Friday, December 07, 2007

Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?

Part I

The most-asked question on my birthday, "How old are you now?"
The most response to my answer to the question, "Are you sure, you don't look that old?"

Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?

I'm sure many of you are jokingly poking your pointing finger to your throat when reading this statement. Never mind, in my next entry I'll give you tips and secrets on how not to look 31 when you're 31.

Part II

Yesterday, I got a package from perantauan. Since my birthday was just 2 days ago and still I can feel the hangat-hangat tahi ayam suam-suam kuku-ness of my birthday, I'll take it as my birthday gifts lah although I've seen the gifts via webcam four months ago.

What made me laugh was when I look at the Custom Declaration and Dispatch Note attached to the package. In the 'detailed description of contents', the sender put it as 'DOCS' (short form je, malas bebenor pun nak tulis 'DOCUMENTS'). And then, there is this bold, bigger font word 'T-Shirt' written next to the word 'DOCS". I believe it must be the Custom who wrote this, but I'm not sure whether it's American or Malaysian Custom.

I think, the Custom Officer must be swearing when he/she inspected the package. He/She must be thinking why does people need to lie when declaring to Custom? You know the answer lah, not really because we don't want to pay the tax but because not everything in the package will get to the final destination. :-)

The question is, until when we will not trust Custom? Sampai kapan? Kapan? Kapan? Hahahahaha... and Custom officers will continue to ask, "Kenapa? Kenapa? Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?!"

Anyway, thanks Joe!


Anonymous said...

Salam Deo,
Happy belated birthday...sorry terlewat skit, ME jarang on-line kalau outstation, so selalu missed the news....ME do'akan semoga Deo sentiasa bahagia dan gumbira selalu bersama ahli2 REBAN.....

sity29 said...

aiyaa kawannnnnnnnnnn wa lupa bday lu aaaa!!
metultah yaa!!

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