Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Down the memory lane: Oregon vs USC 1998

24th October 1998.

The previous weekend, the Ducks had lost in overtime at UCLA in a nationally televised game. Lost their starting running back and starting left tackle to injuries. A devastating, dispiriting 38-41 loss.

Fourth-ranked Trojans visited tenth-ranked Ducks on Saturday at Autzen Stadium.

That night, without injured running back Reuben Droughns, Oregon's quarterback Akili Smith, ran a 62-yard game winning touchdown that defeats USC, 17-13. He was running alone, toward the west end zone in Autzen Stadium, and looking up at the video screen to see that no one will catch him.

And after the game, the Oregon coach, Mike Belotti’s voice was thick and he admitted that the victory had brought tears.

It was the first of four straight Oregon wins over the Trojans, followed by the triple-overtime win in 1999, a win in LA in 2000 leading to a Pac-10 co-title, and a dramatic win at Autzen Stadium in 2001, leading to an outright Pac-10 title for the Ducks.

And I was part of the story...

Before the game, pre-game show

After the game, Oregon 17 - USC 13

The Star: Who's the star?

This is the front page of The Star today. The picture in the front page shows Najib Razak attending the National Level Christmas Open House in Kota Kinabalu. Is that clear? Picture this in your mind - Najib Razak, Santa Claus, Santarina, Christmas trees, box of presents, the red socks, glittering balls hanging on christmas trees, and the likes... am I right?

But, hey! What the heck with these two ugly faces??? I dont care whether those guys are Najib Razak's bodyguard or Rosmah Mansor's cousin or.. who cares?! They're simply not an image of Christmas, at least put on a santa hat.

And to The Star, this is so bad of a picture selection. Don't your photographers have tonnes or other images to select? Don't tell me your photographers are still using film rolls or they ran out of memory in their digital camera.

Stupid! Terus lost appetite to read the paper!

(p/s: At first I thought the guy in batik is 'the driver in the dock', stupid again The Star!)

Road to Rose Bowl: The Civil War for the Roses

3rd December 2009. It was the biggest college football game in the history of the state of Oregon. The 113th Civil War became a Pac-10 championship game, for the first time ever. A bigger prize at stake - a ticket to Rose Bowl on New Year's day. Oregon went into the Civil War game ranked seventh in the nation, while the Beavers had entered ranked thirteenth.

The War was a slug fest, but the Oregon Ducks finally wrestled away control in the fourth quarter, and they're headed for a Rose Bowl date with Ohio State after a 37-33victory at Autzen Stadium. It was also Oregon’s first Pac-10 title since 2001, when they went to the Fiesta Bowl and formally ended USC’s seven-season reign atop the league.

LaMichael James ran for 166 yards and three touchdowns for Oregon and Jeremiah Masoli threw for 201 yards and a touchdown for the Ducks. Oregon State, vying for its first Rose Bowl berth since the 1964 season, had Sean Canfield throwing for 306 yards and two touchdowns while Jacquizz Rodgers, the Pac-10’s second-leading rusher behind Stanford’s Toby Gerhart with an average of 119.4 yards a game, rushed for just 64 yards and a score.

The Pac-10 Champion, Oregon, will play the Big 10 Champion, Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, Pasadena on 1st January 2010. Fans in Malaysia can watch the game live on Astro Star Sports, 2nd January 2010 starting at 6am.

Go Ducks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Road to Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Arizona

On a 70-degree night in the desert, Wildcats faithful packed Arizona Stadium for one of the bigger games in school history. With four teams still alive in the Rose Bowl hunt and the possibility of a six-way tie in place, Arizona's upset against number eleven-ranked Oregon will eliminate any chance for the Ducks to play in Rose Bowl.

Jeremiah Masoli carried Oregon one step closer to the Rose Bowl. The gifted quarterback tied it with a touchdown pass to Ed Dickson with six seconds left in regulation, then won it with a one-yard run in the second overtime as Oregon defeated Arizona, 44-41 on 21st November 2009 in Tucson.

Masoli threw three touchdown passes and ran for three more scores as the Ducks rallied from a 24-14 deficit early in the fourth quarter. He ended up with 26 of 47 passing for 284 yards and ran 16 times for 61 yards, accounting for all six of the Ducks’ touchdowns.

Tucson had been Oregon’s house of horrors. On the past two trips, the Ducks had lost their starting quarterback to season-ending injury – Kellen Clemens in 2005 and Dennis Dixon in 2007. This time, the unflappable Masoli emerged unscathed and will lead the Ducks to a showdown for a Rose Bowl berth against Oregon State Beavers.

The Pac-10 Champion, Oregon, will play the Big 10 Champion, Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, Pasadena on 1st January 2010. Fans in Malaysia can watch the game live on Astro Star Sports, 2nd January 2010 starting at 6am.

Go Ducks!

Road to Rose Bowl: Oregon vs California

On 26th September 2009, when the Ducks were wearing throwback uniforms from the late 90s, featuring yellow helmets with an entwined UO, Jeremiah Masoli threw 253 yards and three touchdowns in Oregon’s 42-3 upset of number sixth-ranked California. He completed 21 of 25 passes for the Ducks, who had 524 yards in total offense. It was Cal’s most lopsided loss under coach Jeff Tedford—Oregon’s former offensive coordinator—and worst since 55-14 to USC in 2001.

Oregon tight end Ed Dickson had 11 catches for a career-best 148 yards. He caught all three of Masoli’s scoring passes. LaMichael James ran for a 118 yards on 21 carries with one touchdown.

En route to the win, Oregon held California's tailback Jahvid Best to just 55 yards running. Widely considered a top Heisman contender, Best went into the game ranked third in the nation with an average of 137.33 yards on the ground. Overall, California had just 77 yards on the ground and 206 yards in total offense — less than half their average of 488.7 yards which was ranked 11th nationally .

The Pac-10 Champion, Oregon, will play the Big 10 Champion, Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, Pasadena on 1st January 2010. Fans in Malaysia can watch the game live on Astro Star Sports, 2nd January 2010 starting at 6am.

Go Ducks!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Road to Rose Bowl

The game was played on 19th September 2009. Oregon Ducks were 1-1, after being humiliated by Boise State Broncos in the opening and scrapping for a win against Purdue Boilermakers. On the other hand, number 18-ranked Utah Utes brought the longest winning streak in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision at 16 matches to Eugene, Oregon. Their last loss was on 24th November 2007.

Oregon’s Walter Thurmond III returned a punt 78 yards following a three-and-out on Utah’s opening drive to put the Ducks ahead 7-0. Jeremiah Masoli ran for two touchdowns, but had two fumbles and an interception in the second half. While Masoli struggled, LaMichael James recorded his first 100-yard game and his first touchdown. James rushed for a career-high 152 yards and a touchdown. Oregon won the game 31-24.

The Pac-10 Champion, Oregon, will play the Big 10 Champion, Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, Pasadena on 1st January 2010. Fans in Malaysia can watch the game live on Astro Star Sports, 2nd January 2010 starting at 6am.

Go Ducks!

Update bernombor je lah

Last weekend

24-13: USC Trojans defeated Boston College Eagles in Emerald Bowl, San Francisco. Pac-10 conference is now 1-2 (win-losses) in postseason with 4 more bowl games to go.

My colleague, Sab is 29 when she wed Naim who is 43 on 25th December 2010. The second wedding reception was held by the lake at Tasek Ampang Hilir. Dress code was white.

3 cab rides in one night: Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya, Jelatek to Tasek Ampang Hilir and Kelana Jaya to Shah Alam. Total cost RM57 - not bad considering I don't have to drive and can relax and enjoying my twitter.

Got (or rather bought) 2 pairs of Crocs sandals with additional 10 buttons (that Crocs' accessories). Total cost RM76. Yupp! They are fake (or reject) Crocs but as comfortable as the originals. Cool!

2696: That's my brother's wedding date, i.e. 2nd June 1996. And he got almost everything in that number, phone numbers, car registration numbers, etc. Currently my brother's mobile phone number is 01X-ABC2696. While wandering around Giant last weekend I saw this 01Y-ABC2696 prepaid number in one telco shop. Called my brother and he asked me to buy it. Cool!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merah putih ho ho ho

Sorrylah if this pic is against the Majlis Ulama's stand on santa's hat. The act of wearing the Santa hat not even misaligned my aqidah and my view on Islam/Christ or what. After all, the Majlis Ulama should be more persistent on declaring smoking as haram as smoking is much more dangerous than wearing santa's hat.

Despite the declaration that smoking is haram, people are still smoking openly, even leaders (politics and religious) are also seen smoking. So, people don't be too jumpy laa when you see people wearing santa hat and right away classify them as 'murtad' or 'lari dari aqidah' or whatever. They might be more 'alim' than you.

Anyway, this pic was taken in December 1997. Yes, it was in December nearing Christmas day but it wasn't cold that I need to put on my winter jacket. It was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the few states where it isn't cold and you don't need winter jacket in December.

Merry whatever, folks... and happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Berbunga bunga

We are nearing the end of 2009. As always, this is the best part of the year, everyone in joyous mood errr... not counting parents who have to think hard about preparing their kids to school, everyone in holiday mood and driving to office seems like driving to botany park.

Boleh dikatakan hati masing-masing berbunga-bunga lah.

Aku dah apply cuti 31st December dan 1st January untuk sambut tahun baru. Hehehe... not really lah. 31st December tu aku akan memantau persiapan sambutan tahun baru di KLCC, wearing tie, carrying document bag containing certs, CV, bla bla bla. Pendek kata, aku gi interview kat errr... the Emerald lah. And on 2nd January, I could watch Oregon playing in Rose Bowl via Star Sports, starting at 6am.

So, roses checked, emerald checked, diamond err... we'll see.

Dan hati aku berbunga-bunga, seberbunganya tulip-tulip di keliling aku...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The G-force

MakanG ikanG denganG kawanG kawanG <-- sure korang pernah dengar orang sebut macanG ni kat Terengganu. Kalau tak pun, to make fun of the Ganu slang. Some people said, orang Ganu stole all the Gs from Perakian. And that is why Perakian pronounced kucing as kucen, Taiping as Tepen, etc. Heh...

