Friday, July 27, 2007

A real friend is...

This entry should be posted on 16th July to celebrate my best friend's birthday. But due to some technical glitches I misplaced the pic I want to attach here, I could only do it today. Anyway, I don't mind celebrating your birthday, everyday dude...

A friend:
Who was born in Surabaya and now live and work in Jakarta
Whom I know while attending University of Oregon back in 1997
Whom I work like a slave with in the University dining and been favorites to the Americans
Who has a same wavelength in terms of topics we talk about, especially the way we look at people
Whom, to sum up, I know more in a week when I was in Jakarta/Bandung last April than for the past 10 years

...and who's a Siti Nurhaliza 'no. 1 fan', which I'd not like even if I were to be reincarnated.

My message to him on his birthday was, "Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty..." I did just that. While we were in Tangkuban Perahu, I did tell him that he has put on so much weight and need to work on trimming his belly. And I challenged him to be able to get his body inside that one tree hole in our next visit.

...and he's a friend whom I share my iPod with including all the porns I downloaded to my iPod.

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend. Hope we'll see each other again next year or maybe earlier and we shall rock Anyer!

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