Sunday, June 27, 2010

165th to 171st

Minggu yang biasa-biasa saje di Johor. Cuma yang tak biasanya, semenjak World Cup started, aku masuk office sokmo 11 to 11.30am. Lepas game jam 4.30am tunggu Subuh then tidur. Tu pun, mana lah cukup setakat 4 jam je sehari. Minggu pertama World Cup tu ada problem sikit kat Astro rumah sewa aku tu. No problem, aku tengok kat kedai. Game yang jam 2.30am tu pun aku gagah pergi kedai lagi. Heheheh...

Hari Khamis, setelah follow up beberapa kali dan yang menyebabkan panik yang tidak terhingga ke atas diri aku, akhirnya, akhirnyaa.......... aku dapat surat tarikh lapor diri dari the Emerald Co. At that moment of time barulah aku dapat rasa yang aku betul-betul dah resigned dari Smokey Grey Co. dan happy gila aku time tu. So, aku akan lapor diri di pusat latihan Emerald Co. di Bangi on 1st July untuk kursus induksi selama 2 minggu. 19hb Julai barulah aku report kat bangunan tinggi tu.

Jumaat, aku cuti. Aku ada appointment kat Prince Court, check kols level aku lepas 3 bulan. The result went from very good to very bad and I'm back on medication. Doktor tanya apa aku buat dan tak buat? Aku cakap exercise macam dulu jugak, ubat tak ambik dan makan tak ingat dunia. And the doctor kata badan aku ni mungkin genetically produce cholesterol by itself. Ok, noted.

Then, aku gi collect race kit untuk Standard Chartered KL Marathon kat Stadium Titiwangsa. Pagi tadi, aku lari Half Marathon (21km), my first, my maiden Half! I did considerably well. Boleh baca kisah selanjutnya kat Deo On the Run. Happy jugak hari Ahad tu. Selain daripada aku enjoyed my run, aku jumpa ramai geng Runner-Bloggers. Ada jugak yang tegur aku, "Deo eh?" Perghhh...

Malam ni, or lepas game 4.30am nanti aku akan gerak balik ke JB untuk sehari lagi kerja di Smokey Grey Co. Nak kena surrender segala mala petaka laptop, bberry, pe lancau lagi diorang nak amik, uniform ke, amik laaa aku tak mo simpan barang-barang Smokey Grey. Heheheh...

Ok, tu je...

Friday, June 25, 2010

WC2010: Arrivederci, Italy

Champions Italy crashed out of the World Cup as first-time qualifiers Slovakia booked a surprising place in the second round after an epic game at Ellis Park.

For the third consecutive game, the Azzurri allowed an early goal and this time they never recovered. Slovakia survived a late onslaught to beat Italy 3-2, reach the Round of 16 and eliminate their illustrious opponents. A Robert Vittek double and a stoppage-time lob from substitute Kamil Kopunek proved enough for Vladimir Weiss's team to advance as Group F runners-up, after late goals from Antonio Di Natale and Fabio Quagliarella had ensured a dramatic conclusion to a thrilling contest in Johannesburg.

It was Italy’s first loss at the World Cup since allowing a golden goal to South Korea in the second round in 2002. And it marked the end of an era for Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro and Gattuso, who already announced their retirement from the national team after the tournament. Lippi is also moving on, with Cesare Prandelli already chosen as his successor.

Slovakia verdict:
Showed a distinct improvement after their defeat to Paraguay. Undoubtedly the greatest result in the country's short history. Vittek led the line well and the midfield showed fantastic energy right up to the end. Defensive errors must be cut out if further progress is to be made but it was a resolute performance and Vladimir Weiss's side fully deserve their place in the second round.

Italy verdict:
A shocking first-half display and the concession of two-goals gave them far too much to do and it was too little too late in terms of the intense pressure in the final 15 minutes of the game. Quagliarella's introduction livened things up but there were far too many underperforming players in the team, something that the any new manager must address. It was an inglorious end of the Azzurri's tenure as champions and they were woeful throughout their three-game defence of the trophy.

Never have the previous World Cup finalists both failed to advance in the next tournament when both qualified. France, which lost to Italy on penalty kicks for the 2006 title, went out earlier this week in Group A.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WC2010: Exit for Wayne Booney & Co.

Hey Wayne Boo-ney, the Queen is missing you and singing this song for you, "My Booney lies over the ocean, My Booney lies over the sea, My Booney lies over the ocean, Oh, bring back my Booney to England. Bring back, bring back, Bring back my Booney to me, to me. Bring back, bring back, Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me."

After two disappointing England performances it is crunch time for Fabio Capello and his squad with this game deciding if they are to stay on at the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ or rather return home on Thursday with their tails between their legs. Slovenia are in a far healthier position and know that a draw will be enough to carry them into the knockout rounds for the first time at a major tournament.

Or in other words, ENGLAND WILL BE SHOWN AN EARLY EXIT TONIGHT! THEY WILL FOLLOW NICHOLAS ANELKA AS THE NEXT PARTIES TO ARRIVED AT HEATHROW AIRPORT. So, English fans, throw your red carpet for your superstars, eat your arrogance, egoism, your stupid foul-mouthed Wayne Boo-ney. This was what you said before the World Cup and look for what you're facing now?!

Slovenia were not expected to create major waves at this tournament but so assuredly have they gone about their business that they find themselves in a position to create history for their country. England, on the other hand, are trying to avoid history because you have to go all the way back to 1958 for the last time they failed to advance from the initial group phase of a FIFA World Cup in which they were participating.

While Slovenia can seal their progress to the second round with a point, England need to win to be certain of progressing. In fact, they desperately need to win as nothing less than a 3-3 draw would get them through if the USA somehow contrives to draw 0-0 with Algeria. Any US win, plus an England draw and the Three Lions go home in disgrace.

In 1950, England were famously humiliated by USA - they lost to Spain and victory over Chile didn't see them qualify - while in 1958, England drew with Brazil, Soviet Union and Austria and then lost a play-off to the Soviets. These are the only two occasions England have not escaped the group stage.

England have failed to win any of their last five first round matches against a fellow European side, while Slovenia have lost just one of their last nine international games since losing 2-1 to England in a friendly in September 2009, winning seven of these matches.

The question:
It's the million-dollar question for England supporters: can they put all that has transpired over the last few days behind them and bring their performance levels back to what is expected of them? Or are they stuck in a trough of poor form?

