Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lonely is the night

On Friday night, I went to watch Proton futsal team training for the National Futsal tournament. Then, hang out while having dinner, midnight drinks and makan early morning or bersahur kalau in Ramadhan in Melor USJ until 4am with some friends.

On Saturday night, I went to watch Proton futsal team training for the National Futsal tournament. Then, hang out while having dinner in ABC Bukit Saga until 12am with some friends. We could hang out until 4am again but a friend has to catch a 12.30am bus to JB.

On Sunday night, as usual, I'm stressed out thinking of having to drag my feet to office tomorrow morning and worse still, at this moment I haven't ironed my clothes. And, unlike the two nights before, I'm not surrounded by friends, and there's only one cup of coffee on the table...

Still remember this song which I started to like 15 years ago...

My ex-CEO once said, the day you feel like dragging your feet to work, that's the day you quit the job. Ohh shit, I think I should wheeled myself on a chair so that I don't have to quit this job although I don't like it

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sale, sale, sale.. it's VS not VSS

I'm not being paid for this.

But, kiahronggeng takde link sbb takde blog requested me to put this on my blog as a reminder for her to stock up her bras and undies. And I heard, they're just going to put only the extraaaa large and extraaaaa small on sale. So, know your or your partner(s)' size!

And I think the FAM officials should take note of this promo too since I think the national football team should switch from wearing Nike to Victoria Secret.

Friday, July 27, 2007

First for Barca...

...and many more to come. Well, one can't argue this, it's the King Henry.

One match, one goal. Thierry Henry couldn’t have made a better start to his BarΓ§a career. The French international striker played the second half and scored the winning goal against Dundee United, a team which Barca never won against in the previous four matches.

The French international, who joined Barca from Arsenal last month, had a last minute penalty parried by United's Polish keeper Grzegorz Szamotulski, but slammed in the rebound. Earlier, he was close to scoring a goal when just after coming into the pitch for 25 seconds, he fired a 16-metre shot narrowly beyond the right post.

I almost mistakenly thought that Henry is wearing yellow-black strip, not blue-maroon when I suddenly realized I was just day-dreaming that Henry plays for Malaysia. :-(

A real friend is...

This entry should be posted on 16th July to celebrate my best friend's birthday. But due to some technical glitches I misplaced the pic I want to attach here, I could only do it today. Anyway, I don't mind celebrating your birthday, everyday dude...

A friend:
Who was born in Surabaya and now live and work in Jakarta
Whom I know while attending University of Oregon back in 1997
Whom I work like a slave with in the University dining and been favorites to the Americans
Who has a same wavelength in terms of topics we talk about, especially the way we look at people
Whom, to sum up, I know more in a week when I was in Jakarta/Bandung last April than for the past 10 years

...and who's a Siti Nurhaliza 'no. 1 fan', which I'd not like even if I were to be reincarnated.

My message to him on his birthday was, "Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty..." I did just that. While we were in Tangkuban Perahu, I did tell him that he has put on so much weight and need to work on trimming his belly. And I challenged him to be able to get his body inside that one tree hole in our next visit.

...and he's a friend whom I share my iPod with including all the porns I downloaded to my iPod.

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend. Hope we'll see each other again next year or maybe earlier and we shall rock Anyer!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is pena'akulan mantik?

I don't know what that means, exactly but I could recall the term used in our Math textbook. It's something that you calculate on top of your head, no batteries included.

I could also remember, myself remembering lots of phone numbers in my head this explains lots of girlfriends I had those days. And with the emergence of handphone in our life, I bet we could only memorize a handful of numbers in our head and this explains the less and less girlfriend I have now.

And we're getting less and less confident with ourself. Say, you want to call someone using office phone or you want to write down someone's number on paper. How many times when you have to double check and refer the phonebook in your handphone before you confirm that the number is correct? Yes, you may argue that you want to make sure the number is correct, as in "doing things right, the first time", but isn't it the result of POOR MEMORY and LOW CONFIDENCE LEVEL?

Well, I guess too much handphone for the football team, they couldn't even remember the in their head, how many goals they've conceded, not until it's published in newspapers the next day.

