Friday, March 07, 2008

PRU12: 1 hari lagi

I attended one BN ceramah and they were talking about DS Anwar Ibrahim, "Anwar itu, Anwar ini. Anwar janji itu, Anwar janji ini..." and in the end they said, "Anwar bukan boleh buat apa-apa pun?! Dia bukan bertanding pilihanraya ini pun."

Yet, they still talk about DS Anwar Ibrahim as if he's contesting against Pak Lah. What a waste of time?! He's not contesting, obviously he's not a threat (so they said in the ceramah). So, why wasting the time and people's time talking about DS Anwar when you should be talking about things dearest to the people - local issues, aspiration towards zero-corruption, meritocracy, bla bla bla, or at least explain and elaborate your "Selamat, Aman dan Makmur" manifesto.

Here's what The Star reported today, a full-page of article which has something to do with DS Anwar. They have other pages of news about Anwar, too (at least eight more stories/articles which talked about Anwar.

In fact, this is a classic example of "Forget me... not!"
On Valentine's Day, Pak Lah was quoted as saying, "dissident politician Anwar Ibrahim was not a factor in upcoming elections, saying he had 'forgotten' about him. (read on)

But, now... 2 days before the PRU12, he seems to have awaken from his sleep... not for long, I think...

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