Ohh anyway, besides fielding Mathew Upson (Mathew who?!) for the final group match, England got a boost for the big game. Did you hear that? A boost! It's the all-red strip!

England last wore an all-red strip about nine-hundred years ago, winning all four games they played in the sanguinary shirts and shorts: two in the 1962 World Cup in Chile, and in friendlies against Czechoslovakia in 1963 and Belgium in 1970. So, can the all-red strip cure England's woeful passing, inept finishing, flat movement, tactical unawareness, lack of confidence, positional indiscipline, rheumatism, whooping cough and scabies.

My verdict: England lost to or draw with Slovenia; USA beats Algeria thus knock England out of World Cup. Yeay!

WC2010: Au revoir Les Bleus...

South Africa beat France 2-1 for only their second FIFA World Cup victory, but both teams ultimately emerged losers in Bloemfontein. Carlos Alberto Parreira's team became the first host nation to fail to qualify for the tournament's second round while a miserable campaign from the French came to a predictable conclusion as they also bowed out of South Africa 2010. Bongani Khumalo and Katlego Mphela scored a goal each in the first half against 10-man France. Florent Malouda pulled one back for the French in the 70th.

Raymond Domenech made six changes to the team that had gone down to Mexico in their previous game – with captain Patrice Evra one of those dropped for leading the player strike, and gave Alou Diarra the captain’s armband against South Africa.

France started the match not cutting the kind of shape that one might expect of a team in disarray, though they were hardly playing with the fizz that might be anticipated of such a star-studded unit. A clever pass from Yoann Gourcuff, one of six new faces in les Bleus’ starting XI, created an early chance for another newcomer, Andre-Pierre Gignac, though the Toulouse striker finished tamely when well placed in the box after just three minutes. The Europeans continued to push on, but the best they could manage in their early spell was a headed flick from Djibril Cisse from the edge of the penalty box.

South Africa seemed on course for miraculous progress to the knockout stages of the World Cup but ultimately missed out after a 2-1 victory over France. Bongani Khumalo gave Bafana Bafana the lead against the run of play, and when Yoann Gourcuff was harshly dismissed midway through the first period the hosts smelled history. The impressive Katlego Mphela struck before the break, but chances were missed and when Florent Malouda pulled a goal back for their guests, the Rainbow Nation’s dream was effectively ended.

France verdict:
Dismal, farcical, embarrassing, chaotic. You could never run out of words to describe France's display at this tournament. France were woeful even before they went down to ten men and didn't get any better. You have to pity Laurent Blanc.

South Africa verdict:
After such a poor display in defeat to Uruguay, South Africa can exit the World Cup with pride with victory over the 'mighty' France. They may be the first host country to fail to emerge from their group, but they were never expected to go far. They only go out on goal difference and that, in a way, is a triumph.

Stat attack:
Thierry Henry has drawn level with Fabien Barthez in making the most World Cup appearances in French history (17).

It's just sad that France WC2010 campaign ended just after three matches. More saddening that this may be the last WC match for Thierry Henry. Hopefully he'll still be around for France in Euro 2012.

On a lighter note, France is lucky to score a goal tonight, at least they have something to show :-) and South Africa's feat of becoming the first host nation to qualify to the 2nd round may give some hope for Malaysia to bid for hosting the World Cup, as now it's ok for a host nation to bow out in the first round :-).

Anyway, au revoir
Les Bleus!. You're still my team, see you in Brazil 2014 and ohh! goodbye Domenech and welcom Laurent Blanc!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WC2010: French toast?

Zinedine Zidane said, "We all know what happened recently in the team and it does not matter to talk more about it. Even if it's very tiny, there's still a chance to go through. So France have to go for it..."

With just a single point each after their opening two games, France and South Africa meet today in the FIFA World Cup equivalent of a last throw of the dice. Although their respective hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16 appear slim, the fact remains that a victory for either Uruguay or Mexico in the other match in Group A would significantly boost the duo's prospects of progressing.

It is safe to say that France are in complete disarray. Following their drab 0-0 draw with Uruguay and 2-0 reverse against Mexico, Les Bleus stand on the precipice of a second group stage exit in the last three World Cups. The surprise run to the final in 2006 seems just a distant memory and this time around, Domenech's side do not possess the Zinedine Zidane get-out-of-jail card.

Yet France are ironically better positioned, at least in terms of the Group A standings, to progress than hosts South Africa. With just one point from their first two matches, Bafana Bafana are battling the odds to maintain the World Cup’s record of the host nation always progressing past the first round.

Les Bleus may be vulnerable, but the South African side is not in a great state coming into the game, and even victory is unlikely to be enough to push Bafana into the last 16. Not only do they need to win (probably handsomely), Carlos Alberto Parreira’s men are reliant on Uruguay or Mexico winning the group’s other game, which is played out concurrently.

The question?
Can France qualify for the Round of 16? Can France score lots of goals? Or at least do not bow out without scoring any goals? Will South Africa become the first host nation to be knocked out at the group stage?

I hope Thierry Henry will get to start in his probably last match for France. My prediction: France wins 3-0 and qualifies to the Round of 16 as Group A runner up, with Uruguay defeating Mexico 2-0. Allez Les Bleus!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Joe's story - 200610

Semalam Joe called aku, as promised two weeks ago. Aku pun macam anticipated that he will call. Siap waktu siang semalam, aku ada tanya delinn apa gossip-gossip hiburan yang aku boleh cerita kat Joe, in case dia tanya, like he did when he called last time.

True enough, memang dia tanya. Ekekeke... aku pun cerita lah kisah Azrinaz dengan Sultan Brunei tu, as suggested by delinn. Itu je pun yang aku cerita, pastu Joe siap boleh tanya, "Lagi? Itu je?" Ekekeke... aduuuhhh... I need to research more on Hollywood gossips lah, Joe kan suka gossip-gossip Hollywood ni like where the celebs dine semua tu... aku nak cerita pasal World Cup, he seems not interested. Lagipun, the way he speaks, kat dalam detention center tu pun macam diorang boleh tengok bola.

Takde apa yang kitorang borakkan semalam. Just the normal 'guys' stuffs. Heheheh... tak laa... cerita lah pasal orang baru masuk situ, perangai ada sorang mamat Somalia yang baru ni yang nak takeover role Imam kat situ. Macam-macam lah. And, yes Joe dah start exercising semula. In fact, sebelum dia called aku semalam, dia baru lepas exercise dalam sejam setengah. So, sesapa yang concern dan risau sangat serta teringat-ingat pasal 'dada' Joe tu, don't worry ye.