That confirms the statement that the footballers are poor in Math and that's why I'm not good in football as I got FUCK 9 for Add Math bukan sebab KAKI BANGKU ok?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ViSHIT Malaysia(n) year 2007

Eight idiot middle east tourists (who thought the express bus that took them from KL to Sg Nibong bus terminal would take them directly to their hotel in Batu ferringhi) staged a sit-in in an express bus, causing delay for the other 23 passengers (read Malaysia citizens) and the comfort of "snoozer" bus. They finally have to board ordinary express bus after waiting for more than three hours.

And for the eight idiots, after persuasion by and negotiations with bus officials and at at least five policemen, they agreed to board a hotel van and pay the fees charged by the hotel, after causing headache, angers, stress, madness, waste of resources and productivity efficiency to the citizens of Malaysia.

I read this article with shock, anger and further frustration.

Firstly, for being one of the 'shit'ted citizen of the country, secondly for the shit that's being thrown to the citizen of this country, and thirdly, but not lastly, for being made to believe that this country is the best place a citizen could imagine to live in or believing the shit discharged in this country smells so nice we could even smell it at our nose tips.

Yes, I understand it's visit Malaysia year when we have to attract foreign tourists to visit this country, tell them good things or places about the country, treat them well, bla bla bla or simply everything that we seldom or never did to our fellow countrymen.

But, it should not be to the extend of worshipping foreign tourists and at the expense of the citizens of this country?!

One of the affected passenger commented, "The police should've handled the situation more firmly as the tourists were unlawfully holding up a public transport service."

Well, they'll act firmly if under-the-table money involves here or those who staged the sit-in are local citizen from opposition party.

Those passengers affected by the delay of Malaysian Airlines flight to Australia last Monday (mostly Australians) were given a hotel room and RM400 as compensation. What my countrymen got here, is the nice viSHIT Malaysia year 2007 experience.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The one that never sleep

A: The city that never sleep
Q: What is New York?

A: The highway that could cause hypertension and blood pressure
Q: What is Federal Highway?

Or better known to me as Fed-up Highway of Fuckeral Highway.

This picture was taken at 8.10pm on Tuesday night. The fact that I was able to take the picture means that my car was literally static thus explaining the condition of the traffic that time.

If every swear word I utter could give me 1 cent, I would have rich and quit my current job by now. That's how much swearing I've done while driving on this bloody highway. Not forgetting how many times people have seen my little middle finger.

And I can't see anymore room for JKR to plan on improving the traffic flow in Federal Highway boleh ke JKR plan, bumbung pun bocor?

And for all the stress I've to endure, I feel I deserve the right not to hit the road and stay in over the weekends. I'd rather eat leftover foods or instant noodle than having to hit the road to have my meals.

And to those who find me in chatroom at around 7.30pm from office, please stop asking me to go home just because you think the traffic has eased.

And just like cigarette, the government should put a notice:

"Amaran oleh kerajaan Malaysia: Memandu di Federal Highway boleh menyebabkan penyakit jantung dan darah tinggi"

How fair is fair?

Many know the decision of the 4 major bookstores in Malaysia to boycott the sale of the Harry Porter: The Deathly Hallows book.

But many didn't know the profit margin these 4 bookstores make, by selling the book at a proposed price of RM109.90.

And many now know, relatively, these 4 bookstores mark up RM40 per copy of the book after Carrefour announced its price at RM69.90.

Worse still, these 4 bookstores are calling on fair play, claimed that they're protecting the interests of book readers, claiming that the hypermarkets' interest is only 5% in selling books, etc etc... for only God knows why are they so idiotic?!

To these 4 bookstores or whoever behind the boycott, "Go back and read your Economics books, even the Form 4 book will do." If you're too lazy to read or too busy manipulating the price of books you're selling in order to screw up book lovers and turned off people who just want to be book readers, just compare your case with Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines.

