Monday, July 23, 2007

If like this, how to win?!

We still talk about the national team shameful performance in the recently concluded (for Malaysian) Asia Cup. Finger pointings everywhere and critics are showing their mastery in football management and theories.

Some say, the management is to be blamed, some blamed the coaches, some blamed the players, some blamed the FAM and its council.

But, none blamed the fans. 40,000 fans came to the stadium during the match against China, some 4,000 came when we played the Uzbeks and 2,000 for the game against Iran. And, countless watching comfortably from home.

40,000 fans... not bad! But it's still less than 50% of the 80,000++ capacity in Bukit Jalil stadium. It's still waaayyyy short from the 87,000 attendance in Bung Karno stadium when Indonesia lost narrowly to Korea. Ohh.. I forgot that Indonesia has 240 million population than 25 million here. Considering the ratio, 40,000 is still acceptable...

But, wait! What about this?

C'mon laaa... if you can't afford the original RM249 Nike replica jersey of Malaysia, buy the RM30 fake ones lah... if you can't even afford the RM30 fake jersey, just wear something yellow, or a neutral t-shirt like the guy in Planet Hollywood t-shirt or just paint your body...

Anyway, the football team has failed to give Malaysians something to cheer in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th anniversary, unlike the Pemuda UM-NO who cheered us when the parachuted in North Pole.
But, there's something for Malaysians to cheer (or jeer) next month, presented by the 'one and only' Malaysia's national carmaker... I spotted this last night while 'rempit'ing on Saturday night.

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