Sunday, December 16, 2007

About CJ, anyone?

CJ = Chief Justice? No, no, no... I don't want to mess around with this VK Lingam's scandal on appointment of the CJ read here. This country is already in a mess.

A meal comprises of bacon swiss crispy chicken, beef chili fries and medium-sized iced lemon tea = RM28.80.

The satisfaction of having meals in CJ after 10 years = Priceless!!

I've been to CJ two times this month in two different locations, Midvalley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid. Well, some may find it sick, but I've been desiring to eat hamburgers in CJ since the first time I knew about it, 10 years ago! And if there's anyone inviting me for a burger meal in McDonald's or Burger King, I'd say "No thanks..." Trust me, fast-food burgers would never taste the same again after you tried CJ, except those stalls selling Ramly burgers lah, of course.

I suggest you try the one in Midvalley, it tastes better than the one in Sunway Pyramid. CJ in Midvalley is located outside the cinema, next to McDonald's but a bit crowded during peak hours. But, if you prefer a quieter moment to enjoy your meal and would like to take as long as you can enjoying your meal nak romen-romen ke, try the one in Sunway Pyramid. It's located at the last row of shoplots around the Marakesh area (new wing where there is Jusco), a bit hidden but guys, you can always ask around.

Tips for having your meal in CJ:
1. Shop when you're full (not hungry) but eat at CJ when you're really hungry.
2. Don't worry about messing up yourself while eating the big hamburgers. Even one of the taglines is "It's gonna get messy"
3. Not advisable to go there with father- or mother-in-law to be, especially if they eat at home using forks and spoons/knives.
4. Just go/pay for small- or medium-sized drinks, it's free refill. But knowing Malaysian, I don't know how long they're going to offer this :-p
5. Last but not least, after you paid your order, take your order number and go straight to your table. Don't wait at the counter for your burgers. This differentiate CJ with other fast-food restaurants where they'll deliver the burgers to the diners' table.

An advice from Carl's Jr, whoever he is...


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