Thursday, January 10, 2008


I received an sms from a familiar number...

I expected nothing much from the sms, probably just a 'hello' message or a 'Salam Maal Hijrah' wish. To my shock, the sms was an invitation to a tahlil for the sender/owner of the number. A phone call to his friend confirms the news.

Nasir, he was 26 years old.

A very nice, soft-spoken and obedient chap who also, at times, try to crack jokes which he would then smiled, embarassed that we didn't get his jokes. He was also a talented and hardworking young footballer, who at the time he was playing for Proton FC in FAM Cup, was only on loan from Perak FA where he was in its back-up squad.

After spending a year in Proton FC , he globetrottled, trying his luck playing with clubs in northern states which finally saw him playing for the last time ever for Kelab Sukan Tambun Tulang FC in Perlis.

The accident that took place which ended his life was really sad and a hard thing to swallow, especially to someone like him.

But, who are we to question God's chartered destiny for him? All we could do is to extend prayers to him and offer condolences to his families. May Allah s.w.t. have abundant mercy on him, bless his soul in eternal peace and grant him the highest level in paradise.

To the coaches, officials and players of the Proton FC 2005 squad, wherever you are, I miss you all.

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