Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say NO to TNB may increase rates

New electricity tariffs may be introduced from January 2010 if it is approved by the Cabinet.

No way! Sorry Elf! If the Cabinet approves it, I will heighten my hate towards the Government and if they dissapprove it, I will still hate them but moderately. TNB is claiming higher production cost, among all. Oh well, give whatever reasons you have, I still don't buy it.

Just two months ago, TNB announced that they are expecting better profit for financial year ending Aug 31 2009 as the company is projecting higher electricity sales while keeping margins stable. This is basic economy, if you keep the price stable, you still make bigger profits with bigger sales. Got it Che Khalib?

TNB also announced that for financial year 2009, TNB posted a net profit before the forex translation loss of RM2.1bil compared with RM2.54bil in FY08. The lower profit was attributed to the higher cost of coal paid during the year.

Bottom line is, they are still making a profit of RM2.1 billion!! Though people like you and I, who just use electricity for domestic/household consumption, will not feel much effect from the tariff hike, just imagine those factories, companies which have to fork out thousand and tens of thousands ringgit for their electricity bills. And we know that these companies, are squeezing to the last penny to even register a profit in their financial accounts.

And as you know, logically, when operating costs go up (for the factories or service-based companies), price of goods and services will go up. That is equal to double impact to the consumers like you and I - we have to pay higher electricity bills and also higher price of goods and services.

If Che Khalib wants to pass down all TNB's suffering to the people, while still making billions of profits for TNB, I suggest the Cabinet two things:
1. Do not approve the proposal for new electricity tariff
2. Replace Che Khalib with someone else who will think more for the rakyat

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