Joe also mentioned, semalam was exactly 2 months since dia kena detained. And since the last hearing, takde siapa-siapa (maksud aku from the legal side) yang datang jumpa dia to advise about the next hearing or process ke apa ke. Aku tanya soalan ni sebab selalu dalam tv shows, lawyers kan selalu datang melawat clients diorang kan? Hehehe... so, Joe tunggu 20 Julai ni je lah untuk the next hearing.

Aku ada jugak tanya Joe, dia puasa sunat tak 1 Rejab lepas and he was kind of loss with the hijri date. *kesian dia* So, aku pun beritahu lah sekarang dah 7 Rejab. Next time dia called, aku kena mentioned to him, "Joe, today is bersamaan ..." heheheh...

Oh, last time waktu dia called, dia ada cerita sorang mamat cina Malaysia who stayed illegally in New York masuk ke situ jugak. Couple of days after that, Joe baru dapat tahu yang dia ni Malaysian, tapi tak sempat nak beramah mesra sebab he was released on bail. Aku terlupa nak cerita pasal ni dalam previous entry.

Itu je lah, yang lain-lain tu kitorang cerita pasal breakfast apa, hari Ahad semalam apa aktiviti kitorang, aku cerita pasal aku nak balik KL, tu je lah. And he said he will call in two weeks' time. *sempatlah kot aku buat research pasal gossip artis ni....*

Friday, June 18, 2010

WC2010: Germany 0, Serbia 1

Milan Jovanovic blasted home a 38th-minute winner from close range two minutes after Germany striker Miroslav Klose had been sent off, and Wigan keeper Stojkovic saved a second-half Lukas Podolski penalty to blow Group D wide open as Serbia edged Germany 1-0 at Port Elizabeth Stadium. The result means that Germany, beaten in a FIFA World Cup™ group game for the first time since 1986, remain top of Group D on goal difference, Ghana and Serbia all now have three points, while Australia are yet to get off the mark.

Klose's afternoon reached an early end eight minutes before half-time, however, when following an earlier booking, he received a second yellow card for bringing down Dejan Stankovic from behind, and was duly sent off. Serbia capitalised immediately. Krasic outstripped his marker down the right, got to the byline, and crossed to the back post, where Zigic was hovering. The towering striker nodded the ball back across goal and into the path of Jovanovic, who took it on his chest and fired acrobatically past Manuel Neuer from five yards.

Germany raced out of the blocks following the start of the second half. Bastian Schweinsteiger almost went through on goal, but Vidic made a sliding challenge to avert the danger. Oezil then slid Podolski in only for the Cologne ace to power his shot into the side-netting from eight yards. Poldi had a far better opportunity to put his side back on level terms on the hour mark. Vidic unnecessarily handled Arne Friedrich's cross inside the box, and the referee pointed to the spot, handing the Manchester United centre-back a yellow card. Podolski tried to pass the ball into the bottom corner, but Stojkovic flung himself down to his left and pulled off a great save.

Germany verdict:
Until the sending off they were excellent, but Klose's dismissal changed everything. Niggly fouls and tiredness played their part, but they continued to attack throughout, although the sense of injustice following the red card stopped them from focusing on getting back in the game.

Serbia verdict:
Extremely lucky in both the sending off and the penalty save, Serbia knuckled down once they had a man advantage and offered very little by way of attacking intent. The result was all that mattered for them, but it was disappointing to see them fail to take control once Klose was off.

Could do better:
Lukas Podolski - An incisive runner, Podolski was a threat down the left but all too often missed his chances to get Germany back in the game. The focal point of the attack after the sending off, his penalty was poor and his attitude was not impressive either.

Stat attack:
Germany's last non-shootout penalty miss in the World Cup was by Uli Hoeness in 1974 versus Poland.

My boss said (after all his analyses), Germany will play Argentina in this year's final. However, if both teams come out champion in their respective group, they will only meet in the Quarter Final. Therefore, one team has to come out second in its group. An early sent-off, missed penalty kick and a narrow loss for the Germans seems like all pointing to the Germany-Argentina. :-)

WC2010: France 0, Mexico 2

France, FIFA World Cup finalists in 2006, are on the verge of crashing out of the 2010 event after losing 2-0 to Mexico in Polokwane's Peter Mokaba Stadium. Substitutes Javier Hernandez and Cuauhtemoc Blanco grabbed the goals as El Tri moved to within touching distance of the last 16 with a deserved win over Raymond Domenech’s lacklustre side.

Just nine minutes after coming off the bench the 22-year-old Hernandez, who will officially move to Old Trafford from Chivas in a £7 million deal next month, sprang the offside trap to race on to Rafael Marquez's pass, round goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and coolly slot home. Veteran striker and cult hero Cuauhtemoc Blanco sealed victory with a 79th-minute penalty. It was Mexico's first win over France at senior level and no less than they deserved after a performance full of vigour and attacking invention.

France verdict:
Insipid and lacking ambition once again, the team look completely out of sorts and are not helped by some bizarre decisions from their coach. Playing Franck Ribery behind a lone striker, there was nothing in the final third to suggest that they were ever going to break the deadlock and Mexico were comfortable throughout. Keeping Sidney Govou in the side did not work and talisman Thierry Henry, again, warmed the bench.

Mexico verdict:
Fluid on the ball and lively up front, their positive attitude embarrassed a French side that many expected to come out on top of the group. El Tri have some tough defenders to win the ball back and attack with gusto when they have possession. Quick, exciting and full of running, they deserve a place in the second round based on their first two performances.

Could do better:
William Gallas - While his defensive partner Eric Abidal gave away a stonewall penalty in the second half, Gallas contributed to the first goal with a poor attempt at playing offside. However, his crowning moment in the match was when he decided to let Salcido shoot instead of closing him down in the box and he was lucky it was hit straight at Hugo Lloris.

Stat attack:
Since Zindine Zidane's retirement after the World Cup final in 2006, France are without a win in their five matches at international tournaments and they have not scored a World Cup goal outside Europe since Michel Platini's strike against Brazil in the 1986 quarter-finals.

The odds are heavily stacked against les Bleus still being in the competition in a week’s time. With Mexico and Uruguay both on four points and France and South Africa on one, a draw between the group leaders in their final game would ensure they go through and see France fall at the first hurdle.

