Wednesday, March 05, 2008

PRU12: 2-1/2 hari lagi

Seperti meludah ke langit...
Kecepek ludah itu jatuh ke kepala botak Najib muka sendiri...

“The Opposition could not even agree on something as basic as a logo. Pas has the moon, PKR the eye, and DAP a rocket which is still on the ground. Whereas we have already sent a Malaysian astronaut into space,” the Deputy Prime Minister said, gesturing to Sheikh Muszaphar. “If their logos are not the same, and they can’t agree on their direction, they shouldn’t talk about policies for the country.” (The News Straits Times, 28/02)

This is the logo for BN's component party, Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM).

WTF?! Kepala lembu?! Ingat tak orang dulu-dulu selalu cakap, "Bodoh macam lembu!"

This is the logo for BN's component party, United Pasok Nunukragang National Organization (PASOK).

WTF?! Tudung saji?!

...and even the 'dacing' itself is out-dated.
And you don't expect a person holding a position as high as Deputy Prime Minister to debate about logo. C'mon laaa...


makcik said...

believe or not i seek a street campaign review from your blog! ekekeke!!!

it got more and more interesting here so i will stay tune!

deOughtred said...

hahahaha... kena laa aku jadi part-time reporter pulak.

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