Sunday, July 15, 2007

4D nombor ekor

Nombor ekor, that's what Malaysians refer the 4-digit lottery or number drawing game to. I just don't know how they determine the winner and obviously, I just don't bother to read the FAQ section in their websites.

But, the craze for the 'nombor ekor' is one reason why Thursday, Saturday and Sunday newspapers are selling like hot cakes, as the results are published on these days. And also why traffic jams happen near shop lots where the 4D agents operate, as people are rushing to buy their lucky numbers. And to the least, it also provides employment to certain people by being the first one to sell a pocket-sized slip of paper containing result of the draws.

And guys, who I think outnumbers women 9 to 1 in this 4D business, there's another 4D-thingy that could be very important (or impotent) in your life...

EHS, famously known as Environment, Health and Safety in work places, is better known in guys-context as the ERECTION HARDNESS SCORE.

The expert also says that "Previous studies have also shown that a hard erection correlates to an improvement in emotional well-being and overall confidence."

As the national football team will face Iran on Wednesday, certainly their EHS score would be just 1.

So, what's your score?

1 comment:

zewt said...

should be 0... so will our score be.

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