France can still advance if they beat South Africa at least 3-0 while Uruguay has to beat Mexico 2-0. Qualifying to the R16 is one thing, another thing is, would France go out of the world Cup without scoring a goal? Again, just like they did in 2002?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

WC2010: No margin for error in Polokwane

The Question...
France’s goalless opener was the third time they started a major finals in this fashion under boss Domenech. At Germany 2006 they recovered to go all the way to the Final, while at UEFA EURO 2008 they fell at the first hurdle. Which path will they follow at South Africa 2010?

After a lacklustre display in their goalless opener against Uruguay, France coach Raymond Domenech still appears unsure as to his best formation. Favouring a 4-3-3 system in pre-tournament warm-up action, Les Bleus’ supremo opted for a 4-5-1 against La Celeste. Now though, he is expected to push midfielder Yoann Gourcuff closer to central striker Nicolas Anelka and flank the Chelsea man with club-mate Florent Malouda and Franck Ribery.

Intriguingly, while France have won just one of their five games in 2010, they have never been beaten by Mexico at senior level, with three of the sides’ six meetings coming at FIFA World Cup finals.

Over in the Mexican camp, the aim is to improve on the wayward finishing shown in the 1-1 draw with South Africa. Clearly unhappy with his charges’ display, El Tri coach Javier Aguirre is set to start Andres Guardado in place of Paul Aguilar, though young tyros Carlos Vela, Efrain Juarez and Giovani dos Santos are expected to keep their starting berths. Mexico are bidding to improve on a record of just one win from eight encounters with European nations at the finals.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

WC2010: Can Messi triumph for La Albiceleste?

All eyes will be on Argentina ace Lionel Messi to see if he can inspire La Albiceleste (light blue and whites) to their first world crown since Mexico 1986. Football reporters have been running out of words to describe the improbably gifted Barcelona wizard, and should La Pulga (The Flea) turn it on in South Africa, he will no doubt have them – along with bemused defenders – scratching their heads again.

My prediction:
Argentina will advance at least to the Semi Final to play the Spaniards. If they win the semi final tie, they will play the final against either Brazil or England/France.

151st to 157th: Penang pulak

Belum reda keriangan trip KT, blog updates yang ada 4 siri pun baru habis, lemak dari makan di KT pun tak habis bakar lagi, aku dah kena bersiap sedia untuk ke Penang. It was another long weekend with Friday being replacement to King's birthday on Saturday.

Rabu tu mood shopping aku yang tak taper down lagi since KB trip dulu continued with aku shop a pair of slip-in shoes dan a 3-day backpack untuk trip ke Penang. Beg tu kena beli sebab kalau nak bawak yang 2-day backpack tu takut tak muat pulak barang-barang. Pastu takkan nak bawak campers' backpack, macam tak sesuai je nak naik flight, duk hotel mewah, bukannya nak buat outdoor activities pun. Then, takkan aku nak bawak 7-day trolley bag aku, over lah pulak kan?

Khamis tu, aku dah rasa seronok jugaklah nak ke luar daerah JB yang maha bosan ni. Malam tu dinner, aku makan maggi in cup yang aku bawak balik dari KT. Aku tak sure siapa punya yang tertinggal di homestay tu, so aku bawak balik. Tengah malam tu, perut aku memulas-mulas, rasa maggi tu di tekak, nak terkeluar balik, atas bawah. Badan rasa tak sedap, rasa macam nak demam.

Aku teringat waktu business trip di Taipei tahun 2006 dulu, aku naik je shuttle bus dari airport ke hotel, kepala aku berpusing-pusing, nak terkeluar jugak atas bawah. Bila sampai kat hotel, belum sempat check-in lagi aku dah rushed to the toilet, muntah cukup segala pakej. Sampaikan somebody from the hotel checked for me in the toilet and helped me to my room. Aku tak sure siapa check-in kan untuk aku, sampai bilik je, aku terus tidur. The next day, aku ok je.

So, based from the experience, I know that I've to forge whatever inside my stomach out that night, sleep and hoping I'll be ok the next morning. Malam tu, ada dekat 2 jam, 5 kali ulang alik masuk toilet. Lepas dah rasa macam dah lega perut aku, minum 100 Plus, tidur. And the next morning, tadaaaa... ok dah and I was ready to fly to Penang.

Flight JB-KL yang originally scheduled at 9.20am was brought earlier to 8.20am, in the end still delay by 20 minutes. Aku tak faham Air Asia ni punya delay, takkan first flight out pun boleh delay. Dan of course lah the rest of the flights that day akan delay punya. Sampai di LCCT, aku ada lebih kurang 3 hours before flight KL-JB. Aku lepak kat Starbucks je, a time well spent. Went to departure hall early only to find out the flight is delayed, again.

Aku sampai di Penang lebih kurang jam 3.15pm, settledkan kereta sewa aku (dapat upgrade from Saga to MyVi!), then off me go touring Penang. Mulanya nak pekena Nasi Kandar Hameediyah, tapi Jumaat tutup pulak. So, aku ingat nak pergi area Padang Kota je lah sebab aku pun tak lunch lagi. Tah macam mana, aku panik sikit jalan Penang waktu tu dengan tak syoknya sebab kena drive while traveling, I lost my way.

In the end, aku rasa better head to Batu Ferringhi dan check-in je lah. Aku terikut jalan Balik Pulau which the last time aku lalu waktu LTdL tahun 2000 dulu. Mulanya aku menyumpah jugak lah dengan jalan jauh, berbukit, jalan tengah construction. But in the end, it was a blessing in disguise, banyak gilaaaaaaaa durian time aku lalu tu. Eventhough I knew durian Balik Pulau is one of the most famous durian, I've never had it before. So, I made a stop in one of the stalls, makan sebijik durian "Isi tembaga", bak kata tokey tu.

Tak boleh makan banyak time tu sebab perut kosong, so aku decided to tapau, for my family who'll be arriving in Sg Petani the next day, only after been guaranteed by the tokey that he'll pack and wrap nicely so that it won't smell. Yelah, terang-terang kereta sewa tu dah mentioned, "no durian allowed", pastu tau lah most hotels ada "no durian" policy jugak kan? Dapatlah aku tapau dalam 4 bekas plastik, tu 5 biji durian semua sekali rasanya.

Lepas checked-in di Hydro Hotel, Miami Beach in Batu Ferringhi, rehat jap di hotel, enjoying the very nice sea view, time sunset pulak tu. Bilik hotel pun dapat free upgrade jugak dari superior ke deluxe, I loike...

