebenarnya (adehhh.... tersilap jantina). Dan first time jugak (aku dah lama tak pergi sebenarnya) aku jumpa dengan Lil' Brown, anak kepada Geena yang lahir sebelum raya lepas.

Lil' Brown ni punyalah takut, asyik berkepit je dengan mak dia. Ada sekali tu aku dapat tangkap dia, menjerit dia panggil mak dia, "emmmeeeeekkkkk emmmmeeeekkkkk" hahaha dan happy aku tengok Geena ni ok je menerima Blackrose sebagai anak angkat dia.

Dan jugak, dalam kandang kambing-kambing aku dan abang aku, tuan ladang tu letak pulak sekor kambing jantan. Macho dan hensem je rupanya. Ni kerja tuan ladang nak bagi kambing-kambing kitorang bunting lagi lah ni. Kita lihat siapa yang kena!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Double Trouble

Aku baru tau je pasal konsert DT Penang dengan Sunway tiga minggu lepas. Itu pun lepas aku tukar channel radio ke Sinar FM. Biasanya sekarang ni aku dengar Ikim je kecuali time belajar bahasa arab, baru aku tukar ke channel lain.

Dan kebetulan bila aku dengar promo DT, ada pulak diberitahu sms contest untuk Digi customers. Aku terus hantar sms, dan terus aku dapat reply kata yang aku menang satu tiket ke konsert DT.

So, on Christmas aku pun menyaksikan konsert DT kali kedua, after the first one in Kiara Indoor Arena. Walaupun malam sebelum tu badan aku macam demam semacam je tapi Sabtu aku gagahkan jugak pergi dan ok je macam tak demam dah. Agaknya sebab peluh bergelen kot malam tu.As usual, aku gi dengan bodyguard aku lah si Zam. Des couldn't make it sebab he was on some nationwide tour with his employer.

Overall, memang best kali ni. Better dari the first one in terms of logistics walaupun nak ke Sunway Pyramid tu di hari krismas memang jem macam celaka. But once inside, semua ok. Kitorang dapat position agak depan (dalam digizone area).

Songs choice pun ok walaupun ada lagu-lagu favorite aku takde namely Gadis Misteri, Isabella. Amy dengan Awie pun suara mantap kali ni. Dulu macam tak best sangat. Venue pun best open air, tak terkatup so angin banyak, tak leh basah lencun dengan peluh top to toe. Tapi nasib juga hujan rintik di permulaan tak berpanjangan.

Opening act by Azlan (and The Typewriter) diiringi oleh Sham (original guitarist Wings) dan Hillary (original guitarist Search) pun mantap. Lan nyanyi lagi Intanku Kesepian (click video sini) dan Fantasia Bulan Madu (click >sini).

Overall, aku puas hati, bodyguard aku pun puas hati. Tapi kalau tanya puas ke tak puas, memang lah tak puas. Kalau ada lagi tahun depan, aku pergi lagi. Kalau Awie ke Amy ke dah bertongkat pun, aku tengok juga. Hahahah....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Runners life, at least how we look at it...

Some people ask me, why do I run? Why do I run in races? Why do I pay so much to register to run in races? Why do I have to fork out lots of money for transportation, accommodation cost and registration fees just to get a piece of metal, we called the medal of glory?

This video has been around in Facebook, especially among my running friends, and it's just hilarious. Coincidentally, it has lots of things in common to runners like me, things that you may not understand. Things like why we run before and/or after work, why are we torturing our legs by running in a marathon, why are we 'stupidly' chasing the 'losers' medals' when we already knew that we don't even have the slightest chance to win a race, bla bla bla...

And the best part is... think about running all day at work <-- this is sooo familiar, at least to me hehehe....


I don't expect everyone to understand why are we doing all those things that look stupid to you but do encourage us or if you can't, just keep quiet and ignore us :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hutang . Stress . Malas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for confirmation

Come 31st December 2010, I would have been in the Emerald for almost 6 months. So, it's time to submit the nomination for confirmation to my boss. Had a discussion yesterday, and all went well. He recommended for confirmation and the nomination form is now with the Big Boss who is on a long leave. Barring any unfortunate circumstances, I shall be confirmed in my position sometimes in January. Unfortunately, there'll be no increase in salary.

On another development, I may have to be relocated to the HQ sometimes in February(?!). Now, need to plan on the logistics of coming to work as stationed at the HQ will definitely burn a hole in my pocket, if I'm not careful with my expenses.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Spoilt with many choices

Left and right, front and back, up and down, days and nights.

In a sudden, I'm spoilt with many choices. Not that I was busy looking for them, but they just came along. Ahh... Maybe this is one of the (or maybe the only time) of my life I'm presented with this opportunity.

Let me just leave this entry like this. Only one thing, if I could trade these things that come with money, that'll be better! Heh...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first #twtup

Attended my first ever #twtup yesterday at A&W PJ. It's cool to meet up with strangers and clicked right away after exchanging name cards twithandle. As soon as twithandles were exchanged, I was scrambling for my BB to search that twithandle and add to the list I'm following. And at times, everybody was busy with his/her mobile device :-)

So, here's the picture...

from left: @norm_noordin, @kruel74, @ruhani_rabin, @ahmemah, @ted1777, yours truly @azrulh, @loveykatz, @shaharzad, @bluecrystaldude, @aidasue, @urasnobucho, @citybasher the organizer of this #twtup, @smellykatemoss and @hasbeemasputra. Taking the picture was @bugbitesandco. Those who already left were @fazasalleh, @sameblackshoes, @jud9e, @cloco, @rekka86 and @kwangchen

Please don't ask me their real name as I only know a few. Itupun sebab their twithandles are the same as their name. Hehehe...

Nice meeting all of you and hopefully will see you all again... I mean, in real life.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 42km, the Oregon

Last night, I dreamt of going back to Eugene, Oregon. It was so nice. The weather was just in the past few days here in Malaysia, cold morning, sometimes drizzling. And specifically, I went to the bookstore to look for Oregon Ducks' souvenirs. I saw one nice hat priced at USD24 but I thought it was bit expensive and I don't wear much hat these days as compared to student's days.

