Sunday, October 04, 2009

#16 Oregon 52, Washington State 6

I watched (or read, rather) line-by-line play-by-play trough ESPN Gamecast. I could sense it was an lopsided game in favor of the Oregon Ducks. Even a friend in US who probably watch the game live on tv told me the game sucks! Oh well, even the then-No. 6 California looks so sucks when playing Oregon, what do you expect from Washington State?!

Anyway, I watched the game through the first half, seems like Ducks scored on every posession and the Ducks were leading 45-6 by half time. Then, I couldn't connect to the game anymore. The ESPN Gamecast even stopped feeding game commentaries. Maybe those ESPN staff on the East Coast got so bored and fell asleep.

Final score: #16 Oregon Ducks 52, Washington State Cougars 6

Some pictures taken from The Register Guard...

and video higlights of the Cougs' ass-whipping session :-)

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