And because of too much Gs in Ganu, that's why the G force there is stronger than in other states.

Before in June this year, we've seen the roof of Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Gong Badak collapsed just shortly over a year after it was officially opened.

And yesterday, another roof of a express bus and taxi terminal has collapsed in Terengganu, just six months after the roof of the state’s main stadium gave way.

Worse still, the building is yet to open to public. This is not even the case of "sudah siap, pahat masih berbunyi". This is like "belum siap, pahat tak sempat berbunyi." Ekekekeke.

News also said that defects have also been found in Batu Burok Aquatic Complex and Sultan Mahmud Airport terminal. Probably, orang Ganu needs to reduce their G consumption - to avoid another occurence. Macam orang diabetes, kena kurangkan pengambilan gula. And I hope Kementerian Pelajaran could thoroughly investigate this incident just like they did for the suspension bridge incident in Perak. Heh!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Akhirnya kini pasti!

Cerita pasal final bolasepak SEA Games sikit lagi. Waktu game semi final hari tu, aku sempat tengok game Vietnam-Singapore ikut channel 5, Singapore. Dan kalau ikutkan prestasi permainan waktu semi final, aku rasa memang agak sukar Malaysia nak kalahkan Vietnam dalam perlawanan akhir. Tambahan pulak, kita kalah dengan Vietnam 3-1 dalam saingan peringkat kumpulan.

Tapi disebabkan kita berjaya kalahkan Thailand sedangkan Vietnam hanya seri di perlawanan peringkat kumpulan, adalah sedikit terpalit keyakinan yang Malaysia akan menang perlawanan akhir. Dan the hype sebelum perlawanan akhir, di pejabat, di kedai makan, di televisyen, di radio, di tag board, di blog, semuanya tu membuatkan perasaan berkobar-kobar untuk perlawanan akhir dan hati aku macam berkata yang sebelah kaki Malaysia dah menang emas.

Sampaikan petang tu, aku sepatutnya tumpang colleague aku balik ke KL. Aku cakap kat dia, kau nak balik terus lepas kerja, balik lah. Aku boleh balik KL naik bas. Kalau dia nak aku temankan dia jugak, hanya boleh gerak seawal-awalnya jam 8 malam (tu tak kira masa tambahan dan penalti... heheheh). Siap aku cucuk dia, aku cakap, "Lagi 20 tahun baru kau dapat tengok Malaysia menang pingat emas sekali lagi tau." Heheheh... anyway, dia ikut jugak cakap aku dengan housemate aku, balik lepas game bola.

Perlawanan akhir malam tu agak hambar di separuh masa pertama. Rasa macam tak berbaloi for all the hype je. Dan ada jugak lah sedikit hati aku berbisik, Malaysia ni kena tunggu 2 tahun lagi lah nampak gayanya dan Shebby Singh akan terus berbangga sebagai pemenang terakhir pingat emas bolasepak Sukan SEA untuk Malaysia. Namun, selepas Mohd Zaquan Adha dimasukkan, aku nampak barisan serangan ada sedikit berbahaya dan berbisa, dengan asakan demi asakan termasuk goal-line clearance oleh pasukan Vietnam.

Dan walaupun gol kemenangan malam tu hanyalah menerusi gol sendiri pemain Vietnam, tiada siapa dapat pertikaikan yang gol itu berpunca daripada asakan demi asakan jentera serangan Malaysia. Begitu jugalah berakhirnya penantian 20 tahun pingat emas bolasepak Sukan SEA untuk Malaysia.

Dan malam tu jugalah aku punya lah bangga menyanyikan lagu Negaraku, dan pertama kali juga lah aku berdiri tegak menyanyikan lagu Negaraku kat kedai makan. Boleh? Hehehehe... bukan selalu pun, sekali dalam 20 tahun. Oppsss.

Dengan ini juga aku berharap, Malaysia akan terus mendominasi ataupun paling kurang pun dapat bersaing rebut pingat bolasepak Sukan SEA yang akan datang. Dan janganlah sejarah Sukan SEA Manila 1991 berulang bila kita sebagai juara bertahan, tersingkir di peringkat kumpulan selepas tewas dengan Indonesia dan diaibkan pasukan Filipina.

Dan tahniah juga sebab aku tak payah lagi dengar Shebby Singh brag pasal dia menang pingat emas SEA Games tu. Kalau dia brag jugak, aku cantas kondek dia. Ehh... dia memang tak pakai kondek pun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

20-yr drought - gone or on and on

Many of us Malaysian know that the last time we won the SEA Games Football gold medal was in 1989 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games, a waaayyyy 20 years back. I was 13 and could not remember much about the game but I'm very sure I was watching the game on tv. And I kind of hate it when Shebby Singh keep on bragging that he was part of the team that last won the gold medal for Malaysia.

Yes, that Shebby Singh is one of our heroes in 1989 besides Ahmad Yusoff, Azizol Abu Hanifah, Lim Teong Kim, Razip Ismail, Mubin Mokhtar, Yap Kam Choon, See Kim Seng, Mat Zan Mat Aris, Rashid Hassan, Radhi Mat Din, Dollah Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Subadron Aziz and few more whom I can't remember watching them playing. Most of them are now coaches of different teams in M-League.

Thanks to TEAM MALAYSIA @ SEA Games Vientianne 2009, here are the Malaysian heroes of 1989. Well, they still are!

Sports fans will agree with me that if you win a gold medal in football, it is as good as you're the overall champion of the games, eventhough that is the only gold medal you win.

So, we'll see whether the 20-year gold medal drought will be over or it'll extend to 22 years and counting?

Go! Malaysia! Fight! Fight! Fight! Kalah atau menang? itu belakang kira like Hasbullah Awang once said, "Walaupun Malaysia kalah tetapi di mata saya, Malaysia tetap menang..."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

XXVth SEA Games - Setting the history

Everytime the biennial SEA Games takes place, I just can't stop my memory to drift back to the XXIst SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur in 2001. I was part of the Games back then while working with Proton - one of the Official Partners for the Games besides Petronas, TM and TNB. I still remember having to go to places like Penang and JB to recce games venues, to see best angles/spots to place our promotion/sponsorship items like A-boards, banners, buntings and other facilities like VIP suites/corporate box, VIP parking, hotels, etc.

The best of all is getting the chance to watch the opening ceremony from the corporate box in Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil. Awesome view and luxurious foods! Not to forget all-access accreditation that I hold, allows me to simply walk into any venues. Nice!

And I could not forget, watching the Men Football Gold Medal match between Malaysia and Thailand in Stadium Shah Alam. We lost the match but it is nice to see talents like Hairuddin Omar to come out at this level. Then, the Men Badminton Team Gold Medal match between Malaysia and Indonesia in Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. We had not won the team gold medal for a while and I lost my voice that night, cheering for Malaysia which eventually won the Gold. As the mighty Indonesian fell, it was also the night when the World Trade Center in New York fell down to earth.

This XXVth edition of SEA Games in Vientianne, Lao PDR has many of its firsts. It is the first time Lao PDR hosts the SEA Games. And at the very least, Malaysian athletes continue to rewrite our sports history.

So far,
Daniel Bego has become the first male swimmer for Malaysia to win five gold medals in a single SEA Games. For women, I hope you still remember Nurul Huda Abdullah who won some 7 or 8 golds in a Games. Bego strikes gold in 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, and 100m and 200m butterfly.

The women shuttlers won team gold medal after 34 years at the SEA Games - it was at the 1977 SEAP Games in Bangkok. None of the winning shuttlers were born yet in 1977.

And last but not least, the men soccer team ended Thai's reign of 36 years as SEA Games champion by knocking them off in the group stage. The semi final win last night against the host, marks the first time after eight years Malaysia qualify for the Gold medal match. Another win against Vietnam in the final will create another
history, winning the gold medal after the last time in 1989 in KL by beating the mighty Thailand 1-0.

I seriously think it will be a tough battle against Vietnam but until then, let's enjoy the semi-final win! Malaysia Boleh!!!

...and oh ya! It is also the first time in sooooo many years that Malaysian are not able to watch the Games, live or delayed telecast (oh well! except the semi final match last night), due to Malaysia's objection to the broadcasting rights fee imposed by the host nation. Luckily for me, I can still get a taste of the Games through Singapore's Channel 5.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My inputs are not free, Mr. PM!

In newspapers today, your beloved Mr. Please Me invites people to attend open day on the government KPI plan, or the NKRAs. He said, "The National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) is not going to be an all-government affair. In an unprecedented move, the people have been invited to provide input on ways to achieve the six targets. Read here.

Well, what I understand is that in the past two months or so, there were group or high-level people, with almost equal numbers from private and public sectors, roped in (or employed) by the government to sit down and think, think and think in what they call as 'lab' sessions to come out with the initiatives and achievables for each of the 6 NKRAs.

And trust me they are not paid cheaply, ok?! Some of them are my office neighbors in IRDA, who are ex-Shell employees and their positions in IRDA are no less than a Senior Vice President post. And that post simply earns no less than RM20K a month. And do you know that IRDA is one of the highest, if not the highest, paying (salary) government agencies in Malaysia, besides the likes of IRB, etc.

Now, the Mr. Please Me invites the public to give their inputs for the NKRAs. And how much are you going to pay us? And by how much in percentage that the government will take in what the public says? Be clear, Mr Please Me don't waste our time. Be clear for example like in any reality show contest, whereby they have a voting rules - 20% is from the jury and 80% from the public.

Would Mr Please me listen if an unemployed, old pakcik living alone in a near-roboh house in pedalaman Kedah gives his input to upgrade all the near-roboh houses in Malaysia, as an initiative under "Raising the Living Standards of the Poor" KRA, would Mr. Please Me adopt it? What if I tell the government to scrutinize and investigate Mr. Toyo's mansion and limit all goverment officers to only own a maximum of RM1 million of cummulative property (price at the time of buying) as an initiative under "Fighting Corruption" KRA? Would it get accepted?

I've already wasted my time here. Don't waste more of our time lah, Mr. Please Me. Those buggers have been paid very high to structure the KRAs so go abuse them.

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 and is it still counting?

