Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Star: Who's the star?

This is the front page of The Star today. The picture in the front page shows Najib Razak attending the National Level Christmas Open House in Kota Kinabalu. Is that clear? Picture this in your mind - Najib Razak, Santa Claus, Santarina, Christmas trees, box of presents, the red socks, glittering balls hanging on christmas trees, and the likes... am I right?

But, hey! What the heck with these two ugly faces??? I dont care whether those guys are Najib Razak's bodyguard or Rosmah Mansor's cousin or.. who cares?! They're simply not an image of Christmas, at least put on a santa hat.

And to The Star, this is so bad of a picture selection. Don't your photographers have tonnes or other images to select? Don't tell me your photographers are still using film rolls or they ran out of memory in their digital camera.

Stupid! Terus lost appetite to read the paper!

(p/s: At first I thought the guy in batik is 'the driver in the dock', stupid again The Star!)


Anonymous said...

Ko nih, tu muko pokcik dia tuh, nak kasik la masuk first page STAR.

You're right tho, aku dok tercarik PMnya mana? Bad pic selection, or they just don't even bother anymore.


famil said...

Aku mati2 ingat dia YDP negeri sabah :p

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