Then, I was walking around Eugene, so I thought, and when I checked my watch, I already covered 42km distance in 5 hours and 33 minutes. Hmmm... just the night before I was contemplating to click to register for my first full marathon in Sepang. The only things that stopped me from clicking were the qualifying time of 6 hours and the 5 boring laps outside the Sepang F1 circuit.

And later in the morning, saw this video on Facebook and I almost broke into tears, the places are so familiar and close to my heart. I know I miss Eugene, Oregon...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dengan nafas-Mu

Lagu ni terngiang-ngiang dalam kepala aku seharian. Walaupun aku tak ingat liriknya, tapi melodi dia memang lekat kat kepala aku, especially part akhir. A very nice song, with a very nice lyrics and message.

Izinkan ku ucap kata taubat
Sebelum Kau memanggilku
kembali pada-Mu, menutup waktuku

Izinkan ku serukan nama-Mu
Sebelum nyawa dalam tubuhku
Kau ambil, kembali pada-MU

Karna ku tahu, hanyalah pada diri-Mu
Tempatku mengadu, tempatku mengeluh
Di dalam do’aku

Dan demi nafas yang telah kau hembuskan dalam kehidupanku
Ku berjanji, ku akan menjadi yang terbaik
Menjalankan segala perintah-Mu, menjauhi segala larangan-Mu
adalah sebaris do’a ku untuk-Mu.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pecah tabung

This is some of the 50 sen coins I collected since, ermmm... I can't remember when. At first, I didn't know what I would do with them but in the end, I decided to open up a CIMB bank account using these coins.

Altogether, add to other coin denominations, they add to almost RM600n which I put in my facebook as 'pecah tabung untuk masuk universiti Januari nanti'. So classy . But to carry those coins to the bank, mak aiiii... Berat bahu memikul!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post-swim lepak

I had my first swimming class today at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan (PADE) Shah Alam. To my surprise, I was introduced to an instructor who is familiar to me, from the running community, but have not known him personally. I just kept being anonymous as I want to maintain the student-teacher relationship.

But as soon as anothe friend turned up at the pool later and shook hand with me, all broke loose. After the class, the three of us went for post-swim minum and talked about, what else if not running, triathlon, until we ran out of topic and the eldest among the three of us started advising on marriage subject to these two bachelors.

So, there's Abg Ramlan in hat. He's the Ketua Reban for Chap Ayam Runners' Club. He's obviously the eldest among us giving the advice. He took up the swimming lesson to 'repair' his strokes and to swim faster to prepare for Kapas-Marang swim event. The specky one is my swimming instructor, Luvis, who is also a marathoner, did his first marathon in Singapore early this month.

Anyway, had fun with the first lesson, it's all about bubbling and kicking, bubbling and kicking, bubbling and kicking....

Monday, December 13, 2010

View dari bawah kain, literally

We always seen image of the Petronas Twin Towers as a whole building. But, I have a different perspective looking at the Tower, today. It's just like having a sneak up from underneath of someone's sarung or skirt. Just that it's iron. :-)

Venue: Level 36, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Tower.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pokok Ipoh

Venue: Dataran Stesen KTMB, Ipoh

Ipoh Tree (Antiaris toxicarial), also known as pokok upas or pokok epu, is the tree that lend its name to the city of Ipoh. One of the earliest references to this word being used as the name of Ipoh appeared in the book "Perak and the Malays" by J.F. McNair in 1878.

The Ipoh tree produces a poisonous sap that is used by the orang asli fir the darts of their blowpipes.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Auburn, Oregon finally get shot at BCS title

Six years later, the Auburn Tigers finally received their due respect from the BCS. The Oregon Ducks had to wait nine years. Those programs, victims of the BCS system in previous seasons, on Sunday night were officially chosen to compete for national supremacy in the BCS national championship game when the final BCS standings of the season were announced.

The championship game is set for Jan. 10 in Glendale, Ariz., and it's the second consecutive season the title game will match unbeaten opponents.

SEC champion Auburn (13-0) and Pac-10 winner Oregon (12-0) appeared to be on a collision course to meet for the championship since the last week of October. After Oregon routed UCLA 60-13 on Oct. 21 and Auburn defeated LSU 24-17 on Oct. 23, the Tigers and Ducks took over the top two spots in the BCS standings and have occupied those positions ever since.

While both have been dominant for much of the season, each had to overcome close calls. Auburn rallied from a 24-point deficit to subdue defending national champion Alabama 28-27, while Oregon struggled to a 15-13 victory over California. Chizik said consecutive come-from-behind victories over Clemson and South Carolina in September set the foundation for Auburn's season.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly saw championship potential from his team even earlier. He said he knew this could be a special season during spring practice. "Watching them go through practice every single day. Watching them compete," Kelly said. "They didn't take a play off. They just were focused as a group."

The title game, which figures to defy the old cliche that defense wins championships, matches two of the nation's most explosive offenses. Both are led by first-year starting quarterbacks -- Auburn's Cameron Newton, a junior college transfer who is all but assured of winning the Heisman, and Oregon's Darron Thomas, a sophomore who won the job after '09 starter Jeremiah Masoli was dismissed from the team in the offseason.

Behind Thomas and Heisman-contending running back LaMichael James, who leads the nation in rushing with 1,682 yards, Oregon averages 49.3 points per game, tops in the nation. Thomas has thrown for 2,518 yards and 28 touchdowns, while Newton has thrown for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns.

Behind Newton, who also has rushed for 1,409 yards, Auburn averages 42.7 points per game and is the sixth in the nation in scoring. Oregon is fourth in the nation in rushing (303.8 yards) and Auburn is sixth (287.1 yards). Auburn is 11th in the nation in rush defense, while Oregon is 16th.

For Auburn, the appearance in the championship game may ease the pain of 2004. That season, Auburn was undefeated but was denied a chance to play for the national championship. Instead, USC and Oklahoma vied for the title. Oregon also feels it was unfairly shunned in 2001. The Ducks were 10-1, but the BCS championship game instead paired Miami against Nebraska, which didn't even win its division in the Big 12 and had been blown out in its final regular-season game.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oregon ousts Oregon State for BCS title bid

The Ducks were far from their best Saturday, but as the clear skies turned gray and clouds began to cover Mount Hood off in the distance, Oregon showed its resolve and toughness.