Everyone has heard about that freak accident when Tiger Woods ramped into the fire hydrant and a tree in Florida? And that Elin, his wife, was using an iron to get him out of the car. Apparently the iron was used by Elin to chase (or beat Tiger) for his scandal with, I thought, one woman.

And at the time news of his scandal broke out, I thought, well it's fine for a rich and famous guy like Tiger Woods to have a scandal, with ONE woman. Which guy can resist temptations when girls around the globe were crazing and craving for him, screaming his name when they see him. And you know when he's all lonely in hotel room when he play in a tournament while his wife is back in Florida taking care of the two kids. Sounds acceptable, huh?

So, for me it's ok.. errr... maybe that's not ok but it sounds reasonable that he, Tiger Woods, have extramarital affair with ONE woman. Soon after the revalation, one after another came out to the public declaring they had affair with Tiger. Now, this is not OK, seriously! and not reasonable.

But it's also fools to us that we have been thinking all this while that he's such a good person, a great family guy, you know, a loving husband and great father to two kids, bla bla bla. Even after Elin gave birth to Charlie just after giving birth to Sam a year plus before, I thought wow! he's the man! and that Elin will give birth to more and more cubs!

Instead, those been linked up to Tiger has made me, and others too, rolled our eyes. Lingerie model Jamie Jungers said she had "crazy" sex with Tiger - in his marital bed. Wow! She also said Tiger loved having dirty phone chats. Porn star Joslyn James claimed Tiger liked "freaky" acts in bed.

And so far, 10 women have claimed to have been bedded by Tiger. Are there more coming? We don't know but if there are, I can expect they are the porn stars, lingerie models and likes.

Two lessons here: one for a guy and one for a girl.
1. If you are a guy who has scandals with another woman, make sure that woman's telephone voicemail would not mention her name, just mention the number. Example, don't say, "Hi, this is Rosmah. I'm not at home so please leave a message" instead, just say, "Hi, you've reached 03-8888 8000. Please leave a message." Otherwise, when your wife finds out, you have to leave a message like this, like Tiger does...

"Hey, it's, uh, it's Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor. Um, can you please, uh, take your name off your phone. My wife went through my phone. And, uh, may be calling you. If you can, please take your name off that and, um, and what do you call it just have it as a number on the voicemail, just have it as your telephone number. That's it, OK. You gotta do this for me. Huge. Quickly. All right. Bye."

2. If you're a girl and you think your husband has an affair with another woman, take Jesper Parnevik's advice, "We probably thought he was a better guy than he is. I would probably need to apologize to her and hope she uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say NO to TNB may increase rates

New electricity tariffs may be introduced from January 2010 if it is approved by the Cabinet.

No way! Sorry Elf! If the Cabinet approves it, I will heighten my hate towards the Government and if they dissapprove it, I will still hate them but moderately. TNB is claiming higher production cost, among all. Oh well, give whatever reasons you have, I still don't buy it.

Just two months ago, TNB announced that they are expecting better profit for financial year ending Aug 31 2009 as the company is projecting higher electricity sales while keeping margins stable. This is basic economy, if you keep the price stable, you still make bigger profits with bigger sales. Got it Che Khalib?

TNB also announced that for financial year 2009, TNB posted a net profit before the forex translation loss of RM2.1bil compared with RM2.54bil in FY08. The lower profit was attributed to the higher cost of coal paid during the year.

Bottom line is, they are still making a profit of RM2.1 billion!! Though people like you and I, who just use electricity for domestic/household consumption, will not feel much effect from the tariff hike, just imagine those factories, companies which have to fork out thousand and tens of thousands ringgit for their electricity bills. And we know that these companies, are squeezing to the last penny to even register a profit in their financial accounts.

And as you know, logically, when operating costs go up (for the factories or service-based companies), price of goods and services will go up. That is equal to double impact to the consumers like you and I - we have to pay higher electricity bills and also higher price of goods and services.

If Che Khalib wants to pass down all TNB's suffering to the people, while still making billions of profits for TNB, I suggest the Cabinet two things:
1. Do not approve the proposal for new electricity tariff
2. Replace Che Khalib with someone else who will think more for the rakyat

Friday, December 04, 2009

Roses for the Ducks

Redshirt freshman LaMichael James ran for 166 yards and three touchdowns Thursday night to send No. 7 Oregon to the Rose Bowl with a 37-33 victory over No. 13 Oregon State in the Civil War. Oregon (10-2, 8-1) claimed the Pac-10 championship with the victory, ending USC's seven-season hold on the title. The Ducks, who have not been to the Rose Bowl since 1995, will face Ohio State in Pasadena on New Year's Day.

Jeremiah Masoli threw for 201 yards and a touchdown for the Ducks, who capped a stunning turnaround from their 19-8 crash in the season opener against the Broncos.

It will be Oregon's fifth trip to the Rose Bowl. The Ducks have not won the Pac-10 championship since the 2001 season, which they went to the Fiesta Bowl. Last season Oregon State was headed to the Rose Bowl with a victory in the Civil War. But the Ducks came to Reser Stadium and romped to a 65-38 victory. The year before, the Beavers visited Autzen and won 38-31 in the second overtime.

The day I'm wearing Scottie Pippen's #33 jersey

I posted this on my birthday last year,

This year, I'm posting this...

and my wishes for this year's birthday:
1. Diamond
2. Emerald
3. Roses

At the moment of writing, the 3rd wish has been accomplished. The 1st one looks like there is hope although it won't be immediate and the 2nd wish still look bleak, but I'll not give up and will continue praying.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

War for the Roses

Two of the top three scoring offenses in Pac-10 conference will face off this Thursday in what’s being labeled as “The War for the Roses.” #13 Oregon State (8-3) travels to Autzen Stadium boasting the conference’s best passer and second best rusher, while #7 Oregon (9-2) will showcase the league’s best ground game and most dangerous dual threat quarterback. Who has the edge?

Oregon has made four appearances in the Rose Bowl, most recently following the 1994 season. The Ducks would have played in the 2002 game but went to the Fiesta Bowl because of the Rose Bowl’s tie with the national championship game that season. Oregon State has not earned a trip to the New Year’s game in Pasadena since the 1964 season. The winner of this game will take on Big-10 Conference champion, Ohio State in the Rose Bowl on New Year's day.

Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers?

113th Civil War...Who Will Win?

Monday, November 30, 2009

November comes to an end

It has always been cold in November, as cold as the rain.

Biasalah bulan November tak banyak aktiviti-aktiviti yang hot, yang mengancam. Even raya haji weekend lepas pun, tak rasa macam raya bagi aku. Mak-Pak aku beraya di rumah abang aku di Ampang so aku ke sana kejap di pagi raya tu. Lemang pun tak banyak yang aku makan. Tengahari Sabtu hati aku dah memberontak nak balik ke Shah Alam. Nasiblah jalan balik ke JB malam tadi tak jem.

Entahlah raya haji macam dah tak serupa raya. Yet, people are still obliged to balik kampung causing traffic jam on highways. Time tu lah masing-masing sibuk nak jumpa mak-bapak, macam time lain tak boleh jumpa. Rasa macam tak fair pun ada, asyik nak raya je kita ni. Pastu bila dah raya, makan banyak, duit banyak habis, all those things lah.

Sampaikan waktu aku kat masjid time solat raya pagi tu, aku rasa macam sick je dengar takbir raya kat Malaysia yang mendayu-dayu. Tak bersemangat langsung nak menyambut kemenangan. Raya hari tu aku lebihkan tidur je lah daripada buat apa-apa. Heheheh...

Weekend sebelum raya haji tu aku ke Genting jalan-jalan. Best gak, walaupun time kitorang sampai pagi Sabtu tu, rides banyak yang tutup sebab kabus tebal dan hujan renyai-renyai. So, banyak naik rides indoor je. Kitorang lepak kat Awana, petang tu naik semula ke atas, barulah rides dah bukak walaupun masih sejuk dan agak berkabus. Tu yang time Maghrib pun naik rides lagi sambil menjerit-jerit. Aku jerit "Oh my goooooooooodddddddddddd oh my goooooooddddddddd...." Ok apa? Ekekekeke....

My session kat the Emerald company hari tu masih takde followup. Kalau ada, adalah. Kalau takde, takpelah. My current boss pun has some plans for me.

And now, am looking forward for December, the honeymonth! Hehehehe....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

#11 Oregon slips by Arizona in 2OT, controls Rose Bowl destiny

Jeremiah Masoli was 9-of-13 for 77 yards and had three TDs on Oregon's last three drives (last drive of fourth quarter, both OT drives). The Ducks (9-2, 7-1 Pac-10) will earn a Pac-10 title and Rose Bowl berth with a victory over No. 20 Oregon State in a winner-take-all Civil War on Dec. 3 in Eugene.

Masoli's performance Saturday night has the Ducks (9-2) in great position to head to Pasadena. Oregon trailed 24-14 early in the fourth quarter, and that's when Masoli went to work. He ran for a 1-yard score, then engineered a drive that resulted in a field goal. Still, Oregon trailed 31-24. But Masoli was about to have his best moment yet, deftly leading the Ducks on a 15-play, 80-yard drive that ended with a game-tying touchdown pass with six seconds left to make it 31-31.

After Masoli hit Jeff Maehl for a 4-yard score on Oregon's first overtime possession, Foles hit Juron Criner with a 3-yard strike to tie it at 38-38. In the second OT, Oregon forced Arizona to settle for a 41-yard field goal by Alex Zendejas. A touchdown would win it for Oregon, and Masoli quickly produced it. He hit Dickson for 22 yards, and three plays later Masoli bulled over from a yard out.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

About the chit chat session

Sekarang ni, aku dah ok dengan kerja aku. Kerja best, boss best, housemate pun best (errr... Edrina, housemate dulu pun best cuma weekend je tak boleh nak buat aktiviti best-best. heheheh), future aku pun (menurut kata bos aku lah ni) pun nampak macam best. Cuma JB je tak best. Bila dah semua macam best je, aku pun takde lah memulun cari kerja lain. Lagipun keadaan ekonomi sekarang ni, agak payah companies nak hiring new employees. Pastu, nak bagi gaji competitive pun susah gak.