If flying is just a reason to get to your holiday destination then, you'll fly Air Asia. If you want to feel the experience of flying, having meals on board, pretty stewardesses pretty ke? or you want to keep or steal the blanket as souvenir, then you fly Malaysia Airlines. Same goes here, people just want to grab the book and read it at a comfort of their house. So, why go for the expensive ones?

And today, realizing they'll be on the losing side of the price war, remember the price-demand theory, these 4 bookstores end their boycott by giving 25% discounts to their members (or SP at RM82) and 20% off to non-members when they make other purchases.

It's still expensive, idiots!

Just wonder whether books are part of AFTA-governed products as we're getting expensive books here?

...and I'm fed-up, I'n giving up living in this part of the world where people are being manipulated, screwed up by fellow countrymen. And the countrymen who are appointed to make rules and govern the country just close one eye on all the unfairness.

We need a ROBIN HOOD!

And the Cuepacs will not push the Government to pay bonus to the government servants this year. In the event of Government not paying the bonus, just multiply the incremental salary on your new salary by twelve months, there you go.. that's your bonus. So, is the new salary makes any difference? Bekerja lah dengan ikhlas...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Soon to be revealed

This is the car I saw camouflaged on Saturday night, as per the pictures in my previous posting...

The Gen.2 sedan, or Proton Persona, will be launched in the middle of August 2007.

Now open for booking

Those who work in PROTON, you deserved more recognition that what the country pays to the 'still-not-graduated-yet' UiTM student who is currently cycling around the world and those who parachuted on the North Pole.

If like this, how to win?!

We still talk about the national team shameful performance in the recently concluded (for Malaysian) Asia Cup. Finger pointings everywhere and critics are showing their mastery in football management and theories.

Some say, the management is to be blamed, some blamed the coaches, some blamed the players, some blamed the FAM and its council.

But, none blamed the fans. 40,000 fans came to the stadium during the match against China, some 4,000 came when we played the Uzbeks and 2,000 for the game against Iran. And, countless watching comfortably from home.

40,000 fans... not bad! But it's still less than 50% of the 80,000++ capacity in Bukit Jalil stadium. It's still waaayyyy short from the 87,000 attendance in Bung Karno stadium when Indonesia lost narrowly to Korea. Ohh.. I forgot that Indonesia has 240 million population than 25 million here. Considering the ratio, 40,000 is still acceptable...

But, wait! What about this?

C'mon laaa... if you can't afford the original RM249 Nike replica jersey of Malaysia, buy the RM30 fake ones lah... if you can't even afford the RM30 fake jersey, just wear something yellow, or a neutral t-shirt like the guy in Planet Hollywood t-shirt or just paint your body...

Anyway, the football team has failed to give Malaysians something to cheer in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th anniversary, unlike the Pemuda UM-NO who cheered us when the parachuted in North Pole.
But, there's something for Malaysians to cheer (or jeer) next month, presented by the 'one and only' Malaysia's national carmaker... I spotted this last night while 'rempit'ing on Saturday night.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

While you are sleeping

Many of us know the 6 sleeping positions. Each reflects individual personality type.

As for me, I'm more in foetus position - which described a person as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart, shy when they first meet somebody but soon relax. More here

But not many of us know the 5 no nos while sleeping, which has become habitual for most of us:

Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity. Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have adverse effects on your health.

Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So go to bed without it.

Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged. Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks, but please put the phone as far as possible.Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first.

People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run.Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.

You may never wake up again.

But, every rules has its exception, right? So, if you want to 'legalize' rule no. 5 make sure you visit IKEA first.

And the next time your husband or wife ask you out to go to IKEA, keep track what's he or she looking for...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thinking of quitting

I never thought blogging could be this hard, especially when I decided my blog shouldn't be my diary, it should be an outlet for me to express my view... on anything.

But, after 180 entries in 413 days, which is equivalent to 1 entry in 2.23 days, I find it's next to impossible to meet my target of 1 entry in 2 days. The ratio has grown bigger and bigger especially in last April where I only had 6 entries. It could be worsen if I don't blog about Oregon Ducks basketball and football matches. Go Ducks!

