Monday, February 26, 2007

Pregnant Male

My apartment was totally out of Astro for 5 straight days during the CNY break last week. I strongly believe that this was the cause of the transfer of Astro's programs to Measat-3. And calls to Astro's call center didn't make life any better.

They keep on denying this Measat-3 problem, saying that subscribers are not affected and they keep on blaming the building's equipment, my decoder or my white cable. All they could offer is to send a technician within 72 hours at RM50 cost (minimum - ini cost bukak file lah) and no compensation or rebate for this 72 hours of waiting with no service, or any refund if it's not my fault. Bodoh Astro!

Without much choice - due to the non existing of internal or external tv antenna - I could only watch TV1. Back to the old days, huh?! And not much changes lah in TV1 today compared to the day when Harjit Singh Hullon or Hashim Embi or Kamaruddin Ahmad were the anchor. Somehow, there's a blessing in disguise for me, at least. I watched this program about endangered species and one of them is seahorse.

Do you know that: In sea horses, the males become pregnant! Read here lah for more details. So funny to know that. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior? At least, something worth to learn from TV1 besides the TV Pendidikan program which no longer in existences <-- since now entertainment is god!

Just wonder if all ladybirds are females?!

Friday, February 23, 2007

6 Weird Things

I visited Suhaimi Sulaiman's World frequently and a day after I left my first comment there, the author visited my blog (for the first time I guess) and left his first comment... and I was tagged by him!


Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts out by listing 6 weird things about themselves on their own blog, as well as state the rules clearly. At the end you will need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list out their names. After you do that, leave a comment on their blogs letting them know you tagged them.


The 6 weird things I do (please don't try to emulate these acts as they are done by the pro <-- it's me!):

1. I like to rub my toe (the hallux and the pointer toes) unless I'm wearing socks or shoes. It would make rather irritating noise (sounds like a softer version of sand paper) especially with a backup music in the background.

2. When talking on phone and the person on the other line is asking my phone number, in addition to just tell him/her the number, I would write my phone number on a piece of paper (exception: talking on mobile phone while on the move). And if the conversation went longer than 3 minutes, I would have a nice masterpiece (drawing or sketching or whatever you want to call it) on that piece of paper. Sometimes I wonder if I can sell the masterpiece and sell for millions of RM!

3. Usually after meal in restaurant. Instead of just put it on the plate/bowl/table, I would hold on to the napkins (tissue lah we call it here) until I arrived back in office or my house or until I don't know where to throw it.

4. Whenever I see a cat, no matter how ugly or how adorable the cat is, I would call the cat - you know lah with that chut chut sound - and whenever the cat looks at me, I would look at different place pretending that it wasn't me.

5. Talking bout traveling - if my flight is earlier than 10am (which I have to leave house at least by 7am), I would not sleep the night earlier. If I have to sleep, I would've taken my bath, dressed up and sleep with all lights and radio/tv on. And on board, I would sleep like a baby (baby ke?!) right after I buckled up my seat belt (that's even before the take-off), eventhough it's just a 50-minute flight.

6. If X-Matters packs way earlier than the travel date, I would unpack waaaaayyyy later after came back from traveling. I even have few shirts (and undies) in the bag since came back from Jogyakarta last November. Sometimes, I wonder where I put my favorite shirts only to find out that they're still in the bag. Oh ya... I still have some pens for souvenirs, I bought from Jogyakarta .

Okay, I've told mine...

Now, it your turn...

The Eyes Have It
Indah Sity Insyirah
Happily Ever After
Catatan Si Kadok

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bumbu Bali

It was supposed to be a birthday treat/dinner for my friend. Earlier, I thought of having it at the revolving restaurant in Menara KL. Unfortunately, it has to be postponed for a week, due to some criteria not met. Fortunately, the location for dinner was also changed.... to a much better one!

It's Bumbu Bali, located in Bandar Puteri 1, Puchong (just across Giant). The food was lovely, the ambiance was so soothing and relaxing. The price, well I think it's just fair for the quality of the food and the place.

Anyway, we had...

Nasi Kuning with Kambing Bumbu.....RM21.50
Nasi with Cumi Metumis Petai.....RM25.00
Grilled Squid Salad.....RM12.00
Mojitto Lemon Grass Juice.....RM8.90
and.. hot coffee (not for me, but for my friend.. what laaa drink coffee here?!)
and... the mandarin orange... priceless they're free.

Everything's so nice especially the Lemon Grass juice. It's so refreshing and it just kills off the petai smell! And never in my life I had lemon grass dipped into my drinks :-O

When asked, my Indonesian friend said what we had weren't really Balinese foods but certainly they taste much better than foods in Bali!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Klinik Dr Norman

Everytime I bought new shoes or when I've to repair my shoes, I would visit Dr Norman at his clinic. His clinic is located in Taman Seri Muda, Shah Alam right at the end of the same block with Sinar Kota supermarket.

Dr Norman at work... working on my new shoes...

With other cobblers, I would just leave my shoes and come back later to pick them up. But, at Dr Norman's clinic, you will be entertained with his jokes, songs he sing, and the sharing of his experiences...

His latest trivia to me..
Q: What's the difference between 'orang' and 'semut'?
A: Orang bisa 'kesemutan' but semut gak bisa 'keorangan'

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider

The movie racked in US$44.5 million during its opening weekend and tops the box-office.

