Thursday, March 06, 2008

PRU12: 1-1/2 hari lagi

Nearing the PRU12, there have been two famous phrases that people have been chanting, throughout all the ceramahs I've been to, besides "Allahuakbar!". They were not "Reformasi!" or "Hidup si polan si polan!".

Synonym with the reformation wave that we're seeing (but still not a guarantee to win the PRU12, given the corrupt SPR), people have been chanting "Makaal Sakti!" which means 'people's power'.

The other one, usually chanted when giving confirmation to what the speakers were saying, is...


Shame on you if you don't know how this phrase came about?!
Clue: The biggest judiciary scandal in the country.

Shame on you if you still don't know!
Here's a pictorial clue...

And here's the audio clue...

If you want to spice up your election fever and voting mood, you can download that mp3 here and use it as your ringtone or sms alert. But, make sure to turn it off while casting your vote! :-)


makcik said...

haha i almost didnt get the correct,correct, correct thingy!

deOughtred said...

now you got it? correct correct correct!!! hahahahah

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