Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cari cari jalan makan

I'm back from Ipoh for the Aidil Adha break.
As usual, raya break in hometown is always about foods, lots of them! In the first three days, I couldn't even burp in full and my fart was thin, as my burp (or the gas) were stuck somewhere around the breasts chest ;-) I only regained the satisfaction of burping on the 4th day of raya (Aidil Adha ada sampai 4th day ke? hahahah)

Anyway, those who like 'Laksa Kuale (Kangsar not Perlis)', if you think you'd find the best Laksa Kuale in Lembah area in Kuala Kangsar town, why don't try one stall by the street near Kg Basung. If you're using the trunk road from Kuala Kangsar to Sg Siput/Ipoh, it's less than 5km after Kuala Kangsar town and before the Sg Perak bridge. Very nice! although I still prefer laksa penang.

If you don't know, Laksa Kuale is made from wheat flour, instead of from rice flour. That's why it's yellowish, unlike the normally found whitish laksa.

You may also want to try coconut-lime juice. Very nice!!! and cheap cheap...

(from left to right)
1. Stop at this signage, you'll find one of the bestest Laksa Kuale
2. Coconut-lime juice and Laksa Kuale
3. Check on bapak while mak and Eddie menghirup kuah Laksa Kuale hingga titisan terakhir

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