After few unsuccessful attempts/interviews, aku pun malas gak lah nak cari kerja lain. Cuma ada satu je yang aku apply, yang 'Pak Deris Pukat' jadi bos tu, yang baru dilantik. Nama organisasi tu ialah PE*MAN*DU. Bukan aku apply jadi driver, tapi dah nama organisasi tu macam tu. Itu cerita sebelum raya.

Dua minggu lepas, pak aku warded, sesak nafas, irregular heartbeat. Mungkin sebab dia tukar ubat darah tinggi dia tu. Dan sebab agak payah aku nak balik Ipoh time tu, aku pun cakap pada diri aku yang aku kena cari kerja kat Klang Valley jugak. Tapi takdelah aku pulun cari pun, aku lebih kepada menunggu PE*MAN*DU ni dan kalau ada mana-mana yang headhunter aku panggil je.

Then, member aku yang akan di'seconded'kan ke PE*MAN*DU dari Kha*za*nah check application aku. Dia kata, aku punya kena KIV. First round ni diorang baru hire 50 orang, 25 from government dan 50 from private sector. So, punah laa sikit harapan nak kembali ke KL. Tapi, aku tetap letakkan harapan untuk kerja di KL.

Last week, bertalu-talu telefon aku berbunyi. Aku tak jawab sebab tengah meeting. Rupanya panggilan dari syarikat O&G nak panggil aku untuk pre-interview session. Lebih kurang chit chat session dengan Head of Deparment. Alhamdulillah, apa yang aku harapkan macam dah ada bunga-bunganya.

Semalam berangkatlah aku ke KL, jumpa HOD tu. Perjalanan JB-KL-JB je 7 jam setengah. Meeting nya 40 minit je. Hehehehe... adehhh takpelah, macam aku mentioned semalam I am doing this more for my parents than for myself. The session went well. Cara brader tu bercakap, macam nak proceed with the formal interview session je nanti. Hmmm... hopefully lah ye. Tunggu je lah.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is it

This is it.

I have nothing better to ask for. This could be the best thing Allah offers me to work on and hopefully I would be able to taste the greatness later. Probably all the failures before are meant for this one to come.

I am going back to KL for a day trip. Appointment will be at 4pm. I figure, I'm doing this more for my parents than for myself. Wish me luck!

I'll story later after it's all done.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picking up where I left...

Dah lama aku tak update blog rupanya. Ni aku nak cuba 'pick up from where I left.' Not exactly pun. Aku just nak cerita benda-benda yang berlaku recently je sebab takde pun benda-benda menarik berlaku kat aku. Tiba-tiba datang mood nak menaip semula kan? Sebab tu aku tak berani nak quit blogging sebab aku tau suatu hari nanti aku terkinja-kinja nak update something punya.

Time aku menaip ni, aku dalam bas ekspress perjalanan dari Ipoh-JB. Bas delay 115 minit, sepatutnya gerak jam 8.30pm tapi jam 10.25pm baru jalan. Diorang repair bas, tukar belting pe tah tadi. Ni first time aku naik bas direct JB-Ipoh-JB. Selalunya aku akan stop over atau overnight di Shah Alam. It wasn't that bad. Aku agak relax, dapat rehat dan tidur lite-lite dalam bas. Cuma waktu balik ke Ipoh ada few things that ticked me off.

First, passenger depan aku yang tak reti2 bahasa nak recline kerusi dia sampai 75 degree, walhal kerusi tu boleh recline maksimum sampai 60 degree je. Kalau sekali dua try ok lah jugak, ni sampai berbelas-belas kali. Sampai berlanggar-langgar kerusi tu dengan lutut aku. Sampai aku 'F*ck' kan lah amoi tu. Bukannya reti nak cakap sorry ke apa, nasib lah balak dia kat sebelah dia bijak sikit cakap apa tah cong ceng cong ceng kat amoi tu, nasihat le kot. Tak pun diorang maki aku balik. Hiks!

Pastu ada lah pulak sorang passenger berdengkur, berkeruh punyaaaaaaa lah kuat. Ya salaaaammmm dah le dia tidur dari awal sampai akhir perjalanan. Aku pulak yang tak lena tidur jadinya. Dah le sekarang ni aku tak berapa minat nak sumbat telinga aku dengan ear phone. Hmmmm....

Anyway, aku balik naik bas ni pun sebab nak sampai cepat di Ipoh. Nak jenguk-jenguk orang tua aku. Last week pak aku masuk hospital, irregular heartbeat dan ada breathing problem sikit. 4 malam dia kat hospital. That weekend aku just call mak aku tanya keadaan pak aku, aku tak balik pun. Dah abang dan adik aku balik, biarlah. So, weekend lepas ni aku balik lah pulak tengok-tengok kalau mak-pak aku nak pergi mana-mana, beli apa-apa ke, boleh le aku bawak.

Pak aku dah ok le cuma tengah nak regain kekuatan dia dan selera makan. Tapi aku tengok time aku ada hari tu, banyak gak pak aku makan. Heheheh. Pergi nasi kandar vanggeh pun pak aku tolong habiskan nasi mak aku.

Lepas pak aku masuk hospital hari tu, terdetik lah kat hati aku nak cari kerja di KL semula. Ye lah kan, my parents are not getting any younger. Setakat hospitalized tu boleh le adjust-adjust sikit tapi kalau.... err na'uzubillah.

Masalahnya dengan JB ni, takde flight direct ke Ipoh. Yang ada pun Firefly Singapore-Ipoh. Bas pulak takes some 7-8 hours. Itu tak campur delay lagi. Kalau nak drive pun, aku rasa kalau aku tekan nak gila pun still take 5 hours, tu tak campur mengantuk segala lagi kan? Sedangkan JB-SA pun aku boleh berhenti tidur sebab letih.

So, aku back in the mode of looking for job in KL lah ni. Takde serius atau cari gila-gila sampaikan kerja tahpahapa pun aku sebat. Tapi kalau ada kerja yang elok-elok, dengan company yang ok aku akan cuba. That was my wish last week. Dan last Tuesday, ada pulak satu company O&G call aku untuk first round interview, dalam email nya sebut Chit Chat Session with HOD of Business Planning. Hmmm.... Nanti aku cerita part ni, ok?

Monday, November 16, 2009

#14 Oregon Ducks have Arizona State Sun Devils on the run

Oregon put its loss to Stanford safely in the rear-view mirror Saturday, fending off Arizona State, 44-21, before 58,475 in Autzen Stadium. Now 8-2 overall, the No. 14 Ducks are the lone one-loss team in the conference at 6-1, a record they’ll put on the line next week at Arizona.

By the time the Ducks and Sun Devils (4-6, 2-5) kicked off Saturday night, USC had been shellacked by Stanford, likely bringing an end to the Trojans’ seven-year run as Pac-10 champs. Then, California handed Arizona its second conference loss, opening the door for Oregon to enter next week alone atop the standings.

The Sun Devils’ run defense, the best in the Pac-10 and sixth in the nation allowing an average of 87.44 yards rushing going into the game, allowed the Ducks to gain 268 yards on the ground. LaMichael James, the don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him redshirt freshman, had 119 yards and three touchdowns on 11 first-half carries. Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli completed 10 of 20 passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns. He was intercepted once.

Oregon has won five straight over Arizona State, by an average score of 42-19. The Ducks now take their first-place record to Arizona, where some very good Duck teams, and some outstanding recent UO quarterbacks, have struggled.

Go Ducks!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Arizona State (4-5) at #14 Oregon (7-2)

One week after making a statement with a 47-20 victory over then-No. 4 USC, Oregon suffered a stunning 51-42 loss at Stanford last Saturday that reduced its conference lead to one-half game over Arizona. The defeat also cost the Ducks any shot at a berth in the Bowl Championship Series title game, but wins in their final three contests against Arizona State, Arizona and Oregon State will send them to the Rose Bowl.

It was Oregon’s first conference loss, and it dropped the team from a season high ranking at No. 7. But the Ducks (7-2, 5-1) are still in good position to contend for the Pac-10 title, which has been claimed by the Trojans for the past seven seasons. First they’ll have to get by Arizona State, which has the best rush defense in the Pac-10. The Sun Devils are ranked sixth nationwide, allowing just 87.44 yards per game.

Two weeks ago, Oregon ran for 391 yards and had 631 yards of total offense in a 47-20 victory over then-No.4 USC. The Ducks had 570 yards total offense and 236 yards rushing last week in a 51-42 loss at Stanford. Last season, Oregon was able to run for 304 yards in a 54-20 victory in Tempe. Masoli and Blount each ran for two touchdowns in the game.

The Sun Devils have lost three straight games and need to win two of their final three games for bowl eligibility. After Oregon, they visit UCLA before the finale at home against Arizona. Oregon has dominated Arizona State lately, winning the past four meetings by a combined 168-73 score. The Sun Devils haven't won at Oregon since Oct. 2, 2004.

My prediction: Oregon Ducks 45, Arizona St Sun Devils 13

Go Ducks!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Stanford upsets #7 Oregon 51-42

A week after being nearly perfect, Oregon crashed back to earth at Stanford. The Cardinal score on their first five possessions and spoil Oregon’s perfect Pac-10 title run with a 51-42 victory.

The loss by Oregon (7-2, 5-1 Pac-10) just a week after gaining 613 yards in a 47-20 win over USC cost the Ducks any shot at a berth in the BCS national championhip game and took away any margin for error if they want to win the conference outright. Now, Oregon will have to settle for the Rose Bowl, if it wins out the remaining three games.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Stanford Hosts #7 Oregon

"Is there no one else!? Is there NO ONE else!?"

After pummeling the mighty Trojans last weekend, it seems as if the Ducks have finally quieted even the staunchest doubters. Just like the epic warrior Achilles, Jeremiah Masoli was the main man responsible for burning the Trojans' season to the ground. This weekend he must lead his Ducks on the road to try to knock off a Stanford team that is well rested and unbeaten at home this season.

