Sunday, January 13, 2008

Curse of the prosperous gangster

My movie night is almost always Friday night. (Jumaat malam, not malam Jumaat. I know what better thing to do on malam Jumaat but I'm talking about Jumaat malam here) This time around, I choose Saturday midnight show to watch American Gangster.

Call it the curse of changing movie night or what, I had at least seven mishaps happened to me on my abnormally Saturday movie night.

Curse 1: It started with having to watch 'la miserable' face of that prime minister talking seriously, not sleepily, about the missing child in the 8pm news.

Curse 2: Have to call off the plan to have a prosperous dinner cum lunch cum tea at Subang Section 15's McDonald's as the restaurant was packed with people and the queue for drive-thru was like people queueing for the famous rojak/cendol nearby .

Curse 3: Wanted to try the other outlet nearby. Restaurant looks empty from the outside but the nearest parking available was some 1km away.

Curse 4: The thought of going straight to Sunway Pyramid and collect my booking first, and have dinner later was not as easy as it was thought to be. I was stucked while trying to get out from the area, where people double parked and were slowing down and stopping their cars in the middle of the streets while looking for vacant parking spot around the eateries there.

Curse 5: Collected my movie ticket and went to McDonald's. Ordered the prosperous meal and found out that the tray where they put my meals on was not clean, it was sticky (probably some ketchup or chili sauce) on the handle. Requested to change the tray, which the server girl did, but not before giving an annoying look at me.

Curse 6: While she was transfering my meals to the new tray, she was picking up my spilled curly fries on the old tray to the new tray using her fingers, her barely fingers, no glove but whatever shit on her hand! Requested her to replace the fries, which the server girl did, but not before giving an annoying look at me.

Curse 7: Ketchup was out and had to walk across the restaurant to another ketchup dispenser.

Ok, it all ended there and this gangster was having his properous meal happily and prosperously...

Apa barang gangster makan prosperity burger?!

The movie...
It was good. It's about the story of an American black mafia who made his fortune as drug kingpin around suburb Harlem area. Lots of talking... gentlemen talks, lots of shootings, not much actions, i.e. car chase or explosions or stunts, and some topless women scenes, seriously!

It was good, really! but I don't want to promote this movie too much as I know some will not like it, unlike the 'everyone-will-love-it' I Am Legend. Those who really like and really promoted the movie Enchanted to others, will definitely not like this movie. :-p

It's another typical mafia-movie. So, if you like those type of movies, go watch it, My Man!


Op said...

prosperity burger my fav. been having that for lunch 4 times this month.

joQ said...

Me ad family went to a mcD outlet also on Saturday. Taook 2 prosperity meals, 2 bubur nasi and an icre-cream for my cucu. Everything went well at first and then it came..A DEAD FLY! in my wife's bubur nasi. Both my son and daughter were furious and made the complaint. We have a replacement, of course, as expected. But damaged done and it will take time for a return visit. So bro, things happened and hope we are learning from this mishaps.

OmbakHijau said...

You probably forgot about "the secret" bro ? the secret..Insyaallah you can eliminate that "Curse"...

Jingga Studies said...

ok guru, You've been tagged, check my blog!!! escape for u now...! haha...


deOughtred said...

dasat 4x je bulan nih? semoga kau sejahtera dan 'sihat' bro.. hahahaha

aiyooo... kitaaa serupaaaa... bila nak ngetest lagu headwind nih? hahahah

aduuhhh lupa laaa weekend pun kehidupan menjadi marba caca.. nak makan pun kena pakai the secret, ek? heheheh

jingga studies,
hahaha menyesal aku kasik tips... efilnikcufecinoston tol laaa...

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