Monday, July 09, 2007

Bolasepak Piala Asia - not for Asians?

Over the weekend (by sequence),

I was happily watching the Live Earth concert for hours, aired live from London, Hamburg and New York through NTV7, on Saturday and repeat on Sunday.

I was happily watching the 2-hour live telecast of Tour de France on Astro.

I was happily watching Brazil trashed Chile 6-1 in the quarter final of the Copa America, live from Venezuela through Astro on Sunday.

I was happily watching the repeat of Pentas Ikon Malaysia semi final yesterday on Astro. I missed the live telecast on Saturday night.

I missed the live telecast of Thai Open badminton on Astro, but I could be happily watching it if Malaysia was represented in any of the finals.

I was happily watching F1 race live from Silverstone through Astro yesterday.

I was happily watching the final of the Wimbledon Open where Nadal narrowly missed to defeat Federer or in other words where Federer equals Bjorn Borg's 4 victories in a row, aired live on Astro.

I was happy throughout the weekend, wasn't I?

Not really!

I was anxiously and antagonizingly waiting to watch any one of the two AFC Asian Cup matches, at least a delayed telecast, but what I got was a dismal waiting game. All I knew about the two matches were the results, from this morning's news on radio. #48 Australia drew #74 Oman 1-1; #94 UAE lost to #142 Vietnam 0-2.

Shame on Astro, shame on Media Prima... and no wonder this happens...

...and don't blame the people for not supporting the national team or the regional football.

By the way, where's Menteri Penerangan (do we have any, sape nama nya?)

#149 Malaysia will play #76 China tomorrow. Good luck! Not that I don't support the national team, my Astro bill is so expensive so I've to maximize my viewing time... too bad!


Elf said...

Sebabnya takde Malaysia lawanlah itu hari..Ini malam tengok ya, Cenel 82, pukul 8.30 . Itu Malaysia lawan China jugak. Live lagi ..

deOughtred said...

Aiyak Elf,

Itu hali wa mau tgk Australia main jugak. Wa manyak helan laa, kalu itu EPL ka Copa Amelika kaa.. manyaaakk senang Astelo bikin live. Tapi Piala Asia, manyak punya susah mau kasi tunjuk.... ulangan pun tatapa, wa talak bising.

Dulu wa ingat aaaa... itu AFC talak kasi MU main sini pasai tak mo kasik plomotion kulang... sikalang, libih kulang jugak tv talak kasi plomotion sama Asia Cup. Apa sudah jadi Astelo, telo sudah manyaaakk busat kaaa?

K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

angkat bende puteh ngan ko nie deo...tak de life la asyik menonton bende nie...cabboottttt

zewt said...

well... they did show how china thrashed our pathetic team just now.

famil said...

hi hik.. malaysia kena kintai 5-1 dengan china..

dan 5-0 ngan uzbek..

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