Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Berbunga bunga

We are nearing the end of 2009. As always, this is the best part of the year, everyone in joyous mood errr... not counting parents who have to think hard about preparing their kids to school, everyone in holiday mood and driving to office seems like driving to botany park.

Boleh dikatakan hati masing-masing berbunga-bunga lah.

Aku dah apply cuti 31st December dan 1st January untuk sambut tahun baru. Hehehe... not really lah. 31st December tu aku akan memantau persiapan sambutan tahun baru di KLCC, wearing tie, carrying document bag containing certs, CV, bla bla bla. Pendek kata, aku gi interview kat errr... the Emerald lah. And on 2nd January, I could watch Oregon playing in Rose Bowl via Star Sports, starting at 6am.

So, roses checked, emerald checked, diamond err... we'll see.

Dan hati aku berbunga-bunga, seberbunganya tulip-tulip di keliling aku...

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