Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lick your boot, toad

Those who work in company which closes its book on 31st December, this would be one of the crucial time in their career. It's appraisal time.

More often these days, we hear people doing all things they could, in this one month of the year to offset what they did (usually bad or not so good things) in the previous eleven months of the year. This includes treating their bosses for lunch or karaoke, stay back late in office even if it means staring at the blank computer screen, etc etc etc.

Found this article in "Mind Your English" (The Star), which I think the question was timely brought up in the appraisal season, or shall I call it 'the bootlicking season"?

Q: What do we call someone who's a pengampu (Bahasa Malaysia) in English?

A: You can call such a person a "flatterer", but if you want to be more colorful and say that the flattery is insincere, you can use "toady" or "sycophant" which are defined as "a person who praises and is artificially pleasant to people in authority, usually in order to get some advantage from them. More informally, such a person can be called a "bootlicker".

"Have a great LICKING weekend!"
"Have a great weekend, LICKING!"
"Have a LICKING great weekend!"


OmbakHijau said...

Hahaha..itulah dunia dude. Penuh fatamogana. Tapi orang suka buat jugak.. it's finger licking goooood..(kata atuk yg ada janggut putih sejemput tu)

deOughtred said...

bootlickers ni elok jilat jari hantu je... aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa

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