And I was... err... not sure how much I contributed to the collection.. what's RM11 over US$44.5 million? :-{

The movie, inspired from Marvel comics, is about stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) who sells his sole to Mephistopheles in order to save his dying father. By doing so, Blaze is forced to leave the love of his life, Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes).

Blaze is later given a second chance when Mephistopheles offers Johnny Blaze an exchange. If Blaze becomes the fabled Ghost Rider, doing service and providing vengeance for Mephistopheles, he will be allowed the return of his soul.

With the ability to recover his lost love, Johnny Blaze quickly takes this option. However, Blaze gets more than he bargains for when he must match up to Blackheart (Wes Bentley), Mephistopheles' enemy and son. Mephistopheles is the devil, and his son is attempting to outcast him and create a hell worst than what already exists.


My favorite part is when the Ghost Rider was riding on his Hellcycle alongside Sam Elliot (another Ghost Rider) who's riding on his (I suppose) Hellhorse. Very nice computer graphic!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Government at Their Best

What picture is this?

This is not an ordinary tongue, this reflects the leaders and government of Malaysia.

First (well, after so many firsts actually), they cancelled the plan to extend text book loan scheme to all students next year, regardless their parents income.

'He' said, "Kita utamakan kepada yang memerlukan..yang tak perlu tak payahlah…Kita semua mesti juga menunjukkan kebolehan untuk berkorban.Nak didik anak-anak kenalah keluar duit kita sikit…tak kan kita nak harapkan selama-lamanya segalanya free belaka…tak ada masyarakat dalam negeri-negeri lain semuanya free belaka.. "

I say:
1. Well, it was tabled at the Parliament last year and was received well by the people. In fact, the government especially 'the one' who read out the Budget was given 'a pat on the back' for announcing such a lovely move (to help ease the burden for the people especially in this era of ever increasing inflation).

2. People didn't really expect the government make such move before. But, since it was announced (in the no lower level than the Parliament), people are looking forward towards it.

3. Didn't 'his' minister or 'his' minister's people make impact study or the consequences of extending the scheme to all students (referring to the additional RM104 million budget)? That guy or guys should be sacked!

4. The Parliament is the highest approval authority in the country. If 'he' can bluff (and make fun of) the Parliament, surely he could do much worse to the people.

And soon after, they cancelled the lucky draw prize of MyVi for the unlucky ones who change to MyKad. Again, people weren't hoping to get free stuff from the government laaa.. In fact, what laa MyVi to the people, if it's Rolls Royce or a US$50 million private jet, maybe the people will be so 'hadap' one.

But, for people... the principle is 'Janji tetap Janji', not 'Janji Tinggal Janji'. Is it true, KRU? Don't be munafiq! Is Islam Hadhari promoting lies?!

Cuba check lidah sekoq-sekoq, ada macam gambar atas tak? Rasanya tak kot, mungkin bercabang LIMA!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Grammy

This is the best Grammy ever. Apart from Siti Nurhaliza walking on the red carpet wearing that awful Bernard Chandran-designed dress, everything was so great. The winners, the performers, the presenters and the tribute, it's just something to talk about.

And of all my favorites, this is the best...

Can't wait for 50th Grammy Awards next year, must be more bombastic, very fantastic!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Read It, Bosses!

It's the time of the year again, appraisal, appraisal, appraisal. Maybe one needs to bring along this article to the challenge session with bosses. And please memorized this quote...

"There is too much money chasing after too few managers, so companies have to throw more money at their managers to get them to stay."
If it still doesn't work for you, just threaten to leave the company :-) All da best!
Don't use the trick if you think you've been the 'best' buddy/employee to your boss last year that you anticipate to get more than 3.5% hike.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's OK

Now, its ok to say "Hoi, pekak ke?" to a policeman. But, don't be to rude laa.. and we should set example to foreign tourists, especially this year and that we're living in harmony in this country. And think about how the policemen/women take care of the traffic flow to ensure we arrive in office on time.

But, sometimes I just wonder why every morning and every evening and sometimes every afternoon (read E-VE-RY... not occasionally or on special occasions) they have to take care the traffic flow?! Why bother to spend on traffic lights, to build highways, expressways, overhead bridge, bla bla bla when in the end we've to depend on policemen, when they're supposed to fight crimes or to plan and strategize on how to reduce crime rates, etc etc. Well, blame the Minister in charge - whose stupidity resulted in massive cost of repair works for the cracked MRR2 - for the poor planning and development of our traffic system.

So, be thankful to the policemen/women everytime you pass them at junctions (at least, thank them in your heart). But, if you ever see policemen/women like the one in this picture, shout out loud

Monday, February 05, 2007

Out Of Malaysia - Putrajaya

I brought my Indonesian-Australian friend to Putrajaya last weekend, a place in Malaysia he never visited since he first set foot here 4 years ago. :-( We planned to spend around 2 hours there including lunch but ended up spending 4 hours, which we have to cancel window-shopping in Alamanda Mall.

It wasn't a good day for photography, though, as it was cloudy even at 1.30pm and my friend said I've to be on standby for his call on any sunny weekend to bring him to Putrajaya again for another round of photography session. And his impression later on... "I never felt like I'm in Malaysia, it's so beautiful..." and this comes from someone who has visited lots of countries in Asia and Europe.

For me, I've never appreciated Putrajaya this much before. Maybe I need a foreigner to convince me that it's something special! :-)

Later at night, we were in DiGi's concert, featuring Inul, Ella, Search and Radja. With Inul and Radja around, again we never thought that we were in Malaysia that night....

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