Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kau kunci cintaku

She's the oldest candidate in the XIIth GE. At 89 year old, Maimun Yusuf is contesting the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat. (It's her fifth attempt to contest, the first four attempts were disqualified due to technical and documentation errors).

She told the press, so far she's been spending RM10,000 to register as a candidate and some RM3,000 for her campaign preparations. And that her daughter isn't very happy with the way she spent her savings.

He's your Prime Minister and his wife (so-called the First Lady of the First Family). Son-in-law is not in the picture. He didn't tell the press, so far how much he and his party has been spending for his and his party campaign preparations. And that his daughter and son-in-law don't care with the way he and his party spent the people's money.

And Maimun said, "Ingat ya, undilah untuk anak kunci"

Kenapa lagu Ramlah Ram "Kau Kunci Cintaku Di Dalam Hatimu" melekar di kepala aku pulak ni?!


Anonymous said...

deo.. ada member opis dia balik mengundi kawasan yg makcik tua tu tanding & siap nak pangkah lagi... kekeke.. oklah sian plak dia kumpul duit..kang hangus
sekali 3 antar hari ni

deOughtred said...

dia kata, dia dah kumpul duit dari umur 50 tahun lagi.. kalau sehari RM1, sekarang dah berapa?! yang penting dia tak guna duit aku, duit kau, duit wife kau, duit susu anak-anak kau, duit untuk study anak-anak kau in the future... hahahah

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