Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ViSHIT Malaysia(n) year 2007

Eight idiot middle east tourists (who thought the express bus that took them from KL to Sg Nibong bus terminal would take them directly to their hotel in Batu ferringhi) staged a sit-in in an express bus, causing delay for the other 23 passengers (read Malaysia citizens) and the comfort of "snoozer" bus. They finally have to board ordinary express bus after waiting for more than three hours.

And for the eight idiots, after persuasion by and negotiations with bus officials and at at least five policemen, they agreed to board a hotel van and pay the fees charged by the hotel, after causing headache, angers, stress, madness, waste of resources and productivity efficiency to the citizens of Malaysia.

I read this article with shock, anger and further frustration.

Firstly, for being one of the 'shit'ted citizen of the country, secondly for the shit that's being thrown to the citizen of this country, and thirdly, but not lastly, for being made to believe that this country is the best place a citizen could imagine to live in or believing the shit discharged in this country smells so nice we could even smell it at our nose tips.

Yes, I understand it's visit Malaysia year when we have to attract foreign tourists to visit this country, tell them good things or places about the country, treat them well, bla bla bla or simply everything that we seldom or never did to our fellow countrymen.

But, it should not be to the extend of worshipping foreign tourists and at the expense of the citizens of this country?!

One of the affected passenger commented, "The police should've handled the situation more firmly as the tourists were unlawfully holding up a public transport service."

Well, they'll act firmly if under-the-table money involves here or those who staged the sit-in are local citizen from opposition party.

Those passengers affected by the delay of Malaysian Airlines flight to Australia last Monday (mostly Australians) were given a hotel room and RM400 as compensation. What my countrymen got here, is the nice viSHIT Malaysia year 2007 experience.

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zewt said...

such a joke!!!

the police cant do anything ler...

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