Wednesday, March 05, 2008

PRU12: 3 hari lagi

Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya.

I was there, early, with some two or three thousand strong supporters. As usual, there were no free drinks, no free nasi lemak, no 'turn-up' allowance, no Siti Nurhaliza, no Mawi, no first Malaysian astronaut, no Nazir Razak.

Instead, there were bunch of young speakers, three of whom are the candidates in the P104 Kelana Jaya constituency - Loh Gwo-Burne (P104 Kelana Jaya), Hannah Yeoh (N31 Subang Jaya) and Nik Nazmi (N32 Seri Setia). Nurul Izzah didn't show up as planned - she was advised to stay put in Lembah Pantai after Pak Lah-Najib-Nazir-Mawi-Siti Nurhaliza's S.O.S. help to Shahrizat on Monday night. I heard Lembah Pantai people were promised to be millionaires if Shahrizat wins.

Other speakers who are also in their 20s and early 30s include Nurul Izzah's younger sister, Nurul Nuha, who I think is more blatant and outspoken than Izzah. There was also Gaddafi, an ex-auditor in Petronas, who explained how reducing petrol price (if Opposition wins) is nothing impossible.

They talked about quality and cost of living - petrol, toll, price of goods; quality and intergrity of leaders - nepotism, cronyism, corruptions; intergrity of police and people's safety - the steep hike in crime index which all Pak Lah could say was "I'm shocked!"; quality of education and promise to provide free education from primary school to university level; international competitiveness of Malaysia which has disgracefully fallen in recent years, competing with the likes of Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, instead of competing against more developed countries.

Last but not least and could be the deciding factor whether BN or BA would win the election - the corrupt Election Commission and unfair election process. The u-turn decision on the usage of indelible ink three days before the election and after spending some RM2 million to buy the ink from India; the 100,000 voters of age 100 and above in the electoral roll; the double usage of police and army identity number - each identity number is being registered as normal citizen (without the prefix T and P) besides being registered as police or army personnel voters. No wonder why they said SPR stands for 'Sial Punya Rashid'.

...and if you ask me today, who'd be the Prime Minister in the next 30 or 20 years? It won't be the arrogant, ugly, corrupt Khairy Jamaludin. But, my vote goes to this 26-year old, clean, very humble, able and capable Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad! Watch him in this video.

My vote: Seripah Norli can start thinking whether to sell nasi lemak or beauty products after the election as people of the N32 Sri Setia will definitely go Nik Nazmi's way.


lilinbiru said...

wonder sapa la nak vote for KJ in rembau. He looks like a boy, speaking in immature language. Hhaha.
vote dr. hayati - pendang. TQ

deOughtred said...

tak payah wonder laa... tapi kau jangan terkejut. nanti, majoriti dia pecah rekod, jadi yang terbeesar dalam sejarah PRU malaysia. kau jangan terkejut! hahahahahah

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