As the third quarter turned to the fourth and AC/DC blared in Reser Stadium, Oregon State's sideline was rocking, its players thinking they just might pull off a monster upset. On their side, Oregon stayed cool -- focused on winning the day. When it was done, and a spot in the BCS national title game was secured, that's when the Ducks finally let loose.

Heisman Trophy contender LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner and the fast-paced Ducks (No. 2 BCS, No. 1 AP) negotiated the last speed bump on the way to Glendale, Ariz., grinding out a 37-20 victory over the Beavers in the Civil War on Saturday. The matchup becomes official Sunday, but there will be no surprises when the final Bowl Championship Series standings come out: Oregon will play Auburn on Jan. 10 for its first national championship.

James ran for 134 yards and two touchdowns while Barner had 133 yards and scored twice for the Ducks (12-0, 9-0 Pac-10), who used some stiff defense in the red zone -- led by Bair and Casey Matthews -- and three interceptions to fend off their feisty rivals.

Not until the fourth quarter did Oregon finally shake free. Barner's 23-yard touchdown run with 12:16 made it 30-13 and James popped through the middle for a 10-yard score with 4:27 left to seal it.

When the clock hit 00:00, James and his teammates bounded over to a corner of the stadium to celebrate with their band, their famous Donald Duck-clone mascot and their fans. The Oregon faithful spilled onto the field and the push up-pumping mascot got swallowed up as he crowd surfed. The party was headed south, 40 miles down Interstate 5 to Eugene.

The Ducks, the Pac-10's new power with their high-speed spread offense, rising star coach Chip Kelly and the wildest uniforms Nike and Oregon alumnus Phil Knight can provide, are relative newcomers among college football's elite. Yet Kelly disdains such big-picture talk about a shift in the football landscape. "Win the day," is his motto -- and there are 37 between now and the national title game.

"We're not going to play a national championship right now, we're going to prepare for one," he said. "But we got to this point by our preparation and we know we're going to have to go to work for the next month to show up on the 10th."

The stakes for the 114th Civil War were higher than for any of the rivalry's previous meetings, with the Ducks assured of a spot in the national title game with a victory. The Beavers? They were simply looking to get to .500 and avoid sitting out the bowl season for the first time since 2001. Oregon State didn't play like a three-touchdown underdog and Oregon never did unleash a wave of big plays, like those that have consumed so many other teams.

For decades, Oregon was a second-class Pac-10 team, too. But in 1994 Rich Brooks led the Ducks to their first Rose Bowl since 1965 and it turned out to be no fluke. Brooks left for the NFL and handed the program off to Mike Bellotti. With Knight helping to fund the cause, the Ducks became a factor in the Pac-10 and probably should have played for a national title with quarterback Joey Harrington after the 2001 season. The BCS numbers didn't work out for the Ducks that season and the window of opportunity in the Pac-10 closed the next season as Southern California began its dominant run.

After the 2008 season, Bellotti stepped aside and Kelly, after just one season as offensive coordinator, was promoted to head coach. The Ducks finally knocked the Trojans off the Pac-10 throne and went the Rose Bowl last season, wrapping up the conference title with a victory in the Civil War.

Now it's on to Glendale, Ariz., for the fashion plates of college football.

Fast Facts
• Oregon ran for 346 yards, 134 from LaMichael James and 133 from Kenjon Barner.
• It would be the Ducks first BCS title game appearance and the Pac-10's first appearance since USC in the 2005 season.
• Oregon is the first Pac-10 team to go undefeated in a nine conference game schedule (since 2006). The Ducks have won at least eight conference games in consecutive years.
• The Ducks have topped the Beavers three straight times, their longest streak since winning four straight from 1994-97.
• Oregon State fell to 2-7 against AP No. 1 teams all-time.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Green Salad Days in the USA by Hadramie

Pak Syed, or more fondly known as Hadramie, made this special video clip for me and post it on Facebook and twitter. He said he took hafl afternoon to do it - compiling, rearranging pictures and inserting the background music. Memang takde kerja Amie ni.

I'm honored! Thanks, Amie!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hiccups attacks

At the moment of blogging, I'm having my 5th round of hiccups attacks. This is the story...

I had pain on my right foot while taking part in CICM Run in Bukit Jalil on Sunday. Went to see a GP to actually get a referral letter for me to see a specialist. But she said she couldn't simply refer me to specialist on my first visit. And based from what she explained about my conditions and her knowledge, I assume she could treat me well. I was suspected to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

After consultation, I was prescribed with a lotion, anti-inflammation pills to help reduce internal swelling, vitamin for nerve, painkiller and gastricitis pills. At first, I was confused why did she give me gastricitis pills only to know that the painkillers are very strong and just in case if they would give some problems to my stomach.

I took the pills normally but in the afternoon the next day (Monday, 29.11) I had severe hiccups attack on my way back from KLCC (for a meeting) to Bangi. The first attack lasted for about 3h 50m. Damn it was tough, and I sounded silly and funny. I haven't had hiccups for a very long time, I think even before Google came into the picture.

I drank lots of water, tried different types of remedies taken from the net but they were all just not working. Then, when it was time to take another round of medicines, I ate two curry puffs I bought earlier and as simple as that, the hiccups were gone. I continued to take the anti-inflammation pill as prescribed and not long after that, the 2nd attack of hiccups came again.

This time it was more serious, I felt burning pain inside my chest area up to the throat and it got worse for every hiccup. Called the clinic, consulted the doctor a bit before I was summoned to see the doctor. Driving to the clinic in Taipan (from Bangi) was one of the longest journey, with my chest felt burning sensation and 'tahan kencing lagi'.

Consulted the doctor and he said, I am sensitive to the two pills - Dexamethasone (the anti-inflammation) and the Voltaren (painkiller) and I was then described with another type of gastricitis medicine to cure my hiccups and the burning sensation. I was advised by the doctor to eat porridge and drink milk that night.

Went to the kopitiam next door, ordered chicken porridge for tapau. While waiting for the order, I took the gastricitis pill and not long after that, the hiccups went away. I was happy, went home, but while I was having my porridge, the third round of hiccups attack came attacking. Called the clinic again, they asked me to take the other type of gastricitis pills which I did and not long after that, the hiccups were gone, again.

