Friday, March 14, 2008

Malaysia, we got brains!

Where have all the Datuks gone? Shredding government documents, perhaps!

I was so inspired, and still am, to hear, watch and read the Kedah Exco members as announced by the newly-appointed MB, Azizan Abdul Razak. There are more 'Ir's and more 'Dr's than Datuks. In fact, there is not a single Datuk in the line-up.

There are Ir. Amiruddin Hamzah (PAS, Anak Bukit), Ir. Phahrolrazi Zawawi (PAS, Pengkalan Kundor), Dr. Hamdan Mohamed Khalib (PAS, Tanjong Dawai) and Dr. Ismail Salleh (PAS, Alor Mengkudu).

Kenapa? Tak percaya orang PAS pun ada Dr. and Ir.?! Sekarang, lepas PRU12, ramai yang sudah percaya, bukan?

I got more inspired when I read the brief background of the 32-year old Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (PKR, Penanti) who was just appointed as one of the two deputy Chief Ministers of Penang. He is 32 but does not look arrogant as the mother-fucker 32-year old 'you know who'.

Fairus has two MBAs, one in Strategic and Defence Studies and another in Strategic Management from the UK. He also has a degree in Political Science - International Relations from UIA and a Syariah Studies certificate from UM. He is also fluent in Arabic.

He has worked in Hong Leong Assurance, Franklin Covey Malaysia, Ford Motor Company Malaysia and Uni Asia Life Assurance before becoming a freelance consultant for human resource and corporate development. Nothing that the mother-fucker 32-year old 'you know who' couth match - oh, that guy was a full-time freelance non-politician politician and wealth-accumulator besides a part-time advisor to the prime minister, before the PRU12.

Fairus is also a qualified sports science instructor, a silat trainer and served as the president of the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia Wilayah Persekutuan and represented the country on numerous occasions. And he is more productive with five children, than the mother-fucker 32-year old 'you know who'.

Impressive, right?! Too bad, the country didn't discover him earlier as we thought there's only one promising 32-year old in the country. Too bad that the current government has failed to utilize the potential of people with talents and brains like Fairus. I don't know how many more Fairus we have out there still not discovered?

The other deputy Chief Minister of Penang is as impressive but isn't as young. At 58, Prof Dr. P. Ramasamy (DAP, Batu Kawan) was a visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Singapore for two years, prior to PRU12. He has a diploma in Journalism from New Zealand and a degree in Journalism from the US. He pursued his Masters in Political Science in Canada and later obtained his PhD in Political Science from UM.

He started his social work as director of labor bureau in Insan and has served as adviser at the International Labor Organization's Global Labor University. He was also a former visiting professor as the University of Kassel, Germany, adviser to Sri Lankan and Aceh peace process and Helsinki peace talks. He was a political science professor at UKM from 1981 to 2005 and has been a consultant on labor issues to trade unions since 1981.

I'm impressed. C'mon people, I'm confident we still have many more unearthed talents who have been swallowed and which we have been blinded by the greedy, snobbish, power-, money- and title-craze, bootlicker-loved government.

I'm sure there are many more unearthed talents in Perlis, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Sarawak and Sabah. Will they be discovered in 2013? We don't need more Datuks, we need more Datukless with brains!

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royce said...

kalau org yg ada ir/Dr kena kalau apply nak jd UMNO kena reject tay..sbb tu org2 dlm tu kebanyakkan mcm $@*&^

lilinbiru said...

ramai lagi ada professional qualification in PAS and even PKR. One of them is ME...hahah...Puan Akauntan.Tbik skit.!!

Anonymous said...

Deo...mcm columnist blog la...ME agree with U...dlm UMN*, profes**nal x boleh aktif unless u 'r mana nak menonjol?..kene tekan adela...We don't need dat**.. kalau dapat jadi Atok o.k lah gak!....(bila la mak n apak Deo nak dpt title ni anugerah dari Deo.....)


Elf said...

Ahaks, betul cakap ME. Aku yg ada Ir ni, hehe..takleh menonjol, kena tonjol adala..

Kenapa ko tak cerita tentang Perak, Deo? Isu sensitif ke?

makcik said...

haah, ulas pasal perak sket... aku pun nak tau your take in that one.

*mampos lah deo lepas ni dapat offer jadi malaysiakini freelance writer heh

deOughtred said...

macam $@*&^ tu sama tak dengan $$$$$?

tabik springgggg!!! toing toing toing!!!

my parents should be happy to be blessed by my brain.. hahahahah... *escape clause tu...

tonjol jangan tak tonjol! hahahaha...

you worry too much than the people in perak themselves. and you read too much mainstream media, but too little non-mainstream media. try read this "MB Perak: BA terima siapa sahaja", paragraph 12-14. do we need a malay, muslim MB like Khir Toyo, Rahim Thamby Chik, Mat Taib if we have a cleaner Chineseman as an MB. i have nothing much to comment about perak.

makcik said...

deo, ok i read that already.

but sorry hor, i dun agree with the last sentence, the "cleaner" one yes, but not the c, please.

dun u think we can replace people? rather than giving it to the "other" . fix the problem. maybe coming back to islamic values will help??

ehh.. not arguing aahh.. just giving my thoughts.

deOughtred said...

ok, explore more... heheheh

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