Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kenduri tegang di pejabat

Relieving stress at workplace.
This entry is categorized and coded PINK for MERAPU (bukankah orang yang favorite color nya pink itu, kebiasaannya kuat merapu? djelinng kiri, djelinng kanan...)

To most, yesterday was the first day back in office in full erection swing. Although some were back in office last week, people were still in holiday mood last week. To me, last week, I was busy thinking "am I in the right office?" and "why I'm still in the same office?" :-) Traffic jams were everywhere yesterday, even at 8.00pm. And what could totally drain you out on your first day officially back in office? Nothing else than a 4-hour meeting in the afternoon. *sigh*

Anyway, there's this new research on wellbeing in the workplace (reported by Roger Dobson, The Times) which suggests that it only takes a few small changes to make a workplace a healthy environment. And there is increasing evidence that a happy employee is a healthy employee.

#10... Consider going it alone. Self-employed people had greater autonomy and less job pressure than those in big organizations. Duhh!

#9... Choose your desk wisely.

Nab a desk next to a window but away from the printer as sitting by the window was good for mood whereas printers may be bad for lungs as they release tiny particles of toner-like material into the air.

#8... Decorate your office (with right color and level of lighting). People working in white and predominantly blue-green offices had higher perceived job performance and satisfaction and better mood than those in the predominantly red office (PINK included yachs!)

#7... Let it all out. Keep an "emotion diary" (or blog?!), and use it to express your feelings.

#6... Ration email. Try turning off the instant messaging system and only checking emails twice a day. Research also found that women feel under more pressure to reply instantly than men do. (ini tak payah research pun aku tau, memang dassaarrr kan? wahahah)

#5... Buy potted plan. It reduces the risk of dry throats and stuffed-up noses, as it improves air quality or the psychological effects of a leafy environment.

#4... Move the computer screen. Make sure that the top of the screen is at your eye level. Employees who had their screens positioned just 15 degrees out of the correct position had more pain, more sick leaves and less movement of their necks.

#3... Use the stairs. People who climb the stairs rather than use the lift at work have lower cholesterol, better breathing, helathier hearts and weigh less.

#2... Go home earlier. BOSS you have to read this! Research found a link between number of hours worked and risk of increased blood pressure.

...and at
#1... Avoid office affairs. Office affairs become unhealthy when they go wrong, with increased levels of depression and a 16% drop in morale. When the romance ends, there are reports on retaliation, stalking and physical violence.

HOLD it!!
Here's another one, a BONUS one...

...and at
#bonus... Forward your ex-boyfriend's break-up email to your colleagues and everyone in your personal contacts list. And to relief more stress, ensure every recipient enjoys reading the forwarded email so that there'll no reply saying, "do you have to tell the whole world? all the best!" (ini bukan kisah benar)


DeLinn said...

goooodddd info here, especially the no. 1 & bonus part kih kih kih.However, I still vote for pink!

deOughtred said...

adehhhh... tunggu lah org lain komen dulu, baru kau komen.. ini saja je nak meng'invite' speku.. wahahahah... nampak macam kau siap spare sleeping bag kat blog aku lah pulak... wahahahaha

DeLinn said...

Meks tak suka berDQ-DQ nih.

deOughtred said...

ini bukan setakat letak sleeping bag je ni, dah siap pasang khemah ni kat blog aku.. wahahahaha

MalimKundang said...

the last point is good!

all jazzed up said...

pink is my favourite colour. hidup delinnnn!

Aronil said...

Hahaha that was quite funny. I personally like the picture of the guy stuck at his seat. When i first got into my office... i kena like that :P

Thanks for popping by to my blog btw and all the best to you too :)

deOughtred said...

good tapi must be careful, mcm boomerang jugak boleh kena balik kat the thrower.

all jazzed up,
kuat merapu jugak lah ni... hehehe

hahaha... can't imagine if that guy/girl farts... sure smell one, live telecast, not delayed!

jinxy said...

hahaha...best baca...thank u for the entertainment..first time came across ur blog...apehal pulak break-up via mail...bahalul betul c bf tu...no balls :-D

deOughtred said...

apehal ye? anyway, ini bukan kisah benar so I takde masa nak analyze. tapi since you brought it up, probably (if it's a true story) bf dia rasa buang masa je or buang karan je nak jumpa ex-gf dia kot?! biasa lah perempuan... macam you analyze this case lah, buang masa je walaupun dalam entry tu dah kata bukan kisah benar. oppss I assume you're girl from the way you analyze. kalau you're a guy, too bad, you're just like a girl... ngehngehngeh....

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