Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweeney Todd, Gabriel Toad

It was a double-double movie Friday. Both movies are rated 18PL.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
Winner of the Golden Globe Best Movie (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actor awards.

Johnny Depp stars as Benjamin Barker aka Sweeney Todd, a barber falsely imprisoned by Judge Turpin. After leaving prison, he comes back to Victorian London to find his wife poisoned and his daughter held captive. As he plots his revenge, Sweeney joins forces with Mrs. Lovett, and while he preys on clients asking for a shave, his new partner turns the bodies into baked goods. But the judge still lives, and the razor-wielding madman wants his vengeance.

Very nice horror movie with a different approach, it's musical. Yupp, musical... and Johnny Depp sings too! Lots of throat slitting and blood spurting scenes, which you might just want to peep through your fingers. But, there are some light and funny moments, too, which you'd break into laughter.

My rating: 7/10 - a must for Johnny Depp fans and those who like to watch musicals, the songs are great! "I can guarantee the closest shave you'll ever know."

Gabriel: What the f*ck I was thinking last Friday night by watching this movie?

The movie reveals the battle between good and evil and the fight for the human soul. Set in purgatory, there is a struggle between Arc and Fallen angels for control over the city and its population of re-born souls. At present, darkness rules and Gabriel, the last of seven Arcs sent to return light, must assume a human form for the first time. In the darkest places of the human soul, this lone arc angel's battle with his human feelings and emotions will prove as perilous as facing the Fallen.

Boring! Hair wire storyline, jump everywhere, here and there. Bad and lacklustre fighting scenes, ugly actresses - your ugly ex-girlfriend is prettier, trust me! Unknown actors and actresses. Worst of all, the quality of the film/picture - it's like watching a pirated VCD on a 64" plasma tv. But save for the nice colored contact lenses the actors are wearing, cool!

My rating: 1/10 - A must if you haven't been sleeping in the cinema for a while or if you want to take some 2 1/2-hour break after been dragged to every corner of the shopping mall (without anything to buy in mind) by your girlfriend, in addition to driving through the traffic jam on your way to pick her up and going to the cinema, then looking/scrambling for parking, and before going through the traffic jam again, on your way to send her home and back to your place... ehh apa aku melalut ni... hahahaha...

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