The responsbility to carry on blogging has become heavier and heavier especially when I see more bloggers linking my blog to theirs. And knowing Dendam Perantau don't make life easier. Everytime we meet in YM or in his chatbox, he'd ask whether my blog has been updated or not. And there was once when he said publicly in the chatbox that he'll not update his blog only until my blog has been updated. What a cheap reason...

At times, I feel like quitting. I'll find other outlets, like graffitying, vandalizing, cursing at people or just kicking some ass in the office.

But, who cares? This is my blog, you like it or not or whether I update it or not, I just don't care. But quitting is not an option. Even when you think 'berat mata memandang', it's 'berat lagi bahu memikul' for me, I'll keep carry on ...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A man and his world

A man, is typically associated with three things (not in sequence, but could also be): Cars, sports, and obviously women.

Cars (motorcycle included). Cleaning them or send them to cleaning is man's favorite hobby and always on top of to-do-list. And accessory upgrades or total replacement is in the waiting list when bonus come.

If you've watched Mukhsin, you may notice this scene involving Mak Inom's neigbour (can't remember the characters' names). While the husband is polishing his motorcycle, the wife said this... "Best nye jadi motor..."

Sports. Couldn't be best explained with the fact that most guys would always read newspapers from the back or waking up in the middle of night to watch 22 other men playing game.

Women. Need no explanation.

Of the three, there's no clear evidence of one object being favored than the other two.

The best thing a man could wish, is to have all three at the same time, e.g. going to stadium to watch Brazil play football with a the world's most gorgeous supermodel-type girlfriend in a nice, shining custom-made, one-of-its-kind sports car.

But, it'd be quite an achievement if a man could just go watching Malaysia national team play football in padang PKNS, Kelana Jaya (no admission ticket required) with his married-for-7 years-wife and her mother in a practical and economical Perodua Viva.

Unfortunately, some men (or most men) simply can't have all three at the same time, and would just resort to two. That's why this always happened in motor shows. They don't really care even if the tyres of the cars on display are dirty.

And, if a man still couldn't have two of the three objects, he'd be satisfied settling for just one at a time. But, in this situation, he needs to put on his thinking cap... a wrong judgment could prove disaster...

A 38-year-old Chris Donald, a British mechanic by profession, claims that he likes to have sex with cars. He has had sex with more than 30 different car models, two boats and a jet ski in the last 20 years. "A nice car... is a feast for the senses. It's about smells, feelings and tastes. If I see a gorgeous Mercedes I know I'd love to jump into bed with it," Chris told to The Sun newspaper.

"It's all about imagination and creativity. There's more to car love than exhaust pipes. Stroking the body panels and delicate touching makes excellent foreplay," he added. According to the newspaper, Donald also maintains a web portal on which he writes erotic fiction about car-diddling. His website is fully dedicated to 'auto-erotic stories'.

... and his website is (with discretionary advice) here

Poor Malaysian men, we only have two obsessions now as our sports have reached its menopause :-(

Monday, July 16, 2007

Do you bling?

Well, what about this picture? I mean, in the context of Malaysian culture...

1. It's not nice to pose almost naked though you've the nicest bum

2. Remember when your parents always say, "Tak baik mencangkung sambil meniarap, nak mak mati cepat ke?"

3. It's always not nice to handle foods (drinks included) with your legs.

But, what about this "Bling H2O" bottled water?

Inspired by Kevin G Boyd, a Hollywood writer-producer, Bling H2O was fashioned to define a person by the bottled water they carries and it is strategically positioned to target the expanding super-luxury consumer market. It's couture water that makes an announcement like a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Bling H2O comes in limited edition, corked, 750ml or 375ml capacity, exquisitely handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, and comes in (most importantly) reusable frosted glass bottles. A bottle of Bling H2O priced between USD20 to USD40.

Question is: Are you ready to get rid of your 'not-good for health and environment' plastic mineral water bottle for this one?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

4D nombor ekor

Nombor ekor, that's what Malaysians refer the 4-digit lottery or number drawing game to. I just don't know how they determine the winner and obviously, I just don't bother to read the FAQ section in their websites.