Stanford Cardinal (5-3, 4-2 Pac-10) return to action this Saturday against the 7th-ranked Oregon Ducks (7-1, 5-0 Pac-10) at Stanford Stadium/Foster Field (50,000). Stanford is unbeaten at home this season and have won eight of its last nine home games dating back to the final game of the 2007 season. In a series that dates back to 1900, Stanford leads the all-time series with Oregon, 43-28-1. However, the Ducks have won seven straight and eight out of the last nine games in the series dating back to 1998, including last year’s game in the Eugene, 35-28.

The Oregon Ducks current seven-game winning streak is the second longest by either team in the series since Stanford won 11 games from 1900-29. Stanford’s last win in the series came in 2001, when the Cardinal upset fifth-ranked Oregon, 49-42 in Eugene, handing the Ducks their only loss of the season. The Cardinal had the upper hand in the series from 1964-97, posting a 23-8 record, which included a pair of five-game winning streaks (1967-71; 1973-77).

My prediction: Oregon 42, Stanford 6

Go Ducks!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

#10 Oregon runs past #4 USC 47-20

Quick facts:
1. The Trojans entered the game ranked fifth in the nation in run defense (79.86 yards per game). But Oregon rolled up 392 yards on the ground. The Ducks entered the game averaging 201.7 yards rushing per game.

2. It turned out to be a Fright Night for USC’s defense, which allowed 613 yards. Oregon outgained USC 613 yards to 329. A bonus stat: The Ducks had 30 first downs; USC had 17.

3. Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli completed 19 of 31 passes for 221 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions. He also ran for 164 yards on 13 carries with a touchdown. That's 12.6 per carry.

4. The Oregon defense, in the decisive third quarter, held the Trojans to 67 yards. USC scored only three points in the second half.

5. Oregon's 47 points was the most it has ever scored against USC in 56 meetings. Ducks have scored 34 twice before against the Trojans. It's the most points a Pete Carroll USC team has ever surrendered. Previous worst was 42 in a win over Fresno State in 2005. Last time the Trojans gave up more points? 1996, vs. UCLA (48).

Time to celebrate....

and the roses has definitely blooming in Oregon's turf.

Friday, October 30, 2009

#4 USC goes to #10 Oregon on Halloween

It's a battle for Pac-10 supremacy when USC travels north to Autzen Stadium to take on Oregon.

The fourth-ranked Trojans look to stay in the hunt for an eighth consecutive league title and shore up some defensive breakdowns when they visit the 10th-ranked Ducks and their prolific offense. Riding a six-game winning streak, the Ducks, off to their best conference start since opening the 2000 season with seven straight league wins, stand alone atop the Pac-10.

USC holds a 37-16-2 advantage in the all-time series. These two teams have split the last 12 meetings, but the Trojans have won four of the last five, including a lopsided 44-10 decision last year.

My prediction: Oregon 31, USC 28

Monday, October 26, 2009

No. 12 Ducks toy with Washington in 43-19 victory

That's how describes it.

What a way to dismiss all the pundits' predictions! They expected the Ducks would fall to Huskies, would not get its 6th win in a row. Booo!! Huskies are no where near where the Ducks are - the elite two programs in Pac-10.

Best of all, the entire Oregon team won this game, not just Jeremiah Masoli and not just the offense team. The special team blocked a punt for a touchdown and used a fake field goal to set up another TD. The defense corralled Washington quarterback Jake Locker, forced three turnovers and kept the Huskies out of the end zone until the fourth quarter.

And, of course Masoli. He completed 14 of 22 throws for 157 yards and a touchdown. He also added TD runs of 1 and 3 yards as part of his 54 yards rushing.

LaMichael James, Oregon’s workhorse since LeGarrette Blount’s suspension, rushed for 154 yards and a pair of touchdowns, including a 56-yard TD sprint in the fourth quarter to cap this Oregon party. And some says LaMichael James is the best running back in college football this season. Well, at least the best freshman running back!

Watch highlights from the game.

Next: The showdown - USC Trojans at Oregon Ducks on Halloween night. Go Ducks!

Friday, October 23, 2009

#12 Oregon Ducks vs Washington Huskies

Oregon is back after a bye weekend and will face its north state rivalry in Huskies stadium. Remember, both Oregon and Washington have defeated Rose Bowl hopefuls this season - Washington defeated Southern California 16-13 and Oregon defeated then-no 6 California 42-3.

Ducks are now top of the league table and to play in Rose Bowl, this is a must win before facing up the Trojans on Halloween day. Pundits are expecting Washington upset but Ducks will sure kick Huskies' asses. Go Ducks!

Watch highlights from Oregon's 24-10 win over UCLA two weeks ago.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Low sugar, babe...

Semalam third session aku dengan instructor. The third and the last free session. Instructor aku dah sound dah, it will be the hardest part - weight training. Memang aku tak suka pun angkat weight, dah lamaaaaaaaaaa or memang aku tak pernah buat angkat-angkat besi ni. Tak macam sesetengah kawan aku, siap ada dumb bell kat rumah. Memang dumb! Ekekekeke...

Anyway, aku buat cardio exercise dulu lari kat treadmill dalam setengah jam. Then, aku gi lah berjumpa dengan instructor tu. Dia ambik bar bell tu, dia letak yang 5kg sebelah kanan, 5kg sebelah kiri je. Err... tak pun 2.5kg sebelah kanan, 2.5kg sebelah kiri??! Whatever lah yang aku tau, ringan gak aaa dan besi tu sekeping je sebelah kiri dan sekeping je sebelah kanan.

Then, dia suruh lah buat exercise untuk bahagian kaki, pass first set tapi macam nak tercabut gak aaa lutut dan betis aku. Buat second set lepas tu, dia kira "One" aku pandang muka dia. Dia sebut "Come on..." baru aku angkat bar bell tu. Ekekeke... dan begitu laaa payahnya aku nak habiskan dua set. Samalah jugak waktu buat part untuk bahagian dada.

Then, kena buat untuk arm pulak. Time ni, nak buat yang first set pun aku macam tengoookkk je muka aku kat cermin tu, rasa kesian pun ada. Rasa nak letak je bar bell tu kat lantai, pastu mandi pun ada. Tapi aku buat lah pelan-pelan. Sampai separuh first set tu, instructor aku surup stop, suruh letak ke lantai.

Dia gi ofis dia jap, dia bawakkan gula-gula untuk aku. (Soooo sweeeeeeeetttttt, kan? Macam kalau orang bagi lagu kat kita, haa sweet macam tu laa). Rupanya dia kata, bibir aku dah putih, kelopak dalam mata aku belah bawah pun dah petih. Tandanya kandungan gula dalam badan aku dah rendah sangat. Kalau aku sambung, boleh pengsan wo!

Dia kata waktu aku angkat weight tadi, dia tengok muka aku jadi putih dah. Pastu dia tanya aku, tak makan anything ke before work out? Laaa... aku cakap la last aku makan time lunch, tu pun makan pasembor je. Aku ingatkan tak boleh makan bila nak exercise kan? sebab nanti terbelahak ke apa ke kan? So, dia kata sambung hari ni je lah. Lepas tu baru aaa aku terasa macam nak pitam, macam melayang-layang je turun tangga tu pun. Macam baru lepas lari marathon.

So, makan dulu ye sebelum work out. Ok, bye aku nak makan, nak gi gym ni.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Twitter je laa...

1. Tok penghulu aka bapak ayam (aku tak maksudkan K.J.) pun dah pakai twitter.
2. Aku dah malas nak update blog.
3. Senang je, one liner. It doesn't take someone with A1 in English or BM in SPM to tweet.
4. ..... apa-apa je lah

Ok, kalau aku ada benda nak update, aku update lah. Kalau takde, korang tengok je lah kat twitter feed aku tu my whereabouts and whatabouts.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kembar Kecoh

Selepas berbulan-bulan Si Arfan dan Irfan shooting, dari pagi ke tengah malam, which aku sempat le tengok diorang shoot dalam satu scene, waktu tu dah dekat jam 1 pagi.

Tibalah masa to see them on tv screen.

Jangan ketinggalan, saksikan episod pertama Kembar Kecoh pada 18hb Oktober 2009, jam 9 malam di TV9!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 years younger

Hari ni aku terasa muda.
Dan aku mentekedarah nasi lemak, pagi-pagi lagi.
Dan aku rasa happy.
Seperti mahu menari.

Al-kisah, semalam aku ke fitness club tu register, than jumpa personal trainer. Biasa lah bila kita register, kita dapat free personal consultation dengan trainers. Diorang akan ajar cara nak buat tegangan regangan, cara menggunakan mesin-mesin kat situ, apa senaman-senaman yang patut kita buat berpandukan matlamat kita. Sebelum semua tu, dia akan amik kita punya data on body composition.

Yang bestnya, yang membuatkan aku termotivated gila kan... ekekeke...
Results timbangan aku tu menunjukkan badan aku mempunyai metabolism age of 28. Perghhhh.... it is 5 years younger than my actual age! Ekekekekek...

Tapi bila difikir-fikirkan, at 28 years old dulu, aku langsung takde bersukan pun. Setakat berpeluh sebab berdiri tengah panas waktu jadi ajk dalam Kelab sukan dulu je. Dan aku rasa jumlah aku berexercise setahun lepas, lebih banyak dari total aku exercise dalam 10 tahun sebelum tu. Ha! Mungkin apa yang aku exercise setahun lepas tu cover balik kot metabolism age aku. Kalau lah aku tak exercise setahun lepas, mau metabolism age aku jadi 39 kot?

Yang lain-lain, hmmm.... body fitness aku 19.3%. Trainer aku cakap, 19% below is fit. So, ok lagi laaa takdelah aku tak fit gile kan? Cuma, bone mass aku je rendah. Antara sebab nya, aku tak angkat weight. Hmmm... memang dari dulu pun aku tak suka angkat weight. Waktu training basketball kat sekolah dulu, time kena masuk weight room je, aku ngelat. Aku main trampoline je. Ekekekeke... tapi time berlari je, aku lajuuuuu je.

Anyway, it was a good start. Instructor suruh aku buat 20 minit kat treadmill, 15 minit kat cross trainer dengan 5 minit kat side stepping machine tu. Semua aku lalui dengan kacang je. Dalam hati aku berdetik, "ini je ke yang trainer tu boleh push aku?" tapi tak nak aaa cakap sebab takut pulak ada dua sessions lagi dengan dia, dia kasi aku yang teruk-teruk pulak nanti.

