Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When a monkey talks

Everyone, or everyone who cares, know what happened on the night Kedah defeated Perlis in the FA Cup final. Besides the final score, one thing that made the headlines in local newspapers was when no other than Sultan of Kedah walked for 2km to watch the match, because of the traffic congestion around the stadium.

Until yesterday, at least, this issue is still being debated in no less than the Parliament house. They talked about the sovereignty and dignity of the Sultan and the country's royal institution, as a whole. In conclusion, it's just shameful and unacceptable.

What was asked is just an apology, face-to-face, from the Pulau Pinang state government (the state where the final match was held) or the Football Association of Malaysia who should ensure the readiness of one venue, in terms of safety, traffic flows, etc) prior to every football match. But, none takes the blame.

And in today's newspaper the Sultan of Kedah was admitted to hospital after complaining of strain muscles on his legs and fever. He's in stabil condition and most probably will be discharged today. note: I only found the news in Utusan Malaysia, maybe the other newspapers don't bother what's happening with our 9 Sultans, rather than what's happening with who killed the Mongolian prostitute.

What I frustrated the most, when this issue was raised in the Parliament, there's this monkey remember there was once they call each other monkey in the Parliament who made such an arrogant, brainless statement: "Ini menggalakkan supaya rakyat Malaysia menjadi lebih sihat. Sultan Kedah menunjukkan walaupun (usia) dekat 80 tahun, baginda masih boleh berjalan dua kilometer, itu tidak menjadi masalah. Saya mencadangkan supaya pihak berkuasa tempatan perlu menyediakan kawasan pejalan kaki."

That's a statement from a monkey you chose in the General Election. Maybe not all of you but people in the Kinabatangan constituency. I hope when he turns 80, if he managed to reach the age if he don't die of people's curse or being victim of sodomy, he'd be fucked up and treated like a stray dog.

Not sure since when Malaysia has a "First Family" and if we do have one, shouldn't the title belongs to the King's family, not the Prime Minister's family.


cheesecake said...

There's child abuse, spouse abuse and there's old citizen abuse regardless whether he's a king or not!

Anonymous said...

Cinderellin kena cancel trip ke Jkt Agustus ini, krn mendapat pekerjaan baru. Pastilah cinderellin ga bisa mendapat permisi utk liburan kalau baru masuk kerja bbrp hari kan.. ishk ishk.. sedih woo..
Hopefully ada rezeki next time.

btw re your post ni. biasalah, monkey ada ke guna akal? otak tu mmg ada, tapi akal? sebab tu bila cakap sesuka hati je..

semoga diberikan petunjuk..

Lord Budak said...

well put deo

there are many scumbags in the parliament and talk like we dont know a shit about what that can reap when they start to make a so call development project.

Hate monkey business

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