But, the craze for the 'nombor ekor' is one reason why Thursday, Saturday and Sunday newspapers are selling like hot cakes, as the results are published on these days. And also why traffic jams happen near shop lots where the 4D agents operate, as people are rushing to buy their lucky numbers. And to the least, it also provides employment to certain people by being the first one to sell a pocket-sized slip of paper containing result of the draws.

And guys, who I think outnumbers women 9 to 1 in this 4D business, there's another 4D-thingy that could be very important (or impotent) in your life...

EHS, famously known as Environment, Health and Safety in work places, is better known in guys-context as the ERECTION HARDNESS SCORE.

The expert also says that "Previous studies have also shown that a hard erection correlates to an improvement in emotional well-being and overall confidence."

As the national football team will face Iran on Wednesday, certainly their EHS score would be just 1.

So, what's your score?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bolasepak Piala Asia - not for Asians?

Over the weekend (by sequence),

I was happily watching the Live Earth concert for hours, aired live from London, Hamburg and New York through NTV7, on Saturday and repeat on Sunday.

I was happily watching the 2-hour live telecast of Tour de France on Astro.

I was happily watching Brazil trashed Chile 6-1 in the quarter final of the Copa America, live from Venezuela through Astro on Sunday.

I was happily watching the repeat of Pentas Ikon Malaysia semi final yesterday on Astro. I missed the live telecast on Saturday night.

I missed the live telecast of Thai Open badminton on Astro, but I could be happily watching it if Malaysia was represented in any of the finals.

I was happily watching F1 race live from Silverstone through Astro yesterday.

I was happily watching the final of the Wimbledon Open where Nadal narrowly missed to defeat Federer or in other words where Federer equals Bjorn Borg's 4 victories in a row, aired live on Astro.

I was happy throughout the weekend, wasn't I?

Not really!

I was anxiously and antagonizingly waiting to watch any one of the two AFC Asian Cup matches, at least a delayed telecast, but what I got was a dismal waiting game. All I knew about the two matches were the results, from this morning's news on radio. #48 Australia drew #74 Oman 1-1; #94 UAE lost to #142 Vietnam 0-2.

Shame on Astro, shame on Media Prima... and no wonder this happens...

...and don't blame the people for not supporting the national team or the regional football.

By the way, where's Menteri Penerangan (do we have any, sape nama nya?)

#149 Malaysia will play #76 China tomorrow. Good luck! Not that I don't support the national team, my Astro bill is so expensive so I've to maximize my viewing time... too bad!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why men are happier?

If there's one thing any man could not be happier than any other sex in the world remember now there are more than 2 genders in the wolrd :-) it is when the favorite or local football team loose. And it's much worse leaving in this country whose national football team's ranked at #149, placed level with Kirghizistan where is that?! and below countries like Bahamas, Lesotho, Chad, Surinam, Malta, Rwanda and Palestine (???!!!) to name a few. Click here for full FIFA ranking.

Anyway, taking football aside, men are generally happier than any other animals on the planet. This is taken from Sunday Star, 9th July 2007.

Why men are happier?

Your last name stays put
The garage is all yours
Wedding plans take care of themselves
Chocolate is just another snack
You can be president
You can never be pregnant
You can wear a white t-shit to a water park
Yon can wear no t-shit to a water park

Car mechanics tell you the truth
The word is your urinal
You never have to drive to another petrol station toilet because this one is just too sticky
You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt
Same work, more pay
Wrinkles add character
People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them

The occasional well-rendered belcj is pratically expected
New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet
One mood - all the time
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat
You know stuff about tanks

A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase
You can open all your own jars
You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness
If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend

Your underwear is $15 for three-pack <-- excuse me, my boxer is $20 a pair
Three pairs of shoes are more than enough
You almost never have strap problems in public
You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes
Everything on your face stays its original color
The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades
You only have to shave your face and neck

You can play with toys all your life
Your belly usually hides your big hips
One wallet and one pair of shoes one color for all seasons
You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look
You can 'do' your nails with a pocket knife
You have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache
You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes

Ladies, Poksis the banci ones and those who haven't decided on their gender, you better agree with this...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Part time job

Ever since the announcement of pay hikes for government servants, prices of goods (and services) have gone up as well, even before the 1st July when the new pay takes effect.

