Thursday, December 27, 2007

Makan cari cari jalan

At last, I've found something that Ipoh has to offer besides delinn wahahaha

It's Gunung Lang Recreational Park.
If you're traveling north on PLUS Highway, just make an exit at Ipoh Utara, towards Tasek. Not too far away from the exit, turn left after Petronas station into a small road that will take you to the entrance.

People said (which I've not experienced myself) the place is nice for bird watching, fish and monkeys feeding an it offers fresh air, chirping sounds of birds and nice smell of bunga taik ayam flowers. Just that they don't plant rare species of trees or flowers. Well, at least I can say the park is mini version of Kebun Raya in Bogor.

Indeed, it's very nice place to take pictures, wedding pictures, especially. Since there are no eating place, except some kuihs sold at the jetty, it's better to bring own foods and picnic-ing at the park. I did some (amateur) photographying with my parents, nieces and nephew.

And best still, it's cheap for a family outing...
A less-than-5 minute return boat ride cost only RM3 for adults.

If you're taveling north or south along PLUS highway, it's worth to take a half-day break at the park than making a stopover at the crowded and stuffy Sungai Perak R&R.

More about Gunung Lang Recreational Park here

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