Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merah putih ho ho ho

Sorrylah if this pic is against the Majlis Ulama's stand on santa's hat. The act of wearing the Santa hat not even misaligned my aqidah and my view on Islam/Christ or what. After all, the Majlis Ulama should be more persistent on declaring smoking as haram as smoking is much more dangerous than wearing santa's hat.

Despite the declaration that smoking is haram, people are still smoking openly, even leaders (politics and religious) are also seen smoking. So, people don't be too jumpy laa when you see people wearing santa hat and right away classify them as 'murtad' or 'lari dari aqidah' or whatever. They might be more 'alim' than you.

Anyway, this pic was taken in December 1997. Yes, it was in December nearing Christmas day but it wasn't cold that I need to put on my winter jacket. It was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the few states where it isn't cold and you don't need winter jacket in December.

Merry whatever, folks... and happy holiday!

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