Monday, February 25, 2008

Mari makan ketam

Last week, we head to Taman Megah, near Damansara/Kelana Jaya area for our monthly 'ignore the cholesterol level' ritual. It was also to celebrate the birthday of our beloved sexy-cum-secretary.. :-)

This time it was superduperlicious fatty crab dinner.

Armed with little hammer and tongs and wearing only our thongs, we walloped three kilograms of crabs, a dozen of chicken wings, a large serving of prawns and fried rice and I couldn't remember how many pieces of toast breads (dip into the crab gravy). And we went home smiling. Trust me That's why many people are saying food is much better than sex!

Tips to have fatty crab dinner:
1. Wear dark clothes (pink thong is ok).
2. Not advisable for a candle-light dinner
3. Also, not advisable as a place for your first dinner date, as you don't want to look like this in front of your date...

4. Also, not advisable to take your future in-laws along for dinner, as you don't want them to look at you like this...


Kak Teh said...

Of all blogs why do i have to come here? The crabs, fatty superdelicious crabs! they are killing me! Must go to china town tomorrow and get some.

makcik said...

deo, apa nama kedai???? aku memang crab fanatics! address ?

Hazelsyd said...

..."Trust me food is much better than sex!"

psssttt... dah kawen ke? kekekeek

deOughtred said...

kak teh,
hahahah... okay tu at least i've helped solved one problem - what to cook today?! enjoy your fatty crab.

Fatty Crab Restaurant. No 2 Jln SS 24/13, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. Ajak aku sekali ye... hehehehe

alaaa ada censor board pulak... ok aku dah censored.. hahahhah

Anonymous said...

gaya makan mmg mengalahkan maria tengku sabri...korang buat akau lapar..

deOughtred said...

hahahah... gaya makan macam maria tengku sabri takpe. jangan gaya lain macam maria tengku sabri. kau ingat tak gaya zakri?

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