Dah dekat jam 8pm aku pun turun, perut dah lapar, plannya nak jalan-jalan di night market. Tapi, bila sampai kat lobby je, aku tengok hujan punyalah lebatnya. Lepak kejap di lobby, ada live performance seawal jam 8am lagi.

Bila hujan dah perlahan sikit, aku start kereta, menuju ke area night market tu lah. Tapi hujan turun lebat balik, aku pun teh tarik je lah di one of the mamaks there. Dan sampai ke jam 10pm hujan masih lebat. Takde rezeki nak berpasar malam, malam tu. Dalam hujan lebat tu, aku meredah pergi HRC tengok live band. Memang best band yang perform malam tu, crowd pun best very sporting. Aku lepak sampai jam 2am.

Then, it's dinner time, aku pun bergerak menuju ke area Masjid Kapitan Keling, nak cari nasi kandar Beratoq, depa kata. Dapppp.... dan jam 2.30am pun orang dok beratoq lagi kat situ!

The next day, lepas breakfast, aku ronda-ronda Miami Beach, then gi cari internet cafe sebab nak check-in flight aku the next day, gi HR Shop tengok any souvenirs to buy, which semuanya aku tak berselera sebab ada tulis 'Penang', kan? Apa barang??? when you can get HR merchandise at least from 'Bali' or even 'London'? Snap gak gambar sikit-sikit...

About 12.30pm after checking out, my brother informed that the family was still in Sg. Perak rest area. And me thinking... still have time for another dose of nasi kandar, this time in Hameediyah, Campbell Street. Aku pun headed for Georgetown, mencari-cari jugak Campbell Street. Aku ni buta jugak lah jalan Penang ni. Then, aku terpassed by satu Hamidiyah, tiga kali aku pusing situ nak cari parking, only to find out that it's in McAlister Road, not Campbell Street. Huh! Nasib tak tertipu.

Akhirnya sampai juga aku di Campbell Street. Kebetulan hari tu hari cuti, kedai banyak tutup, so ample parking by the road side. Memang dapppppppp woooooo NK Hameediyah ni... ni lah rupa kedai dan nasi kandar nya.

So, verdict for nasi kandar Beratoq dan Hameediyah = best! meletop! Both are worth trying, sedap in different ways. And, it's not fair to compare NK Vanggeh in Ipoh sebab itu pun sedap in different way.

Lepas melantak nasi kandar, aku just jalan ke Pasar Chowrasta, nak tengok buah pala dan jeruk. Aku singgah di satu kedai ni, dia tulis dia pakai gula pasir. Pastu ada free gift pulak. Dan nampak jeruk-jeruk di kedai tu bersih je rupanya. Dan memang sedap pun jeruk kat kedai ni, aku ada tapau jeruk anggur bawak balik JB. Tak sakit tekak bila makan, tak macam jeruk anggur beli kat KB dulu.

Mulanya aku nak beli sikit untuk mak aku, dan kakak serta kakak ipar aku je. Tapi aku terfikir, kalau beli banyak, boleh jugak mak aku jamu time buat kerja kawen next week. So, aku ended up in buah pala and jeruk shopping spree, terbang jugak lah dekat RM100. Dapat free gift, sebotol minyak buah pala. Aku pun tak tau apa kegunaan minyak buah pala ni. Inilah hasil tangkapan aku di Pasar Chowrasta tu.

Then, aku terus gerak ke Sg Petani where my family was staying in a homestay in Laguna Merbuk. Sampai je di homestay tu, they were busy preparing for the akad nikah ceremony after Asar. I was telling them bout my nasi kandar experience and everybody was drooling and planned to go to Penang after the akad ceremony. They liked the durian I tapau-ed and mom had the same idea with me of serving buah pala/jeruk during kerja kawen.

After asar, we headed to one mosque in Sg Lalang area for the akad nikah of my brother. Alhamdulillah, all went smoothly and he's now a married 'boy', ekekekeke.... Lepas a small reception di rumah pengantin perempuan, kitorang pun balik semula ke homestay, still with plan to go to Penang for nasi kandar. Lepas Isyak, sorang-sorang designated driver 'tumbang' kepenatan. I was asleep as early as 8.40pm, dekat atas carpet, sebelah tempat diorang buat gubahan pengantin je. Penat sangat kah? Atau kenyang sangat?

The next morning, masih ada cadangan-cadangan liar nak breakfast nasi kandar di Penang, sebelum majlis bersanding tengahari tu. Tapi, logistically it's not recommended to go to Penang that morning, kitorang decided to have breakfast at the nearby Nashmir je, but still ada yang makan nasi kandar. Kemaruk tul! LOL!

At around 1pm, bergerak je rumah pengantin perempuan, bersanding sikit-sikit, then makan and I had to rush to Penang airport by 1.45pm to catch my 4.20pm flight. Sampai Penang airport with ample time to return the car, window shop sesikit, and boarding. By 6.15pm dah sampai di rumah di JB. *bosan*

This week, another short working-week and traveling week as I'll be going back to Ipoh on Wednesday night. Another weekend out of the maha-boring-JB!

Monday, June 07, 2010

World Cup stars injury spree

Ivory Coast captain Didier Drogba has undergone a successful operation on his fractured elbow although his team did not say whether he would be able to play at the World Cup. The 32-year-old striker was injured during Friday's 2-0 friendly win over Japan.

If Drogba, who have scored 43 goals in 67 appearances and Premier league top scorer this season with Chelsea, misses the World Cup it would be a huge blow to the Ivorians, who have been transformed from a middle-ranking team to a major force in African football since Drogba came on to the scene.

World Cup injury scares continued yesterday when Uruguay striker Diego Forlan appeared to injure his left foot during training. England defender and captain Rio Ferdinand and midfielders Michael Ballack from Germany and Michael Essien of Ghana have been ruled out of the month-long tournament that kicks off June 11 in South Africa.

And The Netherlands, among the favorites heading into this week's World Cup, arrived in South Africa on Sunday without Arjen Robben after the standout winger limped off the field less than three minutes from the end of his team's final warmup match the day before. Robben came on as a second-half substitute and scored twice in a 6-1 win over Hungary before hurting his left hamstring.

After an examination Sunday, doctors said the injury isn't as serious as originally feared and Robben is expected to join his teammates in South Africa sometime this week. The Netherlands opens group play June 14 against Denmark.