Dan... perghhh.... aku exercise mata dan kening sekali semalam.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Korang nak update?

Alaaaaaaa nothing interesting happened to me laaa lately. Anyway, since korang nak aku update selain daripada football update, ni aku nak cakap sikit...

Korang nak tau tak? Ini rahsia tau! Syyyy....
Last aku masuk gym, buat exercise was 5 Julai 2009. Aduuuhhh lama siot! Waktu tu kan aku tengah busy nak pindah rumah sewa kat JB ni, so aku pun tertakde mood dah nak turun ke gym kat apartment sewa aku tu. Then, came Ramadhan, tak sempat le nak exercise lepas terawih.

Then, 31 Ogos kan aku pindah rumah sewa. Sekarang ni aku menyewa kat taman, kat landed property. So, takde kemudahan gym. Kalau nak exercise, kena lari keliling taman. Tak pro exercise macam tu, aku rasa. Then, came raya. Perghhh.... apa barang exercise time bulan raya kan? Time bulan raya laaa time nak membatak.

Kesudahannya berat aku naik 3-4kg, now 61kg. Perghhhh berat siot!
Dan, hari ni aku start enrol kat fitness club dekat dengan office aku. Ada induction program dengan trainer. Jangan laaa dia suruh aku buat yang susah-susah. Kalau trainer tu macam best, aku ingat nak amik dia for 10 sessions ke tengok laa macam mana.

Biar badan aku jadi macam wide receiver atau cornerback american football ke lantak laaa.... janji tak B.B. ekekekek B.B. tu Bouncing Boobs. Wakakaka...

Ok, kena focus mind nak masuk gym ni. Bye!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

#13 Oregon 24, UCLA 10

All done in 3 minutes and 54 seconds in the second half when Oregon Ducks scored its 21 points after trailing to UCLA Bruins 0-3 by end of first half.

Kenjon Barner returned the second-half kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown, and Talmadge Jackson returned an interception 32 yards for another score just 13 seconds later. After a fumble recovery, Jeff Maehl then took a short screen pass 20 yards through traffic for the Ducks’ third touchdown.

Oregon is now 5-1 overall and 3-0 in Pac-10 conference while UCLA drops to 3-2, losing both conference matches. Go Ducks!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

#16 Oregon 52, Washington State 6

I watched (or read, rather) line-by-line play-by-play trough ESPN Gamecast. I could sense it was an lopsided game in favor of the Oregon Ducks. Even a friend in US who probably watch the game live on tv told me the game sucks! Oh well, even the then-No. 6 California looks so sucks when playing Oregon, what do you expect from Washington State?!

Anyway, I watched the game through the first half, seems like Ducks scored on every posession and the Ducks were leading 45-6 by half time. Then, I couldn't connect to the game anymore. The ESPN Gamecast even stopped feeding game commentaries. Maybe those ESPN staff on the East Coast got so bored and fell asleep.

Final score: #16 Oregon Ducks 52, Washington State Cougars 6

Some pictures taken from The Register Guard...

and video higlights of the Cougs' ass-whipping session :-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pasal football je laa

Aku dah mula bertugas semalam. Aku gerak dari Ipoh pagi-pagi Isnin lagi. Sempat singgah kat Tg Malim breakfast kat Yik Mun. Then, tengahari tu lunch ikan patin di Shah Alam dengan one old time friend. Lepas tu aku balik rumah aku kat Shah Alam, nak tidur kejap sebab ingatkan nak balik JB dalam jam 6pm macam tu. Alih-alih bila dah tidur petang tu punyalah nyaman dengan sejuk-sejuk lepas hujan, aku pun tertakde mood dah nak balik JB.

Pagi-pagi buta Selasa jam 3am aku bangun siap-siap nak balik JB. Tu pun lepas dah macam takde idea nak cakap apa dah kat boss kalau nak extend cuti. Dan boss aku pun dah call hari Isnin hari tu tanya aku masuk kerja hari apa dan aku pun cakap kat dia hari Selasa. So, susah sikit laa nak sambung cuti dan aku tak reti cari MC tipu ni. Sepanjang hayat tak pernah buat. Dan macam nak muntaahhhhhh aku driving SA-JB.

Dengan gelapnya, lori yang banyak, mengantuknya, highway dua lorong nya lepas Ayer Keroh dan loooooooonnnggg journey yang tak sampai-sampai. Serius rasa nak muntah, rasa meluat. Aku main twitter je laa sorang-sorang malam tu update progress journey aku. Dah le malam-malam gitu, takde orang update status facebook/twitter. Aku sampai rumah kat JB jam 8am, housemate aku baru kuar nak gi kerja.

So, bila dah kat JB ni takde laa apa nak diceritakan kan? Cerita pasal Oregon Ducks football je lah...

Last weekend, Ducks menang besar (upset) over then-No. 6 California. Memang aku pun tak expect boleh menang hari tu. Dan weekend lepas disebabkan takde tunjuk game tu kat Astro, aku pun malas laa nak tengok gamecast kat internet. Pagi tu aku bangun, aku check internet, terkejut aku tengok Ducks menang. Perghhhh... Following the week Oregon Ducks masuk balik top 25 at number 16. Dan sampai ke hari ni aku masih baca-baca artikel game Oregon-Cal tu.

Cuma yang tak sedapnya, Senior Cornerback and Kick Returner, Walter Thurmond III will be out for the rest of season lepas dia injured lutut dia waktu returning opening kickoff lawan Cal hari tu.

"Thurmond, who had been included on the preseason watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award as the nation’s top defensive back, hurt the knee on the opening kickoff of Saturday’s 42-3 victory over California. Thurmond tore the anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in the knee. Thurmond intends to undergo surgery early next week and return to health in time to train for the NFL draft next April."

Ni video WT3 returning a punt for a touchdown waktu game dengan then-no. 18 Utah, two weeks ago.

And this would be another loss to the team this season after the season-long suspension of LeGarette Blount. WT3 will be missed. Hopefully, without WT3, Oregon can whip Washington State Cougars' asses this weekend.

Go Ducks!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oregon 42, #6 California 3

Oregon Ducks in its traditional yellow-green-yellow uniform with 'UO' logo on the helmet upset 6th-ranked California Golden Bears 42-3.

Next: Oregon Ducks vs Washington State Cougars.

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya ya ya yaaa....

Mood raya masih membara. So, takde mood sangat nak update blog ni (alasan je, padahal tak raya pun tak update blog, kan? hehehehe). Anyway, raya has always been a perutful occasion. Macam-macam makanan masuk dalam perut ni. Perut pulak, jadi culture shock sebab dah sebulan tak makan siang, tetiba datang 1 Syawal siang-siang lagi makanan dah masuk, macam-macam makanan pulak tu.

So, antara makanan-makanan yang men'culture shock'kan perut aku - lemang, nasi impit, rendang ayam daging, rendang ayam pencen, gulai kari daging, nasi briyani, laksa (laksa ni tak terkira laa beround-round aku makan), nasi goreng (ni nasi lebih malam raya yang tak makan, so digoreng di pagi raya kedua), mi hailam, roti canai, nasi minyak, aduuuhhhhhh macam-macam deh...

Dan tahun ni, aku tak ke Grik sebab sibuk nak siapkan adik aku nak bertunang dengan orang Penang. So, setelah berhempas pulas dan memulas-mulas perut di sepanjang raya pertama dan kedua, ke utara lah kitorang 7 bijik kereta untuk urusan memasang papan tanda projek mendirikan masjid, sebelum masjid menanam batu asas masjid diadakan. Hehehehe... ni gambar hantaran yang aku buat...

Aku susun cokelat-cokelat tu je sebenarnya. Hehehehe....

Alaaaa... dalam takde mood pun, terpanjang gak update aku. Hmmm... ok lah aku nak back to raya. So, tengok lah gambar sesikit dan seadanya ni....

Ni gambar di petang raya, kat rumah kawan keluarga kitorang. Cantik je pemandangannya macam kat kampung, tapi sebenarnya kat Ipoh. Err... Ipoh tu kira kampung laa kan? Hahahaha....

Yang ni beraya dekat rumah kawan keluarga kitorang jugak.

Arc sure tau belakang tu rumah apa? Itu lah rumah kuarters KTMB. Dulu keluarga aku duduk kat rumah papan tangga batu macam tu laa sebelum bapak aku pencen. Tapi bukan kat rumah yang dalam gambar ni, rumah yang sama tapi di area lain.

Yang ni pulak lepas makan laksa kuale kat Lembah, Kuala Kangsar. Lepas kenyang perut, kitorang naik Sungai Perak river cruise laaa pulak. Ala-ala beraya di Venice, ataupun Chicago River je, kan? Hahahaha...

Kuale jem gila beb time raya, kalahkan Shah Alam laaa jem nya. Ni gambar jambatan Sayong - Jambatan Sultan Abdul Jalil.

Ok lah tu je. Aku nak back to raya mood...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oregon 31, #18 Utah 24

Dalam keadaan badan yang masih penat lepas mengemas rumah dan membuat persiapan hari raya, dan dalam keheningan malam bila seisi rumah masih asyik berkeruh/berdengkur, aku masih menggagahkan diri untuk bangun bersahur jam 3.30 pagi walaupun anak bulan Syawal telah diumumkan nampak kelihatan pada malam sebelumnya. Ekekekeke bukan bangun bersahur laa tapi bangun nak tengok live telecast Oregon Ducks lawan Utah Utes kat ESPN.

Terkamjat jugak laa abang aku bila dia terjaga tengah-tengah pagi tengok aku tengah tengok live game Oregon. Abang aku tanya, "hebat sangat ke University of Oregon ni siap ada live telecast ni?" Mana taknya, sedangkan pasukan Selangor main bola Liga Super pun belum tentu ada live telecast kan? Manchester United tu lain laa, tu kan kelab terkayo. Ini, pasukan universiti je. Aku cuma mampu tersenyum, sambil berbangga menjadi alum University of Oregon.

