Monday, December 28, 2009

Update bernombor je lah

Last weekend

24-13: USC Trojans defeated Boston College Eagles in Emerald Bowl, San Francisco. Pac-10 conference is now 1-2 (win-losses) in postseason with 4 more bowl games to go.

My colleague, Sab is 29 when she wed Naim who is 43 on 25th December 2010. The second wedding reception was held by the lake at Tasek Ampang Hilir. Dress code was white.

3 cab rides in one night: Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya, Jelatek to Tasek Ampang Hilir and Kelana Jaya to Shah Alam. Total cost RM57 - not bad considering I don't have to drive and can relax and enjoying my twitter.

Got (or rather bought) 2 pairs of Crocs sandals with additional 10 buttons (that Crocs' accessories). Total cost RM76. Yupp! They are fake (or reject) Crocs but as comfortable as the originals. Cool!

2696: That's my brother's wedding date, i.e. 2nd June 1996. And he got almost everything in that number, phone numbers, car registration numbers, etc. Currently my brother's mobile phone number is 01X-ABC2696. While wandering around Giant last weekend I saw this 01Y-ABC2696 prepaid number in one telco shop. Called my brother and he asked me to buy it. Cool!

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