Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bam boom bang!

How did you end 2007?
Or how did you spend the last day of 2007?
Was it in such way that our Government, yes.. Malaysian Government, ended the 2007?

And how did you end 2006?
Somehow, I just couldn't recall how did I spend the last day of 2006, besides drop-dead drinking and flipping the limited list of songs to sing in Kajang, while waiting for the clock strikes 12am.

Therefore, I'd document how I spent my last day of 2006.
Simple but meaningful.
Plain but cheerful.

I had lunch with one of my bestest buddy, Henry, in our favorite 'ikan bakar, air kelapa' restaurant in Section 28, Shah Alam. About this eating place, while I was in Proton, we used to eat at the restaurant when it was still at the old location, at the corner of the junction to Kampung Bukit Lanchung. But then, the restaurant was torn down by MBSA and we just don't know where it was relocated. After I left Proton, I didn't have much chance to have lunch with or to see him. Not until about 15 months later, I asked him to try this rather-new restaurant for lunch, only to find our that it is our favorite restaurant, the relocated one. So, that's for lunch.

And nothing could beat meeting someone you've never met (physically) and clicked as soon as you met. That happened during dinner when bunch of reban taggers met krozz who's coming back from London (actually she was about to return to London already when we met her). Had lots of laughter and it's just great to actually meet someone whom before this you only know how her avatar looks like :-)

Tengok gambar atas ni...
1) Bersungguh-sungguh Lord Budak tayang souvenir magnet yang krozz beri, rupa-rupanya dia pegang terbalik.
2) Salah satu azam delinn untuk 2008 ialah untuk bergambar tanpa menampakkan giginya yang kuning itu.
3) Alangz sikat belah tengah dude...
4) Wajah kiahronggeng yang serius sebelum dia me'middle-finger'kan aku. Kesian aku
5) Last but not least, korang perati betul-betul magnet yang aku pegang tu. Itu magnet yang paling cantik dalam banyak-banyak magnet yang krozz bawak dan menjadi bahan kejelesan diorang.. hahahaha... thanks krozz!

Well, I don't need to document what I did every New Year day. It's always the same, sleep til noon and all out resting before going back to office the next day in full gear *sigh*

Happy 2nd day of New Year!


elviza said...

Dear Ade-Ade Saje,

Happy new year to you too.

By the way, the picture on atop of your blog is paradise.

Do you mind to tell me where did you get the snap from? Or rather, where did you go?

deOughtred said...

Hi elviza...
Same to you, happy new year.
The picture was taken in Pulau Perhentian, it was drizzling that time.. nice place, very nice!

elviza said...

Been there been there!!!!

A piece of heaven, that what Perhentian is

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