I went out for an appointment with a friend and while having my roti banjir, another round of hiccups came attacking. Took another pill after reaching home, and as expected they were gone right after that and about an hour later until this moment of blogging, the 5th round of hiccups attack came, which I don't bother to take another pills, I would just let it go away naturally.

Managed to capture a video of myself with the hiccups on my way from KLCC to Bangi.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No. 1 Ducks rally to beat Arizona, win Pac-10

Now the Ducks can have their turkey. Oregon coach Chip Kelly said earlier this week the didn’t want his top-ranked team to partake in the traditional Thanksgiving meal because it might make them lethargic against No. 20 Arizona.

The Ducks were anything but sedentary on Friday night with a 48-29 victory over the Wildcats. Oregon earned at least a share of its second-straight Pac-10 title and stayed on course for a trip to the BCS national championship game.

Darron Thomas passed for 148 yards and three scores and ran for another, while running back LaMichael James ran for 126 yards and two scores for the Ducks (11-0, 8-0), who trailed 19-14 at halftime.

The Ducks have only won 11 games in a season once before, when Joey Harrington led them to the Fiesta Bowl in 2001. The Ducks can lock up an outright conference title and a spot in the national championship game in Glendale, Ariz., next week with a victory at Oregon State.

It was the third straight loss for Arizona (7-4, 4-4), which ultimately couldn’t keep up with the Ducks’ speedy spread-option.

With temperatures in the mid-40s and periodic rain showers, there were concerns that the Wildcats would have trouble with their passing game, which had been averaging about 300 yards a game. But Nick Foles passed for a career-high 448 yards and three touchdowns, including an 85-yard score to Juron Criner. It just wasn’t enough.

Thomas completed 14 of 24 passes for 148 yards and an interception. Oregon finished with 537 yards total offense. Arizona put up 506.

Oregon was playing catch-up the entire first half and trailed for just the second time this season at the break. But the Ducks bounced back early in the second half with Josh Huff’s 85-yard scoring run, the longest play from scrimmage for the Ducks this season. While the conversion failed, Oregon had a 20-19 lead.

Arizona hurt itself on Oregon’s next series, when they were called offside on Rob Beard’s missed 42-yard field goal attempt. That gave the Ducks a first down and Thomas followed with a 20-yard touchdown run to make it 27-19.

The Wildcats cut the lead on Alex Zendejas’ 41-yard field goal, but James ran for a pair of scores, one for 13 yards and another for a yard, to make it 48-22. James has 19 rushing touchdowns this season, surpassing LeGarrette Blount’s score record 17 set in 2008.

James came into the game as the nation’s rushing leader at 158 yards per game, but there were concerns about his health. After Oregon’s last game, a 15-13 win over California, the Heisman Trophy hopeful was on crutches with a leg injury. He was able to rest the injury over a bye week and practiced on a limited basis.

He quickly showed he was fine by busting for a 38-yard run on Oregon’s first series. With the run, the sophomore became just the second Ducks player in history to run for 3,000 career yards. James went down late in the first half after he was hit by Arizona safety Adam Hall. While he was helped off the field, he stayed on the sidelines until the break, then earned rousing applause when he returned from halftime hopping across the field with his helmet on.

Last season Arizona fans readied to rush the field but Oregon scored with 6 seconds left, sending the game into overtime. The Ducks went on to win it 44-41 in double OT, spoiling Arizona’s chance for its first Rose Bowl bid. Oregon went to Pasadena, Calif., instead, but this season that would be a consolation prize for the Ducks.

They have already beaten second-place Stanford, so even if they lose the Civil War game to Oregon State, and fall into a tie for first in the Pac-10, they’ll go to the Rose Bowl. Beat the Beavers and the Ducks will play for their first national championship.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No. 1 Oregon ekes out defensive struggle over California

Jeff Maehl caught a 29-yard pass for the Ducks' only offensive touchdown, and No. 1 Oregon caught a huge break on an illegal motion penalty against California's kicker during a 15-13 victory on Saturday night, keeping the Ducks on course for the BCS title game.

Cliff Harris returned a punt 64 yards for the only touchdown in the first half for the Ducks (10-0, 7-0 Pac-10), who undeniably wobbled on the road to a shot at the national championship. Oregon's offense managed a season-low 317 yards and went scoreless in two quarters -- yet the defense largely shut down Cal after its opening drive.

Those defensive players were just as surprised as everybody else in Strawberry Canyon when the normally purring Oregon offense sputtered and stalled. The Ducks had played just three scoreless quarters all season long until Cal shut them out in the first and fourth.

Oregon also got a bit of luck: Early in the fourth quarter, Cal kicker Giorgio Tavecchio erased his own 24-yard field goal, which would have put the Golden Bears ahead by one, by taking a stutter step forward before the snap. The junior then missed a 29-yard try on the next play. Oregon kicker Rob Beard also missed two field goals after going 8 for 8.

Darron Thomas passed for 155 yards and led a final drive that chewed up the last 9 1/2 minutes. It was a strange sight to see the high-speed Ducks down shift into super-slow motion, but it worked to perfection: Kenjon Barner and LaMichael James took turns with the ball while Thomas milked the play clock on an 18-play, 65-yard drive.

The Heisman hopeful James rushed for a season-low 91 yards, but Oregon's defense shut out Cal's offense for the final 55 minutes. James left Berkeley leaning on crutches with his left leg in a protective casing, but he played on Oregon's final drive, and the tailback insisted he was fine.

The Bears held the nation's most prolific scoring team almost 40 points below its average, but couldn't get the Ducks' offense off the field when they most needed a stop. Cal defensive tackle Derrick Hill forced a fumble and recovered it in the end zone for the Bears (5-5, 3-4), who lost at home for the first time all season -- but only after putting a mighty scare into their first top-ranked opponent in five years.

