Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is pena'akulan mantik?

I don't know what that means, exactly but I could recall the term used in our Math textbook. It's something that you calculate on top of your head, no batteries included.

I could also remember, myself remembering lots of phone numbers in my head this explains lots of girlfriends I had those days. And with the emergence of handphone in our life, I bet we could only memorize a handful of numbers in our head and this explains the less and less girlfriend I have now.

And we're getting less and less confident with ourself. Say, you want to call someone using office phone or you want to write down someone's number on paper. How many times when you have to double check and refer the phonebook in your handphone before you confirm that the number is correct? Yes, you may argue that you want to make sure the number is correct, as in "doing things right, the first time", but isn't it the result of POOR MEMORY and LOW CONFIDENCE LEVEL?

Well, I guess too much handphone for the football team, they couldn't even remember the in their head, how many goals they've conceded, not until it's published in newspapers the next day.

That confirms the statement that the footballers are poor in Math and that's why I'm not good in football as I got FUCK 9 for Add Math bukan sebab KAKI BANGKU ok?!

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