Thursday, March 06, 2008

PRU12: 1-1/4 hari lagi

E-mail from a British friend in UK, the way Electoral Commission should be...

"...All political systems around the world appear to be corrupt to a greater or lesser extent but it is worrying when this corruption has spread to to the Electoral Commission. The one consolation here in the UK is that the Electoral Commission appears to be honest - they have just forced the resignation of a Cabinet minister who was given a contribution for his re-election campaign and did not declare it. He did not keep the money for himself but merely did not make the donation public as the law requires.

Another Commission is investigating 2 other Members of Parliament and the Speaker of the House of Commons for employing and paying for members of their family in their offices out of their state-given allowance. This was first exposed in the newspapers. One of these has already resigned. That gives me some confidence in the system, especially as the press is free and is prepared to expose any corruption..."

So Malaysians, let's dream on...

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