Just two hurdles remain between the Ducks and an unbeaten regular season: a visit from Arizona on Nov. 26, followed by the Civil War at Oregon State.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mount Merapi's eruptions

Since its initial eruptions on October 25th, Indonesia's Mount Merapi continues to spew hot gases and ash as far as 5,000 meters into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on surrounding villages and farms, and disrupting air travel - and more than 140 people have been killed by the eruptions over the past two weeks.

Hundreds of thousands of residents have been displaced, many of them living in temporary shelters until the Indonesian government reduces the existing 20 km "safe zone", and allows them and their livestock to return. Collected here are recent images from the area near the unpredictable Mount Merapi as it still rumbles and erupts.

I got admitted....

Baru dapat news ni pagi tadi. After a month and a half, I keep on checking on the status of my application, the good news came in this morning. Alhamdulillah, my application to do my Masters in UM has been approved! Lompat sentuh bintang!

I'm not sure how the loads going to be but definitely it will involve a serious time management. What with my full marathons quest next year, dengan nak beli basikal lagi, dengan nak amik swimming kelas lagi. Ni dah datang satu tanggungjawab lagi pulak. Hoepfully, I will survive the 8 semesters (maximum ni to complete the whole course).

There'll be a majlis to welcome postgraduate students on Monday, 27th December (kena amik cuti lagi...) and registration for M.Econs is on Friday, the same day I'm flying to Langkawi. Hmmm... tapi tadi dah called admission, diorang kata boleh je register hari Selasa tu. Ok lah, will squeeze in mana-mana yang tersqueezed.

Yang paling aku kamjat, the date of Borneo International Marathon falls during the final exam session. Mati lor... tengok lah macam mana nanti, but for now... aku happy!

Monday, November 08, 2010

No. 1 Ducks smash Huskies 53-16 after slow start

Running back LaMichael James felt it, and so did the rest of the top-ranked Ducks. There was something inexplicably amiss at the start of Oregon’s 53-16 victory over northwest rival Washington on Saturday. Something completely out of character for the nation’s most prolific offense.

The Ducks (9-0, 6-0 Pac-10) were held scoreless in the first quarter for the first time this season. Their first points came on a 29-yard field goal early in the second quarter. Of course they went on to thoroughly recover, outscoring Washington 35-10 in the second half. James ran for 121 yards and three touchdowns, while Darron Thomas threw for a score and ran for two more.

Defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu #74 of the Washington Huskies grabs the jersey of running back LaMichael James #21 of the Oregon Ducks in the third quarter of the game at Autzen Stadium on November 6, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. The Ducks won the game 53-16. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

After Oregon opened the scoring with Rob Beard’s field goal, Erik Folk’s 52-yard attempt for Washington went wide left. But Folk made another 52-yarder later in the quarter to tie the game at 3. James finally got a touchdown for the Ducks midway through the second quarter with a 1-yard run. Beard ran in the 2-point conversion.

Before halftime Thomas ran 34 yards for a score to make it 18-3. Washington appeared to narrow it with less than a minute left with Price’s 16-yard scoring pass to Devin Aguilar, but it was called back by a penalty, and the Huskies settled for a Folk’s 27-yard field goal to make it 18-6 at the break.

After Price threw a 17-yard scoring pass to D’Andre Goodwin to make it 18-13 at the start of the second half, the Ducks answered with Thomas’ 6-yard scoring pass to Jeff Maehl. Oregon attempted a 26-field goal but Nate Costa bobbled the hold and tried to run it. Costa, Thomas’ backup at quarterback, was knocked out of bounds near Washington’s bench and appeared to injure his right knee. He left the field on a cart.

Oregon running back Kenjon Barner (24) runs past Washington defensive end Everrette Thompson (92) on his way to a touchdown during the fourth quarter of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, in Eugene, Ore. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

James ran 13 yards for a touchdown before Thomas scored on a 7-yard dash to close out the third quarter. James added a 1-yard scoring run early in the fourth. James, a sophomore and the nation’s rushing leader, has run for 30 TDs at Oregon. He has 16 games with at least 100 yards. Kenjon Barner, who had missed the past two games after sustaining a concussion against Washington State, ran 30 yards for a touchdown with 4:34 left.

Oregon, as usual, wore the Huskies out. Thomas completed 24 of 33 passes for 243 yards. He ran for 89 yards. The Huskies lead the series against Oregon 58-40-5, but the Ducks have won the last seven games, all by 20 or more points. Last season Oregon won 43-19 at Husky Stadium. Washington had not faced a top-ranked team since 2007, when it lost to USC 27-24. Oregon visits California next Saturday, before wrapping up the season against Arizona and at Oregon State. The Huskies host UCLA then finish on the road against Cal and Washington State.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Ducks blow out USC at Coliseum 53-32

To USC cornerback Shareece Wright, the most stunning aspect of No. 1 Oregon's offense isn't its speed or its sophistication, or even the Ducks' standout skill players.
No, Wright and the Trojans were bowled over by Oregon's elegant simplicity.
"They didn't even run a lot of plays," Wright said after the Ducks' 53-32 win at the Coliseum. "They just run them to perfection and wait until the defense breaks down."

Oregon (8-0, 5-0 Pac-10) makes it look easy to be this good. With a dominant win over the Pac-10's longtime power, the Ducks maintained their unbeaten season and tightened their hold on the top spot in the AP poll for the third straight week, moving within four games of a perfect season and a likely spot in the national title game.

For a few minutes, Southern California thought it had figured out the nation’s top-ranked team. The Trojans scored two quick touchdowns and stopped Oregon’s high-octane offense twice, setting the Coliseum abuzz with anticipation of an upset.

For much of the second half, the Ducks' offense largely consisted of repeated quick snaps followed by handoffs to LaMichael James, who almost always ran between the tackles on the way to 239 yards rushing, the second-most ever allowed to one player by a USC defense.

LaMichael James #21 of the Oregon Ducks is tackled for a loss by Shane Horton #23 of the USC Trojans during the second quarter at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on October 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Quarterback Darron Thomas gave another efficient performance, passing for 288 yards and four touchdowns -- matching the most ever thrown against USC. Thomas threw three of his four scoring passes to Jeff Maehl who had eight catches for a career-high 145 yards while Lavasier Tuinei had seven catches for 78 yards and a score for the Ducks, who racked up 599 total yards.

