Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sale, sale, sale.. it's VS not VSS

I'm not being paid for this.

But, kiahronggeng takde link sbb takde blog requested me to put this on my blog as a reminder for her to stock up her bras and undies. And I heard, they're just going to put only the extraaaa large and extraaaaa small on sale. So, know your or your partner(s)' size!

And I think the FAM officials should take note of this promo too since I think the national football team should switch from wearing Nike to Victoria Secret.


K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

ahhahhaha...(bagus ko deo mendengar kata..haiipppppp)...MAKASEHHHHH

Note: ape lagi jom le serbu (*for those whose size tuuttt..ttuuttt)

Lord Budak said...

If our national team donned vs during their shameful game I reckon the result will turn otherwise

Hahahahahahaha, they've like chicken and now they play like women cisssssssss hampeh

Iced Nyior said... i can buy bras in my 38C size...opps too much info...wakakaka

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