Dan siap tamat perlawanan pagi semalam, ngam ngam waktu untuk bersiap-siap untuk solat raya. Aku melangkahkan kakiku ke surau untuk solat raya dengan rasa girang sambil membuat suara-suara itik di sepanjang perjalanan itu. Go Ducks! Tengok je laa video ni.

Update pasal raya? Hmm.... nantilah aku tengah mood raya sakan ni sampai takde mood nak update pasal raya ni. Hehehehe...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baru mari

Sesebelum ni, bukan aku tak usha baju-baju raya. Daripada yang dekat shopping complexes sampai ke di festive mall yang jual high-grade fake t-shirts macam all the Polos, Hackett laa apa semua tu, aku dah pergi. Tapi takde terasa pun nak menyopping. Dan hajat aku di bulan Rejab dulu nak tempah dua-tiga pasang baju melayu pun tinggal hajat je. Cukup le sepasang yang aku tempah dua bulan lepas. Itu je lah baju raya aku yang baru untuk tahun ni. Cuma tahun ni, aku galak lebih sikit beli kuih raya.

Tapi, bila dah 24 hari puasa, baru mood shopping aku mari. Mungkin sebab aku dah takde fikirkan pasal kerja lagi, pasal nak masak/tolong masak/makan apa untuk berbuka dan sahur, fikir kad raya tak sampai-sampai lagi, fikirkan duit raya tak ditukar lagi, semua tu laa. Itu yang bila kepala dah tenang, dah fokus kat raya, baru pintu hati untuk bershopping terbuka kot?

So, semalam daripada plan berbuka puasa kat Burger King, oleh kerana awal lagi waktu tu, aku decided untuk melajakkan diri ke Danga City Mall, nak tengok apa-apa yang patut kat Metrojaya. Time dah amik apa-apa yang berkenan, dah nak masuk waktu berbuka laa pulak. So, berbuka laa dulu dan continue shopping lepas tu. Haaa... main ambik je mana yang rasa berkenan. Yang overnya, semua yang display, yang mannequin pakai, yang tu laa nampak cantik kat mata aku.

Dan-dan tu jugak tanya promoters suruh cari saiz untuk aku, baju yang sama macam yang display tu. Biasanya baju yang mannequin tu pakai, mana ada diskaun. Kalau ada pun, dalam sesepuluh dua puluh persen je. Tapi, yang tu laa yang aku rasa elok je kalau pakai kat badan aku, kan? Dan, dalam tak pernah aku try baju banyak-banyak kat fitting room, haa amik ada laaa dekat 12 helai baju/seluar aku tried malam tadi. Kesudahannya, aku sental (sental??) sehelai seluar, 3 helai kemeja lengan pendek, sehelai t-shirt dan dua helai boxers.

Bila keluar dari MJ tu, dengan hati girannnggg ho ho ho balik kampungggggggg....... nampak pulak laaa shoe fair. Terfikir gak, yang aku punya 'kasut main sarung je' dah buruk sangat. Dan malas laa time raya nak pakai converse bertali aku, kan? Nak kena buka tali, ikat tali, buka tali, ikat tali. So, aku pun cekau sepasang 'kasut main sarung je' tapi takde saiz aku. Terus zassssss aku ke MJ Pelangi pulak. Perghhh ada size aku. Dan cukuplah shopping untuk raya tahun ni. Bak kata status facebook aku, "bila mood shopping sudah mari, spender pun nak kena beli baru."

Dan... errr.... walaupun aku tershopping jugak, polisi ekonomi aidilfitri 1430H aku tetap dikekalkan, iaitu pemberian duit raya akan dikurangkan antara 25 hingga 50% daripada tahun lepas, bergantung kepada tahap kesetanan penerima sepanjang setahun lepas, dan duit raya hanya akan dikeluarkan dalam minggu pertama raya sahaja.

Mood raya: 100%. Takde mood nak berpuasa buat apa-apa lagi dah, nak raya je.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oregon 38, Purdue 36

First win of season for the Ducks!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dua kepala lumbu

First of all, #16 Oregon Ducks lost its first game to #14 Boise State Broncos on that ugly blue turf, the only blue turf in the country for american football. Then, came to idiot, kepala lumbu Boise State player provoking one of the Oregon's star player which led to him being punched on his jaw. Watch the video below...

The aftermath...
The University of Oregon has suspended LeGarette Blount for the rest of season. I don't know what will happen to the team since he is one of the star players and a school record holder for number of touchdowns in a single season? And I don't know what will happen to the senior running back with his once-bright future in NFL since he will not be able to play anymore in his final year?

And for the idiot kepala lumbu Boise State player, the idiot university has decided not to suspend him. Just give him some counseling, instead. Idiot! Kepala lumbu!

Another kepala lumbu, happening in this country...

Orang kata, ni semua orang UMNO ni...
Mana taknya, orang UMNO Selangor je yang menyampah dengan MB dan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. Haa... elok laa tu. 1Malaysia = 1KepalaLembu.

Dengar ceritanya, orang-orang UMNO dilarang berkorban atau menyembelih lembu waktu hari raya haji nanti sebab nak respek 1Malaysia takut orang agama Hindu marah orang Islam sembelih lembu.

Friday, September 04, 2009

#16 Oregon at #14 Boise State

The NCAA football season is here.

The Oregon Ducks will be battling Boise State Broncos on the blue turf. As well as to revenge last year's defeat, the Ducks will try to end Broncos' 49-regular games winning streak.

Go Ducks!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Raya sakan!

Ok, aku punya cuti raya dah approved!
Mula-mula aku plan nak ambik 8 hari, dari 17hb sampai 30hb September. Kalau macam tu, campur cuti raya, sabtu ahad, dapatlah 14 hari away dari office. Hehehe... sekali aku kira balik cuti aku setakat end of August, kalau aku ambik cuti 8 hari, balance cuti aku tinggal 0.2 hari je. Entitlement cuti September sampai Disember adalah dalam 7 hari je lagi. Adehhh...

So, aku cancel ambik 8 hari, aku ambik 6 hari je, 17hb sampai 28hb. Dan aku sure 29hb dengan 30hb tu kalau masuk office pun semuanya mood raya, semua saling rasa merasa kuih raya, bercerita pung pang pung pang pasal raya, masing-masing tanya balik mana raya, yang perempuan masing-masing tayang baju raya, pastu time lunch sibuk-sibuk ajak keluar makan. Almaklum, sebulan tak makan siang.

Tapi yang harunya, aku kena buat budget consolidation untuk 2010. Department lain punya submission kepada aku ialah waktu hari-hari terakhir sebelum cuti raya tu. Consolidation untuk first draft kena siap sebelum hujung bulan September. Damn it! Time raya-raya mana boleh fikir pasal bajet, hilang laa mood raya, kan? Takpe, aku nak bagi alasan rumah mak aku takde internet line je. Ekekeke...

Dan kalau lah (ni kalau je ye...) orang-orang office dok kacau aku time-time raya tanya pasal nak submit bajet ke apa ke dan aku ter-in mood bajet time raya nanti, siap lah anak-anak buah aku ke sepupu-sepupu aku tu. Time diorang mintak duit raya je, aku akan sebut "bajet! bajet!" pastu aku mintak diorang punya detail expenses plan, year-to-date actual expenditure semua tu, pastu aku akan slash kan 50% daripada request diorang. Ha ha ha ha ha haaa....

Tahap mood raya: 59%

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pharmacist 7

Aku beritahu Emma, "Appointment card tu takde pada saya lah..."

Emma jawab, "Kalau macam tu, takpe. Nanti lagi tiga minggu call Emma buat appointment ye?"

Hmmm... tak sempat tanya pasal pharmacist. Agaknya Emma tak nak jadi agent free of charge, nak kena upah jugak ke Emma ni? Ataupun harus aku tunggu lagi tiga minggu?

Ataupun Emma mahu jadikan aku sasarannya? Emma dah tak panggil aku, "Encik Azrul" lagi. Hmmm....


Cukuplah kisah ini berhenti di sini. Bukankah 7 itu nombor yang cantik? Harapnya, kisah ini berhenti buat sementara waktu sahaja.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pharmacist 6

Aku dah check, appointment card memang takde dengan aku. Emma tak pulangkan hari tu. Adalah alasan untuk aku call Emma semula, untuk aku follow up.

Emma jawab call aku, "Ye abang Azrul, Emma busy ni."

Amboi, sejak bila Emma berabang dengan aku nih?

Aku cakap pada Emma, "Sekejap, saya nak cakap sikit je..."

Pharmacist 5

"Emma bukan kat Blok C, Emma kat Blok B."

Laaa... aku yang salah fakta rupanya. Aku jawab, "Haa.. betul lah farmasi blok B sebenarnya. Sama floor dengan Emma."

Emma jawab, "Nanti Emma tengok-tengokkan." Dan hatiku mula berbunga-bunga. Emma sambung, "Encik Azrul check balik appointment card tu, bila kena jumpa doktor."

Alaaa Emma ni potong stim laaa...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pharmacist 4

Emma tanya aku, "Kenapa? You kenal ke?" Aku jawab, "Itu lah... rasanya pernah jumpa tapi tak sure kat mana?" Emma sambung, "You kenal ke nak berkenalan?" Amboi, pandai pulak Emma ni melambat-lambatkan permainan.

Tapi apa lagi, Emma nih? "Emma jarang turun ke farmasi Blok C tu?"

Aku jawab, "Laa... kan Emma satu floor je dengan farmasi tu?" Dalam hati aku berbisik, Emma ni banyak helah orangnya.

Pharmacist 3

Emma jawab, "Ramai pharmacist kat Blok C tu." Pudar harapan aku.

Emma sambung, "Melayu ke Filipino? Sebab sekarang ramai pharmacist dari Filipino? Dia cakap Melayu ke Inggeris?" Terbit semula harapan aku.

Aku jawab, "Hmmm... dengan saya dia cakap Inggeris, tapi dengan patient sebelum saya dia cakap Melayu. Tapi tak tau laa kalau dia Filipino boleh cakap Melayu."

Harapan aku mula berputik-putik, Emma menghampiri sasaran.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pharmacist 2

Emma called aku semula. Rupanya tadi aku bukan bercakap dengan Emma. Terbit semula harapan. Aku tanya Emma pasal appointment dengan doktor, sebagai pembukaan.