Oregon wide receiver Lavasier Tuinei, left, catches a pass as Southern California linebacker Devon Kennard looks on before running it in for a touchdown during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Oregon trailed in the third quarter for just the second time all season after USC took a 32-29 lead in a 2 1/2 -minute outburst. The Ducks still had 26 minutes left to demolish the Trojans, with national rushing leader James leading the Ducks to 24 consecutive points to close their first win at the Coliseum since 2000.

Trojans coach Lane Kiffin thought the game fell apart when they led 17-15 and had the ball in Oregon territory midway through the second quarter, but Barkley fumbled a shotgun snap after getting distracted by Kiffin yelling from the sideline. On the next play, Maehl made a 45-yard TD catch, artfully tipping the ball before catching it with one hand.

Oregon's defense was barely adequate against USC by most football standards, surrendering 32 points, 377 yards and 27 first downs. Yet normal standards simply don't apply to the Ducks, whose offense's speed and effectiveness all but guarantees a half-dozen touchdowns in each game. The defense again got plenty of work because Oregon's offense made three touchdown drives that lasted less than a minute.

Oregon has scored at least 42 points in every game this season, and USC's 32 points were the most the Ducks have allowed. Just four games remain in the Ducks' quest for the ultimate prize, and the doubters are shrinking with each weekly performance.

USC entered the Coliseum as an underdog for the first time in 51 games since 2001, but the homecoming crowd blanketed the Coliseum in USC’s cardinal color. Despite a vibrant homecoming crowd cheering on its underdog Trojans, USC lost at the Coliseum for the fourth time in seven games. Ronald Johnson caught a TD pass in what’s likely to be the biggest game of USC’s bowl-less season under NCAA sanctions.

Friday, October 22, 2010

#1 Oregon 60, UCLA 13

Oregon, celebrating its first outing ever as the AP No. 1, beat the Bruins 60-13 on Thursday night.

Darron Thomas #1 of the Oregon Ducks throws a pass against Tony Dye #6 of the UCLA Bruins on October 21, 2010 at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Darron Thomas threw for a career-high 308 yards and three touchdowns and Oregon (7-0, 4-0 Pac-10) stopped a run of losses for No. 1 teams. Alabama lost to South Carolina two weekends ago and Ohio State lost at Wisconsin last week. The last time the No. 1 team lost in three consecutive weeks was November 1960, when Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri all fell.

LaMichael James #21 of the Oregon Ducks runs the ball against Sean Westgate #11 of the UCLA Bruins on October 21, 2010 at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

LaMichael James, the nation’s top rusher, finished with 123 yards and two TDs on the ground for the Ducks after spending part of the first quarter on the sideline with an apparent injury. Reserve Remene Alston ran for three scores. James, getting increasing Heisman Trophy buzz, went down late in the first with what appeared to be an ankle injury. But before long, the dynamic back was high-stepping on the sidelines and returned. James has 971 yards in six games, an average of 161.8. It was the sophomore’s 14th career game with at least 100 yards.

The Bruins (3-4, 1-3) were without quarterback Kevin Prince, who did not suit up because of a knee injury. He was replaced by sophomore Richard Brehaut, who completed 16 of 23 passes for 159 yards. Brehaut, who made his first career start earlier this season in UCLA’s 42-28 victory over Washington State, ran for a 6-yard score with 1:53 left in the game.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oregon soars to No. 1 in AP poll

Known for its ever-changing, often outrageous uniforms and a point-a-minute offense, Oregon now has a new distinction: No. 1 team in the country. The Ducks climbed to the top spot for the first time Sunday, moving up one position during an off week after previously top-ranked Ohio State lost 31-18 at Wisconsin on Saturday night.

“Whether we’re No. 1 in the country or 101 it won’t affect how we prepare. But the only important thing is to be No. 1 in a month and a half on Dec. 5,” Chip Kelly. That’s when the final BCS standings come out. The first came out Sunday night and had Oklahoma first with Oregon second and Boise State third.

In the AP poll, which is not part of the BCS standings, Boise State also moved up one place to No. 2. Oklahoma jumped three spots to No. 3, passing No. 4 TCU. Auburn moved up two spots to fifth, while the Buckeyes dropped to 11th.

Oregon becomes the 43rd team to hold the No. 1 ranking in the AP media poll, which dates to 1936. The last time a team was No. 1 for the first time was almost 20 years ago to the day, when Virginia rose to No. 1 on Oct. 14, 1990.

Ohio State’s loss came a week after then-No. 1 Alabama was beaten by South Carolina. Heisman Trophy contender LaMichael James and the Ducks will try to avoid three straight weeks of No. 1 losing when they play at home against UCLA on Thursday night.

The Ducks received 39 first-place votes and 1,471 points. Boise State had 15 first-place votes and TCU (three) and Oklahoma (three) also got votes as the top team in the country.

The rest of the AP top 10 was LSU at No. 6, followed by Alabama, Michigan State, Utah and Wisconsin, which jumped eight spots after its big win at Camp Randall Stadium.

The coaches’ poll had the same top nine as the AP poll.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

#3 Oregon 43, Washington State 23

LaMichael James scored three touchdowns, including an 84-yard scoring reception, and Oregon shook Washington State in the second half for a 43-23 win on Saturday. But this wasn't the blowout most expected. And whether it was the lingering image of Kenjon Barner being taken to the hospital following a scary collision or the improvement of Washington State, the Ducks made just enough plays to hold off the pesky Cougars.

Oregon (6-0, 3-0) was a 36-point favorite, yet led just 36-23 late in the third quarter. Part of that could have been the scary sight of Barner laying motionless on the field in the first quarter. Barner was flattened on a kickoff return by Washington State's Anthony Carpenter. As Carpenter ran full speed through a block, he collided with Barner, first glancing off Barner's shoulder and then colliding with his helmet.

Barner fumbled and crumpled to the turf. Trainers quickly rushed out and tended to Barner for more than 10 minutes, at one point bringing out a neck brace and backboard. But Barner eventually sat up, walked with assistance to a stretcher and was transported by ambulance to Pullman Regional Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Barner wasn't the only injury for the Ducks to deal with. Quarterback Darron Thomas left in the second quarter with a right shoulder injury that he said afterward he could have come back from, but was held out for precautionary reasons. Thomas tried warming up on the sideline, but Kelly decided to rest his starter.

