Friday, December 28, 2007

Kuning warna lembu

What's missing from the picture below?

Give up?
The likes of FRUs and Police...
Shouldn't FRUs and Police be around when there are bunch of people in YELLOW?

Owh.. it wasn't a BERSIH gathering, pardon me...
But they were BERSIHing the place, right?
Shouldn't FRUs and Police be around where there's BERSIH thingy takes place?

Owh... we're so messed up...
Like a place just been hit by flood...

By the way, didn't FRUs or Police work on Aidiladha? Too bad, none of them was there in Kepala Batas to look after the 134 DiGi-sponsored cows. And don't be shocked if one day, our history will be rewritten and YELLOW in Jalur Gemilang will symbolize LEMBU. Betul tak Husin Lempoyang?

New vocabs learned during the raya break:
Utusan Meloya
Berita Hairan

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