Monday, December 14, 2009

My inputs are not free, Mr. PM!

In newspapers today, your beloved Mr. Please Me invites people to attend open day on the government KPI plan, or the NKRAs. He said, "The National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) is not going to be an all-government affair. In an unprecedented move, the people have been invited to provide input on ways to achieve the six targets. Read here.

Well, what I understand is that in the past two months or so, there were group or high-level people, with almost equal numbers from private and public sectors, roped in (or employed) by the government to sit down and think, think and think in what they call as 'lab' sessions to come out with the initiatives and achievables for each of the 6 NKRAs.

And trust me they are not paid cheaply, ok?! Some of them are my office neighbors in IRDA, who are ex-Shell employees and their positions in IRDA are no less than a Senior Vice President post. And that post simply earns no less than RM20K a month. And do you know that IRDA is one of the highest, if not the highest, paying (salary) government agencies in Malaysia, besides the likes of IRB, etc.

Now, the Mr. Please Me invites the public to give their inputs for the NKRAs. And how much are you going to pay us? And by how much in percentage that the government will take in what the public says? Be clear, Mr Please Me don't waste our time. Be clear for example like in any reality show contest, whereby they have a voting rules - 20% is from the jury and 80% from the public.

Would Mr Please me listen if an unemployed, old pakcik living alone in a near-roboh house in pedalaman Kedah gives his input to upgrade all the near-roboh houses in Malaysia, as an initiative under "Raising the Living Standards of the Poor" KRA, would Mr. Please Me adopt it? What if I tell the government to scrutinize and investigate Mr. Toyo's mansion and limit all goverment officers to only own a maximum of RM1 million of cummulative property (price at the time of buying) as an initiative under "Fighting Corruption" KRA? Would it get accepted?

I've already wasted my time here. Don't waste more of our time lah, Mr. Please Me. Those buggers have been paid very high to structure the KRAs so go abuse them.

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