Saturday, July 07, 2007

Part time job

Ever since the announcement of pay hikes for government servants, prices of goods (and services) have gone up as well, even before the 1st July when the new pay takes effect.

Price of chicken, rice and cigarette, to name a few have all gone up. And they're staple foods for Malaysians, including cigarette to most of Malaysians. Normally, I don't pay much attention to the price hikes as they don't affect me directly. But, after putting much and deeper thought, they do have major impact to me.

Now, food stalls cut chicken they sell in much smaller pieces to maintain the selling price. And I'll consume less amount of chicken, and I'll eat less white meat and I'll be thinner and I'll get sick and I'll die faster.

And the food seller would use cheaper rice rather than the fragranced, Siamese rice which will lead me to consume more carbo, which coupled with no exercise will make me fat and I'll die of heart problem.

And worse of all, the cigarettes... Most of my friends are smokers and now when I've teh tarik session with them, I'd end up paying for their drinks too because they need to spend extra money for a stick of their 'staple food'. And if they would cut down smoking, they'll no longer hang around or hang out for smoking break session during office hours - which will lead to less time for socializing, which would add up to the amount of stress in me, which would lead up to hypertension and I'll die faster.

Oh no?! The price hikes effects have crippled into me. So, I need to get a part time job! I'd not have time to work at nights as I work late at times so I could only do it on weekends. But, am I ready to spare my weekends or the part time job?

After listening to Mr Stevie's advice, I know what type of part time job I would do, and at the same time, I'll have fun doing it on weekends. I could even do it on week nights...

So, anyone hiring? Just leave your numbers in the comments.

Hopefully, there'll be no more price hike for petrol before the election in Novemeber. Dare them to do that and they'll suffer for the next 5 years under the full bright moon and the rockets.


JoePerantau said...

267-3203406 :-)

Mutiara said...

You are genuine man.

Elf said...

Pergh..tu keje part time ko nak buek? hahaha..

Hei, hanging out with smoker friend will make u die faster lorr..Heard of secondhand smoke?

Haiya, go hang out more with olang2 leban ayam la, sure segala hypertensi dan tensa tensi akan ilang, kalau tak ilang, bertambah..hahaha..

deOughtred said...

Hiring ke? r u paying in USD? heheheh

Tulen bang.... ehh kak...

I rela die of 2nd hand smoker than die without having friends around me when I die... heheheh boleh ke?

Lord Budak said...

and where the eyes go?

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