Sunday, December 02, 2007

When favorites tumble

Like a Malay or Malaysian saying, "langit tidak selalunya cerah".

One favorite after another tumbled for the past one week.

First, Wong Mew Choo, Malaysian woman single badminton player, who defeated four Chinese players en route to winning the Chinese Super Series last week. She, who was prematurely refered to as 'world's badminton queen' by those RTM1 commentators before the final match, lost in the first round of the subsequent Super Series in Hong Kong and snubbed Malaysian press by walking away from them. Maybe she's ashamed especially with RTM1 team, who's commentators did the commentary of a badminton match like doing it for a horse race. I always hate watching RTM people doing sports' live commentary.

Then, Deborah Priya Henry, Miss Malaysia 2007 who was seen as hot favorite for the Miss World title, by bookmakers and websites, just managed to place herself in the top 16. Beauty pageants have never been my must-watch event boleh percaya ke? :-p but this year, I tried not to miss it, which I didn't miss :-) , hoping that it'll be a historical event for the country. And too bad, when we send this Indian-Irish parentage beauty queen, instead of those with 'mata sepet', to the contest, the judges are 'mata sepet'-taste when they selected Miss China to win the title.

Then, Malaysian's favorite sports (I assume it being Malaysian's favorite sports team too) lost to Vietnam 1-3 in their opening game of the Sea Games football competition. As I told you before, we're just like the England team, fans' favorite team but incompetent to win titles. And should I call the newly-appointed FAM officials to quit their posts and concentrate for the next general election, huh KJ? Or, maybe we shall declare sports like bowling or lawn bowl as our No. 1 sports!

And just this morning, the #18 Oregon Ducks football team lost its final game of the regular season to unranked Oregon State Beavers 31-38. And now the Ducks, which were in the national title picture after knocking off then-No. 4 Arizona State just a little less than a month ago, will be hoping for invitation to play in Emerald Bowl in San Francisco on 28th December.


Anyway, December has always been my favorite time/month of the year. Besides my mom's birthday on the 7th, it is the time of the year when everyone (I think) is in holiday mood. Don't talk about those sales people working really hard to meet their target. And roads will also be less congested in December. Less bosses will be around in office and most of them will be holidaying abroad, and uncontactable in most cases.

And, 5th December 2005 is a day to remember when I was contacted to collect my offer letter to the current job. Would I get contacted again on 5th December 2007? Insyaallah... But, langit tidak selalunya cerah in December? Please don't remind me of the accident when my car was hit on the driver side by a moving car on a quiet, nice, breezy Sunday morning of 4th December 2005.

Guess what Samy Vellu's favorite statement now?
"Kerajaan terpaksa membayar pampasan sebanyak RM145 juta kepada PLUS, RM39 juta untuk Jambatan Pulau Pinang, RM32 juta untuk West Kuala Lumpur Highway, RM26 juta untuk Ampang Elevated Highway, RM75 juta kepada Litrak untuk Damansara-Puchong Highway dan RM27 juta untuk New North Klang Straits Bypass."
You think I want to thank you? Hmm no thanks... you're elected to solve that problem, not to pass it to the people. Just remember Mr Samy, favorites do stumble.

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Brother Lans said...

hahaha! DeO,let me laugh first-lah Bro :-) Normal case-lah Malaysians like to 'count their chicken before they are hatched'.Kan lebih baik buat kerja 'tiam-tiam' (quiet-quiet)& 'man-man' (slow-slow)dpd pukul canang keliling kampong :-)Mcm DeO nak kawin nanti-kan,'man-man' & 'tiam-tiam',tak gitu? Sorry,BroLans gurau ajez.Marah?Marah kena jual nanti!

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