Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How fair is fair?

Many know the decision of the 4 major bookstores in Malaysia to boycott the sale of the Harry Porter: The Deathly Hallows book.

But many didn't know the profit margin these 4 bookstores make, by selling the book at a proposed price of RM109.90.

And many now know, relatively, these 4 bookstores mark up RM40 per copy of the book after Carrefour announced its price at RM69.90.

Worse still, these 4 bookstores are calling on fair play, claimed that they're protecting the interests of book readers, claiming that the hypermarkets' interest is only 5% in selling books, etc etc... for only God knows why are they so idiotic?!

To these 4 bookstores or whoever behind the boycott, "Go back and read your Economics books, even the Form 4 book will do." If you're too lazy to read or too busy manipulating the price of books you're selling in order to screw up book lovers and turned off people who just want to be book readers, just compare your case with Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines.

If flying is just a reason to get to your holiday destination then, you'll fly Air Asia. If you want to feel the experience of flying, having meals on board, pretty stewardesses pretty ke? or you want to keep or steal the blanket as souvenir, then you fly Malaysia Airlines. Same goes here, people just want to grab the book and read it at a comfort of their house. So, why go for the expensive ones?

And today, realizing they'll be on the losing side of the price war, remember the price-demand theory, these 4 bookstores end their boycott by giving 25% discounts to their members (or SP at RM82) and 20% off to non-members when they make other purchases.

It's still expensive, idiots!

Just wonder whether books are part of AFTA-governed products as we're getting expensive books here?

...and I'm fed-up, I'n giving up living in this part of the world where people are being manipulated, screwed up by fellow countrymen. And the countrymen who are appointed to make rules and govern the country just close one eye on all the unfairness.

We need a ROBIN HOOD!

And the Cuepacs will not push the Government to pay bonus to the government servants this year. In the event of Government not paying the bonus, just multiply the incremental salary on your new salary by twelve months, there you go.. that's your bonus. So, is the new salary makes any difference? Bekerja lah dengan ikhlas...

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