And why not with the way Nate Costa played. Costa led a trio of scoring drives including his own 18-yard TD run early in the second half to give Oregon a 36-17 lead. Costa ran for 84 yards and threw for another 151 on 13 of 15 passing. Jeff Maehl caught 10 passes for 119 yards, including a screen pass he took 34 yards for a touchdown with 11:45 left that sealed the victory.

Cliff Harris added a 67-yard punt return touchdown in the first half, his third punt return score of the season. James finished for 136 yards on 25 carries, more than half those yards coming on two runs against a Washington State defense giving up more than 43 per game.

The Ducks are 6-0 for the first time since 2002, but that 2002 season provides warnings for Oregon. After beating UCLA 31-30 to improve to 6-0, the Ducks dropped six of their final seven, including a 38-17 loss to Wake Forest in the now defunct Seattle Bowl.

Monday, October 04, 2010

#4 Oregon 52, #9 Stanford 31

The Ducks (5-0, 2-0 Pac-10) fell behind 21-3 in the first quarter of the frenzied game, but forced two crucial turnovers and held the Cardinal scoreless in the second half. LaMichael James ran for a career-high 257 yards and three touchdowns.

It was Oregon’s 13th straight win at Autzen Stadium and 10th consecutive Pac-10 victory. The Cardinal (4-1, 1-1) have not won a game while ranked in the top 10 since 1970.

The game lived up to the hype as a battle of offenses. Oregon, averaging 560 yards of total offense going into the game, had 626 yards. The Cardinal had 518. Thomas completed 20-of-29 passes, and while he was intercepted twice, Oregon coach Chip Kelly said the key was that Thomas wasn’t unnerved by it all. Stanford’s Andrew Luck was 29 of 46 for 241 yards and two scores. He was also intercepted twice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fifth-ranked Ducks overpower Sun Devils

Oregon Ducks 42

Arizona State Sun Devils 31

Oregon expected its biggest test of the season Saturday, and got it. Ultimately, the fifth-ranked Ducks maintained their perfect record, beating Arizona State 42-31 in Sun Devil Stadium to open Pac-10 play this season. The Ducks (4-0, 1-0 Pacific-10 Conference) trailed by 10 points in the second quarter before striking in the second and third quarters with four unanswered touchdowns to seize control before sealing a 42-31 victory.

Oregon runningback LaMichael James, right, alludes the tackle attempt by Arizona State safety Keelan Johnson, left, as he rushes for a touchdown in the first quarter of an NCAA football game Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

On offense, Oregon's trademark running game was a no-show for most of the night. The Sun Devils overcommitted to stopping LaMichael James on the Oregon's zone runs and option plays, forcing the Ducks to go to the air to move the ball. James topped the century mark with 114 yards, but it took 28 bruising carries to get there.

Arizona State held the nation's second-leading rushing team to 145 yards -- 235 below its average -- and used its up-tempo offense to build a 10-point lead late in a first half. The national leader in total and scoring defense, Oregon gave up plenty of yards: 597, Arizona's most since 2000.

Oregon rallied behind Darron Thomas' arm, scoring two touchdowns in the final 2:21 and blowing it open with two more scores in the third quarter. Thomas completed 19 of 33 passes for 280 yards and a pair of scores. In the end, Thomas did what he had to do to move the Ducks, secure the victory before a crowd of 60,326 and set up a pivotal game against 16th-ranked Stanford (4-0, 1-0) next Saturday in Autzen Stadium.

The highlight is taken fromOregon Duck Soup

Go Ducks!

NEXT: #4 Oregon Ducks vs #9 Stanford Cardinals, Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Joe's story - 240910

Joe baru called kejap tadi, after a missed call earlier. Time aku tak bawak phone, time tu laa ada call masuk, kan? Hai... kalau lah handphone ni pakai chip boleh lekat kat pusat je kan senang.

Ok back to Joe's call, aku tulis point form je lah ye....

1. Joe confirmed akan balik ke Malaysia minggu depan, minggu depan ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.
2. Tarikh sebenar tidak diberitahu, even to Joe atas sebab-sebab keselamatan.
3. Flight mungkin dari Newark.
4. Kerajaan Amarika yang akan biaya segala perbelanjaan pulang.
5. Joe akan di-escort oleh 2 orang Imigresen US (tak silap aku) sampai lah ke sini.
6. Akan ada hand over to Malaysian Immigration.

Aku tanya dia, apa plan dia bila sampai? Ke mana destinasi dia? Dia jawab, dia nak balik kampung. Aku tanya ada sesiapa ambik dia kat airport ke, dia kata takde sebab:
1. Dia nak makan
2. Dia nak gi Nilai ke Salak Tinggi ke
3. Dia nak lepak kat airport
4. Tak pun kat masjid
5. Dia nak gunting rambut, nak beli kain pelikat, beli pakaian.
so, leceh lah kalau parents/relative ambik dia kat airport dan drive dia terus balik kampung.

Aku tanya, nak aku amik atau drive him around ke? Dia kata, tak payah lah...

Pastu aku tanya, macam mana raya? Dia kata ok. Ada solat raya, jamuan raya. Dan dia kata, ni raya yang paling meriah sejak tinggal di US (if I hear it correctly). Dan dia dah khatam Quran 4 kali dah. Ingat tak dulu after the first time, dia macam slow skit, tapi bulan puasa hari tu laju je dia baca Quran katanya. And he sounds like he'll miss the time he had in the detention center.

Aku cakap jugak, geng Rebanamaya ada buat Pot Luck Raya esok kat rumah Arc, dia kirim salam kat semua (aku assume semua peminat-peminat dia lah).

Lastly aku kata, kalau dia perlukan apa-apa yang aku boleh tolong, call lah aku. Dia cakap ok.

Tu je.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oregon blanks Portland State

Oregon Ducks 69

Portland State Vikings 0

Running back Willie Griffin #28 of the Portland State is gang tackled by (L to R) defensive end Kenny Rowe, defensive tackle Zac Clark #99 and linebacker Casey Matthews #55 of the Oregon Ducks in the second quarter of the game at Autzen Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

The Oregon Ducks continued their record-busting ways on Saturday, rushing for a school-record 529 yards, with nine Ducks getting on the stat sheet -- even fifth-string quarterback Dustin Hanes.

