Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kenapa Siti pilih lelaki A? part II

As promised, here's the answer to the quiz I posted earlier...

Before that, let's recap the question:
"Walaupun sifat keromantisan Lelaki B selalu menambat hati Siti, kenapak Siti tetap memilih Lelaki B?"

An anonymous 'yang pernah tumpang rumah ko...' has anwered the question correctly. He said, "Siti said (in one of her songs), "Cintaku bukan di atas kertas... cintaku getaran (vibrate mode) yang sama...""

Ok Doc, I owe you a meal although I think you should be banned from taking this quiz as I'm confident enough I've asked you this question on one Sunday afternoon while I was ironing my shirts!

And, a special mention award should go to kiahronggeng for her relentless effort in getting the answer right. She commented four times but I deleted two of them for questioning the cedibility of quiz organizer  :-D

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