Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fire (not so) drill

It was rumored to be around 10.30am.
As early as 10.00am people especially those in higher floors have been taking elevators down to the lobby, so that they won't have to take the stairs during the drill unless they have this 'people with disability' special pass.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the drill didn't take place and everyone was back in his/her office with the feeling that the drill won't take place at all.

Unfortunately for them, the bell rang around 12.10pm... luckily I'm on the 5th floor so going down by stairs was a piece of cake. Went down prepared and armed with my camera, I took few pictures and like these two the most...

Luckily, cleaners uniforms were grey.
I was wondering, would FRU and the police come to disperse the gathering if the uniforms were yellow?!

Attendance taken, off we went to the nearby stall for a hot, juicy ayam kampung lunch.

More stories and pictures here.

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