Price of chicken, rice and cigarette, to name a few have all gone up. And they're staple foods for Malaysians, including cigarette to most of Malaysians. Normally, I don't pay much attention to the price hikes as they don't affect me directly. But, after putting much and deeper thought, they do have major impact to me.

Now, food stalls cut chicken they sell in much smaller pieces to maintain the selling price. And I'll consume less amount of chicken, and I'll eat less white meat and I'll be thinner and I'll get sick and I'll die faster.

And the food seller would use cheaper rice rather than the fragranced, Siamese rice which will lead me to consume more carbo, which coupled with no exercise will make me fat and I'll die of heart problem.

And worse of all, the cigarettes... Most of my friends are smokers and now when I've teh tarik session with them, I'd end up paying for their drinks too because they need to spend extra money for a stick of their 'staple food'. And if they would cut down smoking, they'll no longer hang around or hang out for smoking break session during office hours - which will lead to less time for socializing, which would add up to the amount of stress in me, which would lead up to hypertension and I'll die faster.

Oh no?! The price hikes effects have crippled into me. So, I need to get a part time job! I'd not have time to work at nights as I work late at times so I could only do it on weekends. But, am I ready to spare my weekends or the part time job?

After listening to Mr Stevie's advice, I know what type of part time job I would do, and at the same time, I'll have fun doing it on weekends. I could even do it on week nights...

So, anyone hiring? Just leave your numbers in the comments.

Hopefully, there'll be no more price hike for petrol before the election in Novemeber. Dare them to do that and they'll suffer for the next 5 years under the full bright moon and the rockets.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When a monkey talks

Everyone, or everyone who cares, know what happened on the night Kedah defeated Perlis in the FA Cup final. Besides the final score, one thing that made the headlines in local newspapers was when no other than Sultan of Kedah walked for 2km to watch the match, because of the traffic congestion around the stadium.

Until yesterday, at least, this issue is still being debated in no less than the Parliament house. They talked about the sovereignty and dignity of the Sultan and the country's royal institution, as a whole. In conclusion, it's just shameful and unacceptable.

What was asked is just an apology, face-to-face, from the Pulau Pinang state government (the state where the final match was held) or the Football Association of Malaysia who should ensure the readiness of one venue, in terms of safety, traffic flows, etc) prior to every football match. But, none takes the blame.

And in today's newspaper the Sultan of Kedah was admitted to hospital after complaining of strain muscles on his legs and fever. He's in stabil condition and most probably will be discharged today. note: I only found the news in Utusan Malaysia, maybe the other newspapers don't bother what's happening with our 9 Sultans, rather than what's happening with who killed the Mongolian prostitute.

What I frustrated the most, when this issue was raised in the Parliament, there's this monkey remember there was once they call each other monkey in the Parliament who made such an arrogant, brainless statement: "Ini menggalakkan supaya rakyat Malaysia menjadi lebih sihat. Sultan Kedah menunjukkan walaupun (usia) dekat 80 tahun, baginda masih boleh berjalan dua kilometer, itu tidak menjadi masalah. Saya mencadangkan supaya pihak berkuasa tempatan perlu menyediakan kawasan pejalan kaki."

That's a statement from a monkey you chose in the General Election. Maybe not all of you but people in the Kinabatangan constituency. I hope when he turns 80, if he managed to reach the age if he don't die of people's curse or being victim of sodomy, he'd be fucked up and treated like a stray dog.

Not sure since when Malaysia has a "First Family" and if we do have one, shouldn't the title belongs to the King's family, not the Prime Minister's family.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Makna kemerdekaan?

Lately, especially in the 50th year of our independent, people always talk about the meaning of being independent, their contributions to the nation, etc etc.

Sadly, we always think of what's happening now, now and now and what happened in the past, past and past. And to be easily recognized by the people or by the country, you need to climb up the Everest, jump-off parachuting on the North pole, cycle around the world even when you still haven't completed your degree after years in university or swim across whatever channels or straits in the world.