Darron Thomas completed nine of 18 passes for 140 yards and a career-best four scores in the victory, Oregon’s 11th straight at Autzen Stadium. Sophomore running back LaMichael James ran for a personal-best 227 yards, all in the first half. It was James’ first game with more than 200 yards.

Running back LaMichael James #21of the Oregon Ducks heads to the end zone for a touchdown as defensive end Jack Forbes #99 and linebacker Kevin Takeno #35 of the Portland State Vikings give chase in the second quarter of the game at Autzen Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

With a 72-0 rout of New Mexico in the opener, and a 48-13 victory over Tennessee last weekend, Oregon has outscored its opponents 189-13 in nonconference play. It is the first time the Ducks have had two shutouts in a season since 1964.

As for team stats: the Ducks now ranked No. 1 in NCAA in total offense, scoring offense, total defense and scoring defense. Also 1st nationally in pass efficiency defense, 2nd in rushing and sacks allowed, 3rd in pass defense, and 4th in punt returns.

Oregon is still averaging over a point per minute and perhaps more impressively, hasnt't allowed a single point in the last 104 minutes.

The highlight is taken fromOregon Duck Soup

Go Ducks!

NEXT: #5 Oregon Ducks vs Arizona State Sun Devils, Tempe, Arizona, 25th September.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ducks Pin Worst-Ever Neyland Stadium Loss on Vols

Oregon Ducks 48

Tennessee Volunteers 13

The explosiveness Oregon showed in a 72-0 victory last week wasn't just a by-product of playing lowly New Mexico. The Ducks weren't expected to match last week's scoring outburst against Tennessee, but they showed their quick-strike capability to turn a close game into a romp.

The highlight is taken from Oregon Duck Soup

After forging a 13-13 halftime tie with 10 second-quarter points, Oregon scored touchdowns on plays that covered 72, 76 and 80 yards to leave the Volunteers way behind. LaMichael James scored on a 72-yard run, Cliff Harris returned an interception 76 yards and Kenjon Barner returned a punt 80 yards. The Ducks originally trailed 13-3, but they scored 45 consecutive points in a 48-13 win.

James ran for 134 yards, including a 72-yard touchdown, in his first game back after a one-game suspension. The Pac-10’s leading returning rusher had only 27 yards at halftime after being targeted by the Volunteers’ defense for the entire first half. He rushed for 25 yards on five carries in the Oregon’s first second-half drive and then broke several tackles on the 72-yard touchdown run on the first play of the subsequent drive for the Ducks (2-0).

Oregon tight end David Paulson (42) tries to get away from Tennessee cornerback Janzen Jackson (15) and Tennessee guard Jarrod Shaw (74) during an NCAA college football game at Neyland Stadium Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Oregon scored the most points by an opponent in Knoxville since Washington State hung 52 on the Vols in 52-24 drubbing in 1988 and the worst loss in Knoxville since a 45-0 loss to Vanderbilt 105 years ago.

In two games, Oregon's explosive offense has piled up 1,167 yards, and the Ducks (2-0) have scored 120 points on scores by the offense, defense and special teams. The two-game averages of 583.5 yards and 60 points ranks Oregon second in the nation in both categories.

GO Ducks!

NEXT: #5 Oregon Ducks vs Portland State Vikings, Autzen Stadium, 18th September.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Salam Lebaran 1432H

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, mohon maaf lahir dan batin kepada semua yang sempat singgah di blog ni, yang tak berapa nak updated lately <-- blogging is soooo 2007 lah :-) dan juga kepada sesiapa yang mengenali diri ini.

Semoga Ramadhan ini memberi keberkatan kepada kita dan kita mendapat keredhaan daripadanya, semoga berbahagia di samping keluarga tersayang di hari lebaran, jangan dilupa kepada yang tiada dan kasihilah yang masih ada. Akhir sekali, semoga selamat di dalam perjalanan, ke mana sahaja destinasi kita.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

#11 Oregon 72, New Mexico Lobos 0

Yeah! One of the most anticipated events of the year is back and full with expectations. It's the College football season, yet again! And Oregon Ducks returned as the defending Pac-10 Conference champion, hoping to repeat their trip to Rose Bowl or even to Glendale for the BCS National Championship. And if Ducks win this season, probably they'll become the last champion of the Pac-10 before the conference becomes Pac-12 in 2011/12 season.

Running back Kenjon Barner #24 of the Oregon Ducks turns the corner on safety Bubba Forrest #28 of the New Mexico Lobos and scores a touchdown in the first quarter of the game at Autzen Stadium on September 4, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

First match done, even without the sacked Jeremiah Masoli and suspended LaMichael James, Ducks whipped the Lobos 72-0, tying the most points scored in modern history of Ducks' football (the other match was against Nevada on Sept 18, 1999). Other records have fallen as well, en route to the win, i.e. total offense yardage of 720 is a new school record (previous record: 694 at Oregon State in 2008).

Next: Oregon Ducks at Tennessee Volunteers, in Knoxville, 11th September 2010.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catatan Ramadhan 6

Hari ni, masuk hari ke 15 kita berpuasa. Alhamdulillah. Doa aku semoga diberi kekuatan, kesabaran dan kecekalan untuk meneruskan baki 15 hari di bulan Ramadhan ini, supaya segala-galanya adalah lebih baik daripada hari-hari semalam. Ni aku nak share link, "10 Steps to Maximizing the Last Ten Days of Ramadhan". (thanks Amie for sharing). Kalau boleh practice, memang ngam!

Ni pulak gambar-gambar juadah berbuka aku semalam. Beli kat param Std Shah Alam (ryhme pulak semalam, param dengan Shah Alam tu...). Jangan terliur tau, be strong! Heheheh...

Char Koay Teow Asri dan popia basah S.S. Ali (rhyme lagi...)

Makan CKT dengan sekeping popia tu je dah buat perut aku ketat nak gi teraweh. Adakah perubahan berlaku kepada diriku??? Hahahah...

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