Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One down, one to go

I got my Carl's Jr on my birthday, that's one down. Thanks Meg and Joe for treating me over lunch.

I still haven't got any reply from or received that most anticipated phone call, that's one to go. I'll keep on praying and waiting. Wish me all the best!

Turning into 30 last year was kinda hard. Although it's just an addition of 1 year (from 29 to 30), I felt as if I added 10 years to my age, from 20s to 30s. But this year is very much differrent. I feel as if I was reborn, as if I just turned 21 or even 11 or even 1. Hahahah... and my principe now, when it comes to birthday, I'll take the lower number from my age, e.g. if it's my 31, I'll take 1 and if it's 37, I'll take 3. Oh no... is it a sign of ageing?!

Anyway, thanks to all the wishes, verbally, via sms, email, phone calls, YM, comments in my blog or over Cbox in JP. TQVM, I really treasure them and will cherish all my life. Special thanks to Kuntum for the card (although it's dated 1st December) and this lovely tiny things to add to my collection of accessories. Thanks to delinn too for the birthday entry in her blog and for allowing me to be guest moderator to comments posted in her blog for that particular entry :-)

And as soon as they know Kuntum isn't around town that she's in Penang doing auditing, delinn, elf and kiahronggeng kidnapped me and treated me for a birthday dinner in Little Penang. It was just four of us, but it rocked the whole restaurant and I couldn't forget when they and one of the waiters there were doing this 'Miss World-wave' to each other, to get the waiter to come over to our table.

Okay, some pictures from the dinner.

Left most: The cake and the birthday boy and the finger and the fist
Right most: kiahronggeng and the cake. She said she'll send this pic to malimkundang for her eid greeting, next year
Middle top: The four of us who rocked Little Penang
Middle bottom: Yam, Elf and birthday boy busy eating. Where was delinn? What was she busy with?!

Some more, after/while still eating...
(Arc, you surely regret for not joining us!)

Left most: Elf breaking the ice
2nd from left: While delinn was warming up... oh there she was... betulkan anak tudung supaya lubang telinga dapat mendengar segala gossip
3rd column top: kiahronggeng kept the ball rolling, both mouth and hands were at work.
3rd column bottom: kiahronggeng kept going
4th column: While delinn was still listening, patiently (and surprisingly I believe)
5th column: "Kau boleh simpan ke rahsia-rahsia apa yang kita cakap ni," Elf was asking this birthday boy.
Right most top: delinn has finally warmed up and was giving her view on all the gossips which I've been refrained to write in my blog
Right most bottom: "Dah le tu delinn, dah masuk Maghrib ni... hentikan laaa..." birthday boy told delinn; otherwise it could go on until sahur time :-)

Thanks again, everyone. Surely, it was a day to remember.


K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

wahh dah ada entry birtday...great job deo Happy Birthday[10kali ka nak kasi wish wakahkahkah]

famil said...

lagi 26 hari we'll turn 32.. muahahaha

Iced Nyior said...

Oo happy belated bday :)

(so now can I panggil u pakcik?)

deOughtred said...

dah le tu kiah, asyik nama kau je jadi sebutan sepanjang sambutan birthday aku ni... mcm kecik je dunia aku ni.. hahahhaah

owh... 26 hari lagi? it's so nice to be a decemberian, i still have another 364 days.. hehehe...

iced nyior,
tq coco.. pakcik? oh no... i'll call you nakcik then... hahaaha

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