Monday, February 04, 2008

Detached and recharged

This entry is published at delinn's request. I didn't wish to publish it as it was just a short outing in Port Dickson. Ye lah... mana nak compare to week-long outing in Japan, in Australia, in Bali. huhuhu...

It was a gruelling, relentless and sleep-less (I still sleep, whatever it takes!) nights for the whole week last week. Last week was about past performance and future performance. Past performance will determine how much incentives we'll get this year and/or whether the current CEO will still continue to be the CEO. While future performance will determine where these feet will land and where I'll be blogging most of the time, three months from now.

By the end of the week, I feel the need to detach myself from the city busyness, away from my laptop, disconnect from the propaganda shown on tv (especially when the General Election is around the corner), and closer to nature (in relative term... hahahah).

I just need to detach myself but at the same time, I don't want to much money detached from my pocket. I don't want my RM2,000 magically turn into some 800++ AUD!!

So, there I was... in Teluk Kemang Beach, Port Dickson

I didn't bring generator set to light up my tent, so at night it was all about listening to the sound of the wave, birds chirping (ye laa tuuu), songs and movies on my iPod, finishing some readings under the light of my torchlight (I tied my torchlight to the tip of the tent), sleeping and some err err err...

Ini gambar bonus, aksi terlampau dalam kegelapan...

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