Sunday, December 30, 2007

Detour... Temerloh to Sungkai

My attempt to go on relief mission for flood victim in Temerloh this weekend went on smoke as it was a very last minute plan, especially for someone who has never been to any relief mission before. I even asked kiahronggeng how many underwear I should bring for the weekend :-) and the fact that I had to look for a pair of 'Phua Chu Kang' boot, I decided to probably join the mission in some other time.

So, the eagerness to go somewhere this weekend has resorted me to another 'very very last minute plan', the Sg Klah Hot Spring Recreational Park, about 5km from the Sungkai toll off PLUS Highway. Thanks to OmbakHijau who was there over the Christmas break and who promoted this place to me, the place was the best decision kiahronggeng, delinn and I could arrived to in a two- or three-hour plan.

We planned to make it big, inviting everyone we know and we met at JP's tag, but since it was a very last minute decision and that many of those with families are preparing their children for the new school term, and we are the three most eligible bachelors around, the plan went ahead as scheduled.

The last minute thingy didn't stop there, kiahronggeng even asked me to prepare breakfast at 11pm the night before, which of course I didn't prepare. So, we just had our breakfast in Tesco Extra near my apartment. note: Earlier on, kiahronggeng was so motivated that she sms us saying she would prepare English, yes English, breakfast for us. Later on, she found out that the cabbage she bought has been used for cooking. That's why she then asked me to prepare breakfast. Calon isteri solehah nih...

After breakfast, (we had to limit our gossiping time during breakfast, otherwise we would just end up having our breakfast the whole morning), off we went to Sungkai, had lots of fun along the way, had fun while soaking ourselves in the hot spring, while changing clothes, while taking pictures, while looking for something to eat from Sungkai to Slim River to Trolak to Behrang and to Tanjong Malim and on the way back.

Enjoy this uncensored pictures...

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Anonymous said...

bro...kuntum dah available ke?? kalo clear, aku dah lama berkenan... respect kat ko je

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