Earlier, Nigeria's midfielder John Mikel Obi was replaced after underwent a knee surgery in May and Italy's playmaker Andrea Pirlo is also out of the World Cup after injuring his left calf in an exhibition loss to Mexico, and not to forget England's David Beckham who suffered a major Achilles injury during AC Milan's Serie A encounter with Chievo in March, ending his hopes of featuring in a fourth World Cup.

Others on injury list - England's defender Matthew Upson (high temperature), Portugal's winger Nani (shoulder), Brazil's goalkeeper Julio Cesar (back), American striker Jozy Altidore (right ankle), Brazil's left back Michel Bastos (ankle) and England's goalkeeper David James (knee), Honduras' midfielder Wilson Palacios (shin), Mexico's Rafael Marquez.

Panini World Cup 2010 Sticker Album

Ok, my World Cup sticker album is almost finished. I've requested from Voila to purchase some missing stickers.

I have a lot, I really mean a lot of extra/duplicate stickers to sell to anybody who is interested. For list of stickers in my possession, please click here.

Those who're interested for any of the stickers, let me know by leaving your contact (email/hp number) in the comment box below or email to me at

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Joe's story - 060610

Somehow, I placed my phone on standby, in case Joe would call. The last time he called, he said he would call again in two weeks time. And yes, he called around 9.30pm and we talked about 33 minutes.

Mula-mula perbualan kitorang, Joe yang tanya aku apa cerita? Aku cakaplah takde cerita apa, aku baru balik dari Penang, dan Geng Rebanamaya baru balik dari KT trip last weekend. Pastu dia tanya lagi cerita kat Malaysia. Aku tanya balik, kau nak cerita apa? Politik ke? Joe cakap, ceritalah sape-sape mati ke? Laa... pastu dia sambung, "cerita-cerita artis ke?" Hehehe... bukan aku laa the right person nak cerita pasal artis. so, aku cerita sikit pasal the recent cabinet reshuffle, after MCA presidential election, then the by-election in Sibu dan jugak pasal Rachel Cory tu.

As for him, nothing much happened in the last 2 weeks. Dia masih menunggu the second hearing sometimes in later this month. Dan Joe ada sebut, dah 45 hari dah dia kat situ. Anyway, Joe masih berharap dia akan dapat balik ke Malaysia sebelum puasa ni tapi dia tak rule out the possibility yang dia akan ada kat situ sampai bulan Oktober.

Yang jadi panjang perbualan kitorang tu lepas aku tanya, "Kau nakal lagi tak?" Dia gelak je. Lepas tu dia start bercerita pasal budak-budak Islam Unit dia yang asalnya ada 8 orang, tapi sekarang tinggal 6 orang je sebab seorang dah released dan seorang lagi pulak, dari Sierra Leone dah converted to Christian sebab he kind of losing hope to God for not releasing them from detention center despite praying every day. Hmmm...

6 orang yang tinggal tu, kira golongan minoriti lah kat situ, as compared to berbagai-bagai mazhab penagnut agama Christian kat situ. Lepas tu pulak Christians kat situ, geng baik-baik, jenis tangan tak lekang dengan bible, pastu dok baca bible most of the time. Time solat Jumaat, barulah yang 6 orang Islam kat unit Joe ni dapat campur dengan orang-orang Islam unit lain, so dapatlah jemaah dalam 60 orang.

Yang minoriti 6 orang ni pulak, macam-macam karakternya. Dengan mamat Iran yang tah lain betul bacaan solat dia dan ajak puasa sunat hari Jumaat, pastu bila ditegur, mula tak nak bercakap sesama diorang dan tak nak solat sekali, dengan mamat Bosnianya yang tak pandai solat langsung. Cuma ada sorang ni lah mamat Somalia yang baik, lembut je orangnya, yang boleh jadi contoh lah.

Joe ada cerita sikit pasal savings dia, how much he has with nekrock dan his investment online, forex and whatever yang dia pernah cerita kat blog dia dulu. Cara dia cakap tu, memang he's really thinking about coming home to Malaysia dan aku rasa dia ada lah congak-congak apa dia nak buat nanti. Cuma he mentioned he would have to come back with lot less of money than what he envisioned lah. Tapi dia kata that's secondary lah for now, dia lebih risaukan pasal nak balik ke Malaysia.

Since Sempoii ada tanya kat aku hari tu pasal David dengan King Mongkut, aku pun tanyalah kat Joe. Joe kata, malam dia kena tangkap tu, lepas diorang soal siasat dia, termasuk dia kerja kat mana, siapa majikan dia semua, diorang did call David dan diorang informed Joe yang David had confirmed that Joe worked for them. So, Joe pun takde care to inform them again. Aku assume David dengan King Mongkut would already have Joe's replacement lah kot.

Lastly aku sempat gak tanya, whether anyone in his family tahu pasal cerita dia ni? Dia kata tak, pastu dia start tersedih. Aku tanyalah kalau dia perlukan anyone of us to assist him to inform this to his family? Pastu dia cakap, dia tak nak sedih lah, waktu dia baru-baru masuk dulu, dia dah puas bersedih, so, dia tak nak sedih-sedih dah (sedih bila bercakap pasal keluarga, kot?). So, aku cakaplah ok ok no problem, just let anyone of us kalau dia rasa perlu.

Itu je lah yang sempat kitorang sembang. Ok, kalau dia call lagi, aku update lagi. Kalau korang nak tanya apa-apa kat dia, boleh lah letak dalam komen, nanti aku try tanya Joe.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Demam Waka Waka

Demam! Demam!! Demam!!!

Just a week, exactly a week away, the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa will kick off. I'm already in mood, everything set - France World Cup special edition banner for this blog is already up, France number 12 jersey is already in the wardrobe ready to be worn on match day, profile pictures in all social networking sites have been changed appropriately to the World Cup theme, what else...

Err... where are my pillows?? Pillows please!!!!

What the heck, who needs pillows eventhough you've to stay up all night (in this region of the world) to watch early morning matches?! Aaa... no wonder England will be booted our early this year, Rooney is so homesick he even brought his pillow to South Africa!

Go Les Bleus!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

144th to 150th: Cerita KT Empat! Last one...

Ok ni last punya entry pasal trip ke KT hari tu, janji! Ekekeke... anyway, walaupun dah 4 hari sejak meninggalkan KT, tapi ke'warm'an trip tu masih terasa lah, masih terbayang-bayang Mitsubishi Grandis di depan mata, badan pun masih rasa terbuai-buai macam waktu naik bot, kain-kain batik kat rumah pun masih ditenung-tenung lagi (selagi tak hantar ke tailor dan selagi dah dibahagi-bahagikan lah hasil tangkapan tu).

