Sunday, December 09, 2007

Corn... uncut

The first time I saw this print ad, one thing came to my mind...

Haa... mulalah tu benda bukan-bukan korang fikir yang aku fikir apa yang korang fikirkan. Hahahaha...

I was imagining how did the ad/creative agency presented this idea and what type of comments drawn from the management of Bonia. And how they finally settled with corn (not a mango or a papaya or perhaps, a banana) and the shapeand look of the corn? I've been a Secretariat for companies' management committee and know, vividly, the type of jokes they crack!

Or perhaps, this corn is the one grown under the RM51.2 billion government-funded NCER. Now I know, besides selling those corn in Tesco nationwide, they're grown to be models for advertisement, rupanya... :-p

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