For me, those achievements are more about personal satisfaction than what you have contributed to the nation! One of the Everest climbers recently said that he/she I can't remember as it's not important to me feels sorry as he/she has dissappointed Malaysians for not reaching the peak. WTF?!! I dont give a damn if you reach the peak, or you didn't climb at all, I don't feel dissappointed at all! In what way it influenced the economy? Isn't economy the most important of all as it's always being emphasised by the leaders?

Ok, is anybody thinking about the future, future and future. Something for the next generation, our kids, our grandchildren, great great grandchildren. Read the article below from BBC...

East African ban on plastic bags

Kenya and Uganda have banned the use of thin plastic bags in an effort to curb environmental damage. Ugandan Finance Minister Ezra Suruma banned the importation and use of the thinnest bags and imposed a 120% tax on thicker ones in his new budget. The Kenyan finance minister imposed similar restrictions in his budget, following Rwanda and Tanzania.

The BBC's Juliet Njeri in Nairobi says discarded plastic bags are often seen by the roadside in residential areas. She also says that there is a problem with bags blocking drains in the city. Tanzania set the pace for the East African Community in 2006, when Vice-President Ali Mohamed Shein announced a total ban on plastic bags and ordered a switch to recyclable materials or biodegradable alternatives.

"These measures are expected to encourage the industry players to devise environmentally friendlier and hopefully recyclable bags," Kenyan Finance Minister Amos Kimunya announced in the capital, Nairobi.
Immediate effect.

The Ugandan minister said the ban was being introduced because of "serious environmental concerns and difficulties in the disposal of plastic bags and plastic containers." The ban will take effect in Kenya at the stroke of midnight on Thursday 14 June. In Uganda, Mr Suruma said the ban would come into effect on 1 July but gave traders until 30 September this year to sell off products already in stock.

Rwanda, which was admitted into the East African Community this year, banned the importation and use of plastics less than 100 microns thick in 2005.

Well, the article says it all....

But, let's play with our mind a bit...

As comparison, population for Uganda and Kenya is 28.8 and 34.3 million, respectively. Malaysia is 25.3 million. GDP (2005 figure) for Uganda and Kenya was USD8.7 and USD18.7 billion, respectively as compared to Malaysia's USD130.3 billion is 2005.

Noble efforts from these African countries whom we always looked down upon, huh? Go figure how you're celebrating the country's 50th anniversary, for yourself, for your past days heroes or your past contributions or for your future and your next generation?

Monday, July 02, 2007

There goes your bonus, mate!

I was so stressful last night, as usual, thinking that I have to go back to work the next morning. So, the best way to start a week is to blog about something light, no other than 'gossip'. :-)

This article appeared in Mingguan Malaysia's Pancaindera yesterday.

It may shocked some people and as usual, Malaysians would always ask, "who's the artiste?" instead of "who's that artist's husband?"

Let's study the subjects in the article:

1) The husband - He was the HR Director of a Government-linked company which recently announced its full year net loss of RM591.4 million.

2) What the husband did? I was told he used his corporate credit card to pay for the downpayment for his newly bought house. I was not told where the house is or how much exactly the payment was but it's a 5-digit amount. remember... Rm10,000 is a 5-digit amount. So does, RM99,999.99

3) The artiste - Since it's the least thing that matters in this article, I'd not waste my time discussing who she is. In fact, I never considered her as an artiste and I only read once about her, which was the article on her wedding with the earlier described jerk. Poor Malaysians, we're so fucked up, we even consider her as artiste?!

4) Not in the article but a subject worth discussing. Back in 2005, before the jerk was appointed as the HR Director by the Chairman, who's another jerk, the poor company they used to be rich! only has it's HR Department headed by a Head and supported by 4 Managers. But, since he took over the department, there's him as Director, one GM and 10 managers! Go figure... and they reported RM591.4 million net loss!!

Talking about leadership by example? It makes me choke.

My fellow friends, your bonuses are all well-spent, trust me...

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