Pagi Ahad tu, kitorang siap-siap semua, tunggu hos bawak gi breakfast nasi dagang (phewww... at last! save the best for last kot?!). On the way ke Chendering nak makan nasi dagang tu, kitorang tersinggah kat Kuala Ibai, tempat jual keropok keping. Sedapp katanya, tah le aku belum try, belum goreng lagi. Ingatkan tempat jual beli je, rupanya tempat buat keropok keping sekali, macam IKS.

So, merasa lah kali ni IKS keropok keping, kat KB dulu IKS buat batik. Sempat le tengok keropok sebelum dipotong, macam french loaf rupanya pun ada, sempatlah beramah mesra dengan Pok Ali, amik gambar bagai. Siap Pok Ali kata nanti masuk facebook, ekekeke... Ni gambar diorang tengah menyusun kepingan-kepingan keropok untuk dijemur (kot?) Surprisingly, aku tak nampak lalat pun kat situ, tebuan je ada sekor.

Yang ni, keropok loaves sebelum dipotong menjadi keping-kepingan keropok....

Kalau korang lalu Kuala Ibai, nak beli keropok keping, boleh cari tempat ni, dia dekat-dekat dengan Istana Badariah. Nama tempatnya, Keropok Pak Da Endut Mak Da Selmih, atau call Pok Ali 019-9092754.

Lepas tu, baru lah dapat breakfast nasi dagang di Chendering, aku tak ingat nama kedainya, tapi memang penuh laa tempat tu. Kerpok lekor dia sedap, pulut panggang/lepe pun sedap (too bad ada sikit je yang tinggal hari tu), dan of course nasi dagang nya yang sedap... dan mengenyangkan walaupun portionnya nampak sikit. Tak sempat aku nak amik gambar nasi dagang sebelum, cuma ada selepas je... ni gambar gulai ikan tongkol lepas Angah dah belasah kepalanya. Dari gambar ni, verdictnya surelah DAPPPP kan?!!! 2 thumbs up!

Lepas dah breakfast, back to KT untuk last round shopping mania. On the way tu, singgah di Keropok Lekor 3-007. Aku rasa famous kedai ni. Asalnya, kitorang nak order yang dekat Kg Losong tapi order dah full, hari tu ramai gila buat tempahan. So, aku rasa 007 ni the next best after Losong lah. Boleh lah tahan rasanya, aku dah goreng dah, much better than we normally find dekat pasar malam lah. Hehehe... macam-macam jenis keropok ada jual kat sini, macam dalam gambar ni tapi kitorang pilih keropok lekor yang direbus saja untuk dibawa balik.

Lepas tengok Sempoii kat KT Specialist, kitorang proceed ke Pasar Payang. Surprisingly, dalam takde apa yang menarik dan tertarik untuk dibeli hari sebelumnya menjadi a complete turnaround pulak hari tu. Aduuuhhhh segala benda yang aku nampak, semuanya aku suka. Even, sebelum aku naik tangga Pasar payang tu pun, aku dah terbeli satu cincin batu JJ untuk disesuaikan dengan baju melayu aku yang warna hijau.

Bila dah naik ke Pasar Payang tu, kain batik marble yang semalamnya aku tengok macam tak cung, tetiba je jadi cung hari ni. Mungkin sebab semalamnya, Sempoii panggil kain batik tu, kain batik tanah liat. Tapi, the next day, Angah sebut kain batik marble. Of course laa marble sounds more attractive daripada tanah liat kan? So, aku rembatlah dalam 5 helai.

Pastu mata aku tertarik-tarik pulak tengok songket. Walaupun dah beli kat KB hari tu, tak pakai pun lagi hati aku macam cakap, "beli lah beli lah..." Lagipun everytime aku tunjuk kat mak aku songket yang aku baru beli, mak aku akan cakap, "Takpe beli songket boleh simpan, pakai ganti-ganti..." Ye lah ganti-ganti setahun dua kali. Ekekeke.... Aku terbeli sehelai ni yang simpler daripada the one bought in KB tapi RM10 lebih mahal. Memang ada orang kata songket Terengganu lagi mahal dari songket Kelantan (nak sedapkan hati... ekekekek). Ni songket yang aku beli.

Bila dah beli songket tu, rasa macam dah le, tapi still hati macam tak puas hati. Lalu kat kedai lain, mata ni dok perati lagi kain-kain songket. Sampai laa kat satu kedai songket ni, aku tengok boleh tahan songket-songket situ tapi aku tak singgah pun kedai tu. Bila aku dah kat kedai sebelah, baru aku ternampak dari kejauhan akan keindahan satu songket ni yang tersergam tergantung kat kedai tadi. Dan harganya boleh tahan tersergam jugak lah. Ekekekeke...

In the end, lepas aku usap-usap, belai-belai dan kutampakkan songket tu ke kulitku, aku pun bargain lah dengan tuan kedai tu. Dan aku rasa aku dapat harga yang berpatutanlah demi hatiku yang telah jatuh dengan songket tu, cinta pandang pertama agaknya. Heheheh...

Tu je lah yang aku beli, tertiris-tiris lah jugak poket aku. Lepas shopping mania tu, balik semula ke homestay, packing siap nak balik ni. Then, ke rumah PO untuk tea session (ribena session, actually ekekekeke). Lebih kurang jam 4.30pm ke 5pm macam tu, diorang hantar aku balik ke homestay sebab bas aku jam 8.30pm, then diorang gerak balik ke KL. Around 7.45pm, PO amik aku dan hantar ke bus stand KT, to catch my bus back to JB (yang bosan tu).

So, overall memang best gile aaa trip nih. Thanks to the host, PO, yang sempoi walaupun baru baik demam dan kesakitan kaki lepas balik mencandat, dan Kabas Rebanamaya yang never failed to make a simplest itinerary something enjoyable and unforgettable.

Kalau korang nak baca updates lain trip KT ni, boleh click kat blog Angah kat sini atau blog delinn kat sini dan sini dan sini ataupun korang boleh tengok gambar kat photobucket aku kat sini atau picasa delinn kat sini.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

144th to 150th: Cerita KT Tiga!

Fuhh... banyak lagi nak cerita ni.

