Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The G-force

MakanG ikanG denganG kawanG kawanG <-- sure korang pernah dengar orang sebut macanG ni kat Terengganu. Kalau tak pun, to make fun of the Ganu slang. Some people said, orang Ganu stole all the Gs from Perakian. And that is why Perakian pronounced kucing as kucen, Taiping as Tepen, etc. Heh...

And because of too much Gs in Ganu, that's why the G force there is stronger than in other states.

Before in June this year, we've seen the roof of Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Gong Badak collapsed just shortly over a year after it was officially opened.

And yesterday, another roof of a express bus and taxi terminal has collapsed in Terengganu, just six months after the roof of the state’s main stadium gave way.

Worse still, the building is yet to open to public. This is not even the case of "sudah siap, pahat masih berbunyi". This is like "belum siap, pahat tak sempat berbunyi." Ekekekeke.

News also said that defects have also been found in Batu Burok Aquatic Complex and Sultan Mahmud Airport terminal. Probably, orang Ganu needs to reduce their G consumption - to avoid another occurence. Macam orang diabetes, kena kurangkan pengambilan gula. And I hope Kementerian Pelajaran could thoroughly investigate this incident just like they did for the suspension bridge incident in Perak. Heh!

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