Dan selesai urusan rasmi, aku kata pada Emma, "I nak tanya sikit ni... you kenal tak pharmacist kat Block C putih-putih, actually muka pink-pink? Semalam dia pakai skirt beige."

Emma jawab...

Pharmacist 1

Lokasi: Farmasi Blok C Pantai Medical Center.
Pharmacist: Once a day, every night before you go to bed.
Aku: Lidah kelu tak terkata. Dalam hati, "Can I go to bed with you."

Hari ni aku gelabah. Telefon Emma (nurse Dr. Tan), dia kata "Pharmacist ada ramai" endah tak endah dengan soalan aku. Damn it! Aku lupa tanya nama pharmacist tu... dan hatiku luluh.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuned in

Hari ni aku first day masuk office di bulan Ramadhan. Penat traveling semalam tak habis lagi ni. Dari jam 8am aku dah ke stesen keretapi Ipoh naik shuttle Ipoh-KL, jam 9am. Sampai KL Sentral jam 12pm, aku naik LRT pulak ke Menara TM, aku park kereta aku kat situ. Then, aku ke Pantai Medical Center amik ubat yang doktor prescribed kat aku.

Daaannnnn.... di situlah hati aku jatuuuuhhhhhh... ekekekekek... ada sesiapa kenal tak pharmacist kat Block C tu? Aduuuuhhhhhh.... ini lah agaknya rahmat Ramadhan, lawaaaaanyaaaaaa lah awek tu, sampai terkedu-kedu aku nak cakap apa-apa. Waktu kat kaunter amik ubat tu, aku nak angkat kepala aku tengok muka dia pun aku segan. Aku hanya mampu angkat kepala aku ke paras dada dia je. Oppssss puasa laaa. Ekekekeke....

Then, aku ke Midvalley jap gi kedai Evelyn & Crabtree tu, nak cari body lotion ni. Waktu aku tinggal kat Hilton Abu Dhabi dulu tu, aku rembat banyak body lotion brand ni. Dan serasi pulak dengan kulit badan/muka aku. Since, lotion yang aku rembat semua tu dah nak habis, aku kena beli lah kan. Bila nak bayar tu, nalaaaa punya harga RM130 sebekas. Bayar juga lah demi kecantikanku ini. Ekekekeke....

Lepas tu baru balik Shah Alam, dalam jam 2pm sampai rumah. Aku berehat jap, berladang sikit. Dan jawab panggilan/email dari office, sampai terganggu tidur aku. Sialan! Jam 6pm siap-siap packing, 6.30pm aku gerak balik JB. Aku tak berhenti pun time berbuka, aku makan kacang putih sepeket yang mak aku bekalkan dengan minum susu cokelat je. Sampai JB around 10.30pm, gi rumah member aku hantar dan pasang sikit-sikit barang yang aku beli kat Ikea hari tu. Then, singgah McD beli bubur ayam untuk bersahur, sampai rumah jam 12.30am. Korang dengar macam mana aku travel pun penat, kan?

Tuned in tu - pasal weekend ni aku nak pindah, duduk dengan member secompany kat Mutiara Rini. Jarak tempat ni dari ofis aku tak lah sejauh tempat aku tinggal sekarang. Tapi time datang dan balik kerja dia mengikut arus. So, perjalanan yang 15 minit boleh jadi 50 minit. Since aku dah beli apa-apa barang yang patut untuk pindah ni, dan aku dah mapped dalam kepala aku, macam mana proses pindah, nak angkat macam mana, apa yang nak angkat dulu, pastu dah angkat, nak letak kat mana semua tu, barulah ada semangat dah tertuned in dah kat kepala untuk pindah.

Tu je lah ceritanya...

Sempena bulan puasa ni, kalau korang tak tau nak beli kuih apa petang ni (beli je lah kan, nak buat jangan harap laa...), lihatlah gambar kuih buah melaka buatan tangan mak aku ni. Aku tukang rebus dan golek-golek kat kelapa je. Heh...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Side dish

Hari ni hari ketiga berbuka puasa. Apa lagi yang best nak diceritakan time puasa ni kalau bukan cerita pasal makanan kan? Bersahur pagi tadi makan apa, berbuka ni nak makan apa? Ekekekek....

Aku nak cerita pasal first day puasa. Aduuuhhh rasa nak pengsan, kepala berdenyut-denyut. Aku ter tak bangun sahur. Bukan tak bangun, jam dah bunyi dah jam 4.30am. Cadangnya aku nak keluar laa gi makan, gi Burger King ke mamak ke, then terus Subuh di masjid Shah Alam. Tapi punya laa mengantuk, aku tak larat bangun. Nak bangun ke dapur minum air pun aku tak larat. Pastu knowing the fact that aku kena bangun awal sebab train aku ke Ipoh at 9am. Aku sambung tidur balik.

Dan bermulalah perut aku berangin je seawal 7.30am. Mana taknya, last aku makan was before solat Jumaat. Malam tu pun lepas terawikh aku minum susu cokelat segelas je. Itu yang dalam train aku tidor je tu, terjaga pun sebab train berhenti dan aku tengok dah sampai mana dah. Then sambung tidor sampai laa ke Ipoh. Tapi ok laa first day puasa tu walaupun jenuh menahan lapar nya, dahaga tak sangat. Hehehehe...

Semalam ok je laa puasa. Dah macam biasa, aku ke Kampar dengan mak dan adik aku menziarah mak dan kaka angkat aku. Pastu ke Tesco Kampar jap, aku nak cari bayam dan cendawan, aku nak goreng tepung untuk berbuka puasa semalam. Bayam goreng ni aku first makan dalam sebulan lepas dekat gerai-gerai yang jual makanan petang-petang kat luar Uniten Bangi. Memang aku tak pernah makan ataupun jumpa bayam goreng sebelum ni. So, petang semalam, projek aku lah tu goreng bayam. Ini rupanya....

Dan bayam goreng aku ni dapat thumbs up dari anak-anak buah aku. Siap diorang cakap, "lagi sedap dari kedai tepi longkang tu (kedai kat Uniten tu laa)" ekekekeke... pandai depa ni, nak duit raya lebih kot?

Banyak side dishes kalau berbuka puasa kat rumah mak-pak aku ni. Kalau aku sendiri berbuka, aku makan nasi je. Kuih pun aku beli agar-agar RM1 tu je. Tak kuasa nak beli benda-benda lain. Dan aku tak paham ada sesetengah orang tu, tiap-tiap hari berbuka nak kena beli murtabak. Hari tak puasa takde pulak makan murtabak. Dan oleh sebab itu, pasar ramadhan ni pada tanggapan aku is a waste of time and money. Ekekekek...

Anyway, selain bayam goreng, semalam ada mushroom goreng, ada karipap (ini projek aku gak, tapi aku goreng je laaa)

dan juga puding laici (kakak ipar aku punya projek) serta tembikai sebagai pencuci mulut...

Ok lah lagi 6 jam setengah nak berbuka ni. Kena fikir nak makan apa ek?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Done that!

I was targeting a month and a half (just before 1 Syawal) to achieve this but I did it in less than three weeks. Awesome!

Booooo! to those who started earlier, spend days and nights in their farms, talk about it everywhere they go, but still dawdling to make their way up. Booo!!!!

Yes! Dah dapat aku cecah level 34. Dalam geng-geng yang dok pung pang pung pang cerita pasal FT ni waaaaaaayyyy before aku start seriously, aku tak dapat pintas Joe (who is already in the top 50 of all players in the world) dan Limah je. Tabik spring kat diorang dua orang ni. Yang lain-lain tu, BOOOO!!!! lain kali kalau korang nak main game apa-apa, kalau nak pung pang pung pang tu, pergilah pung pang pung pang belakang aku. Jangan sampai aku tau apa benda yang korang pung pang pung pang sangat tu.

Itu baru geng pung pang pung pang. Belum lagi geng-geng yang berkomplot tak nak hire orang tu sebab takut nanti orang tu pintas whatever, pastu geng yang datang ladang aku dengan tak malunya, "nak plow..." padahal yang setengah mampos tengah harvest raspberry pun tak mintak nak plow, pastu geng yang beria-ia nak hire - siap sebut lagi pukul berapa tanaman masak, siap dengan follow up, lepas tu geng yang dok asyik
publish kat facebook setiap kali naik status, pastu geng yang dok war-warkan segala macam benda macam "I just made my first million..." Piiiraaaaahhhhhh....

So, seperti biasa lah bila dah sampai level terakhir ni, dah menurun laa semangat nak main. Apatah lagi semangat nak tanam raspberry yang masak setiap dua jam tu. Begitu juga takde semangat dah nak pergi marketplace terjerit-jerit "hire me hire me..." Dah bosan! Sekarang ni, aku lepak je kat marketplace tengok kelaku budak-budak level bawahan terjerit-jerit, selling themselves. Kadang-kadang tu, aku kutuk kelaku diorang. Ekekekek...

Dan dalam melepak tak mintak kerja macam tu pun, ada jugak yang hire aku. So, as courtesy aku accept jugaklah tawaran kerja diorang tu. Tapi bila dah masuk tu, aku tengok lah apa kerja yang diorang offer. Kalau setakat raspberry ke grapes ke, aku macam nak termuntah je tengok. Aku buat slow-slow je. Pastu kalau ada ramai-ramai kerja, berebut-rebut bertolak-tolak nak tuai tanaman di tanah sebesar sekangkang kera, aku biarkan je lah diorang yang tuai. Tak kisahlah tanaman yang dituai tu nenas ke blueberry ke (harga yang paling mahal).

Duit aku pun dah banyak, kalau aku beli mansion yang 1 juta tu pun masih cukup duit aku sampai aku pencen nanti. Heh!

Dan tidaklah aku bermotivasi nak kejar Joe ataupun place myself in the top 50 list. Cukup laa aku man-man je berladang lepas ni, dah takde apa nak dikejar dah pun. Baiklah aku kejar pahala banyak-banyak di bulan Ramadhan ni. Unless tiba-tiba ada level 35 laa pulak, kan?

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