Lepas kitorang balik dari laut/mencandat pagi tu, breakfast dulu, makan roti canai. Masssehhhh tak dapat nasi dagang yang ditunggu-tunggu! Tapau roti canai untuk surirumah-surirumah yang menanti hasil tangkapan di rumah. Lepas Sempoii buat check-up kat Klinik 1Malaysia, aku ikut Arc, delinn, Aisyah dengan Sempoii ke Pasar Payang, menjamu mata dan membantu menjana ekonomi negeri Terengganu. Hehehe...

Rush jugak waktu menengok-nengok benda kat Pasar Payang hari tu sebab lepas Zuhur, cadangnya nak lunch then ke Taman Tamadun Islam. Dan tak tau laa kenapa macam tak mari je mood nak menyopping hari tu. Dalam hati aku berkata, "Cukuplah cash yang aku bawak ni, berlebih-lebih agaknya..." Kita nantikan cukup ke tak cukup, hehehe...

Macam kat KB dulu, at our first shopping stop, aku ended up dengan ikan kering je. This time pun, aku ended up dengan foods, bukan ikan kering, tapi serunding daging. Itu sahaja. Dalam perjalanan ke parking dari Pasar Payang tu, rasa macam tak puas hati je sebab tak beli apa-apa sangat.

Siap sampai ke kedai emas pun aku dok tengok lagi apa-apa benda yang aku boleh beli, cincin ke apa ke kan? Tak puas sebab tak beli apa-apa. Anyway, sampai dekat tempat kereta kitorang park, ada pulak sorang makcik bukak payung, jual baju-baju santai dan blouse batik.

Sementara menunggu kereta sejuk heheheh... kitorang pun tengok-tengoklah barang kat makcik tu, boleh tahan jugaklah blouse batik situ, harga pun ok, aku rasa lah... so, aku rembat 3 blouse untuk kakak dan kakak ipar aku, satu lagi untuk... errr... takpelah, dan sehelai baju ala-ala santai (dan jarang menampakkan puting) untuk aku. Ni hasil tangkapan aku right outside where our car was parked. Lumayan tak?

While delinn, arc dengan Aisyah dah ready masuk kereta sebab yang geng-geng lain dah ready tunggu kitorang nak lunch sekali, aku masih dok melayan sempoii yang tak habis-habis lagi nak memborong blouse. Habis dikiranya adik-beradik dia, figuring what sizes they wear. Siap sempoii boleh tanya makcik tu, "Adik beradik saya berapa orang ye?" dan makcik tu boleh pulak jawab, "Adik beradik saya sembilan orang..." hehehe...

Terpaksa juga kitorang guna kekerasan dan ugutan supaya sempoii finished up her buying supaya tak terganggu aktiviti-aktiviti seterusnya. Too bad that it was the last time this trip that sempoii shopping di Passar Payang lagi sebab malam tu dia admitted kat KT Specialist Hospital. Sedih pulak aku jadinya, especially bila tengok gambar ni, bila Sempoii acting as if dia yang menjual kekacang tu. Ni pun lepas aku rasa setengah jam dia memilih souvenir untuk satu sekolah anak dia. Huhuhu....

Lepas lunch di Medan Selera Batu Burok, kitorang ke Taman Tamadun Islam. Tujuan asal - sila ingat ye, tujuan asal, nak melawat Masjid Kristal, Taman Tamadun Islam dan naik river cruise.

Cuma, tujuan asal tu telah dipinda lepas geng-geng ni nampak a big signage "Barang Terus dari Kilang" or something like that. Dan apa yang dari kilang tu? Kain batik ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.... dan ada pulak sale waktu tu, lebih murah dari yang dijual di Pasar Payang ataupun di Pasar Siti Khadijah. Apa lagi?

Tarikan keindahan Masjid Kristal pun tak dapat menandingi tarikan keindahan batik kan? So, ada laa dekat sejam (atau sejam lebih??) kitorang mengappreciate keindahan batik kat situ (macam wine appreciation jugak laa batik ni...) dan tertangkap lah aku dengan batik ni (batik crepe overlay), untuk aku buat baju batik aku. Dulu kat KB dan dapat sehelai. Huhuhu... tapi, aku suka laa... heheheh

Lepas dah berjaya mendapat hasil tangkapan, aku gi solat sekejap kat Masjid Kristal. Nak tengok jugak apa yang bestnya. Cantik laa bagi aku tapi functionality macam tak kena je. Mungkin jugak too crowded with visitors waktu tu, ada pulak satu kumpulan nak buat majlis akad nikah. Time aku solat, geng-geng makcik kumpulan pengantin tu borak punya kuat lah, dah le diorang lepak kat 5 atau 6 saf dari depan.

Keluar dari Masjid Kristal tu, dapat news yang tiket untuk river cruise dah habis. Aku tak laa ralat sangat sebab susah-susah sangat, aku gi je river cruise kat Kuala Kangsar pun boleh. Hehehe. Kitorang terus masuk Taman Tamadun Islam je lah. Sewa buggy yang 7 orang, dan aku sama LB sewa basikal. Ni gambar dua budak perempuan ponteng sekolah, diorang dah hijacked basikal aku dan LB.

Pada aku, bagus jugak lah TTI ni, macam round the world in half an hour. Boleh tengok masjid-masjid di dunia. Ada Masjidil Haram, Masjid Nabawi, Taj Mahal dan banyak lagi lah... banyak gambar yang aku ambik, nanti aku upload kan. Ni gambar aku berlatarbelakangkan Taj Mahal. Mahal woo gambar nih! Mahal sebab baju "nombor 2" tu ke agaknya? Heheheh...

Anyway, waktu kat replika Kubbah AS-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqqaddis, LB suruh kitorang posing depan replika tu. Sekali, brader yang jaga replika tu, yang bagi penerangan tentang masjid tu, kasik aku pakai jubah dia. Heheheh... rasa macam tok arab je aku jadinya, cuma jambang aku nak kena sikat sikit aaa. Siapkan Sempoii nak dekat-dekat dengan aku, amik gambar sekali, aku cakap, "Harammm harammm..." Ekekeke... amacam? Smart tak aku pakai jubah?

Lepas TTI, kitorang balik siap-siap, malam tu PO bawak gi Bukit Tunggal makan sotong dan ikan bakar, dapp!!! Gambarnya ada kat entry semalam kan? Tu je yang sempat amik, sebab tak menyempat-nyempat nak membedal sotong. Hehehehe...

Okeh, aku dah penat update ni. Esok sambung lagi lah cerita KT ni. Last round punya...

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